McCron, Samuel Lorne Wilfred


McCron, Samuel Lorne Wilfred
S L W McCron


39 items. The collection concerns Sergeant Samuel Lorne Wilfred McCron (R/191097 Royal Canadian Air Force) and contains documents and photographs. He was training as a wireless operator / air gunner and was killed 30 November 1944 when his Wellington crashed.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Ken Proteau and catalogued by Barry Hunter.

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McCron, SLW

Collection Items

Proceedings of Court of Inquiry or Investigation
RAF Form 412, the report into the crash of Sam McCron's Wellington, LN167.

Sam McCron - Personal History Sheet
A document completed by Sam to allow an assessment made of his training requirements. It is divided into six sections -Job History, Aviation Interest, Education, Recreation, Family and Special Qualifications.

Sam McCron and Three Men
Four head and shoulder portraits of for men. Sam is top left and he is in uniform. There is a pilot and a soldier but the fourth man is in civilian clothes.

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Acton Ontario Cenotaph
A plaque with a photograph of the Cenotaph and 21 photographs of local residents who died during the 1939 to 1945 war. It includes Sam McCron.

John Rowe's Medical Report
RAF Form 551 - a medical report for the pilot of the Wellington that Sam lost his life in.

Sam McCron's Inventory of Personal Effects
A list of Sam's personal effects forwarded to his wife.

Sam McCron's War Service Gratuity
A payment made to Sam's widow.

Sam McCron's Training Assessment
Part of a form completed after Sam McCron's training.

Official RCAF Casualty Notification
Notification of Sam's death in a flying accident.

Sam McCron's Will
Sam's will leaving everything to his wife.

Sam McCron's Personal Details
A card created after Sam's death with personal details and wife's and mother's addresses.

Mrs Olive McCron's Address Slip
An address slip for Olive McCron

Sam McCron's Occupational History Form
A form completed by Sam at the time he enlisted.

Letter to S H McCron
The letter confirms that Sam McCron died during flying operations.

Letter to L W McCron
The letter from the RCAF was trying to determine if he was a dependant of Sam's since his widow was claiming his war service gratuity.

Letter to the Chief Postals Officer
The letter from RCAF Toronto refers to an enquiry from Sam McCron's widow. She had written to RCAF Toronto to find out the circumstances of her husband's death and what had happened to mail she had sent to her husband.

Letter from Sam McCron's Widow
The letter to the Estates Branch of National Defence complains that her husband's bank account is for Army not Air Force and she would like it sorted.

Letter from Sam McCron's Widow
The letter to the Estates Branch at National Defence asks for her husband's personal effects. She asks for his clothing, in particular.

Letter from Sam McCron's Widow
The letter to the Estates Branch of National Defence complains of items missing from Sam's personal effects - a watch, pen and pencil set and a bicycle. She expected the bicycle to be sold and the money forwarded to her.

Airman R171393
A head and shoulders portrait of an unidentified airman.

GC Morris
A head and shoulders portrait of the gunner GC Morris R/278665 who died when Wellington LN167 crashed.

Airman R215280
A head and shoulders portrait of an unidentified airman, R215280.

JG Rowe
A head and shoulders portrait of J Rowe J41261.

Sam McCron
Two head and shoulders portraits of Sam in uniform. In the second he has sergeant's stripes and a RCAF wireless operator/air gunner brevet.
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