28 aircrew officers



28 aircrew officers
44 Course A.C.O.S.


28 aircrew officers in four rows all wearing tunic, 27 wearing peaked cap and one a side cap. Herbert O’Hara is second row from the front fourth from the right. In the background left part of a building and telegraph pole, on the right open fields. Captioned '44 Course A.C.O.S. C Wing. 12 Squadron. B Flight'. All of the participants named at the bottom.
'P/O. Power F/O. Colwell P/O. Anderson, W.L. F/O. Davies W.G. P/O. Smedley
P/O. Parratt F/O. Gill P/O’s Noble Thomas Lambert Stillerman Marriage
P/O’s Leech Cook Stephens Chapman Buxton O’Hara F/O. Davies, H.B. P/O’s Parker Hill
P/O’s Pritchard Yates Wakeling W/Cdr. Couch, M.B.E., D.F.C. F/Lt Evans P/O. Anderson, R. G. Box'. On the reverse 'Creden Hill [sic], Hereford'.




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POHaraHF1608, POHaraHF1609



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