Darky procedures



Darky procedures


Details procedures for aircraft requesting information on position or any other assistance or urgent information. Continues with some general R/T (radio) procedures.




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[underlined] DARKY PROCEDURE [/underlined].

(a) The Aircraft calls “HELLO DARKY” (3 times) – “Brasenose R. Roger calling.” (3 times) – Are you receiving me” (twice).

(b) (i) The Station hearing the call replies “Hello Brasenose R. Roger” (twice). “This is Bridgnorth” (twice) – “standing by” (twice).

(b) (ii) If the Station hearing the call is an Occult, M/F Beacon, Site or R.O.C. Post the reply would be e.g., “Hello Brasenose R. Roger” (twice). “My Position is 180° 4 miles from Faringdon” (twice) “standing by” (twice).
The Aircraft replies without call signs “O.K. switching off – off” (twice).

(c) (i) If the aircraft wants approximate position only, it replies “Hello Bridgnorth” (twice) “Brasenose R. Roger answering” (twice) – “O.K. switching off – off” (twice).

(c) (ii) If aircraft requires another assistance, it replies “Hello Bridgnorth (twice) – Brasenose R. Roger answering” (twice) – “what is cloud base?” (twice) “Lights please” (twice) or any other details as required.

(d) If Aircraft is in urgent need of assistance it calls “Hello Darky” (3 times) – “Brasenose R. Roger calling (3 times) – “Mayday” (3 times).

The Ground Station answers as in (b) above, but gives Aircraft absolute priority and also ascertains nature of trouble if possible.

[underlined] N.B. [/underlined] The Station answering a Darky call must answer with name of Station or position and not R/T call sign.

[underlined] METHOD of Calling an Aircraft whose Call-Sign is unknown [/underlined]:

“Hello Neemo” (3 times) – “Darky calling” (3 times) and “are you receiving me” (Twice)
Having established communication and obtained the correct call-sign of the Aircraft, the Ground Station is then to reveal its identity or position.

[page break]

[underlined] R/T/ PROCEDURE [/underlined] continued.

[underlined] Word or Phrase contd. [/underlined]

Break .. .. .. .. .. “I hereby indicate the separation of the text from other portions of the message.” To be used only when there is no clear distinction between the text and other portions of the message.

[underlined] Transmitting and Answering [/underlined]
The following general rules govern the transmission of radio telephone R/T messages when two-way working is employed:-
(a) When both stations are in good communication all parts of the transmission are made once through.”

[underlined] REPITIONS [/underlined]
(a) When words are missing or are doubtful, repetitions will be requested by the receiving station before recipting [sic] for the message. The procedure phrases “Say again” and “I say again” used alone or in conjunction with “all before” and all after” “___ to ___” and “work after” will be used for this purpose.
(b) In giving repititions [sic] the transmitting station will always repeat the words uded [sic] in the request to identify the portions.

[underlined] CORRECTION OF MESSAGES [/underlined]
(a) Correction during transmission. When an error has been made by a transmitting operator, the procedure word “correction” will be spoken, the last group or phrase sent correctly will be repeated and the correct version then transmitted.

(Hullo) [sic] Able Baker – this is – Peter Three Vector One Zero One – correction – Vector One Zero Zero – etc.

[underlined] ACKNOWLEDMENT OF MESSAGES [/underlined]
“Wilco” shall be used in response to the procedure word “Acknowledge” in the text of voice messages, or may be used to acknowledge receipt and capability to comply with an order received even though instruction to acknowledge were not included. As the meaning of “Roger” is included in that of “Wilco” the two words are never used together.

[underlined] SIGNAL STRENGTH – READABILITY [/underlined]
(a) A station is understood to have readability of good unless otherwise notified. Except when making original contact, strength of signals and readability will not be exchanged unless one station cannot clearly hear another station.
(b) The response to “How do you hear me” will be a short concise report of actual receiption [sic], such as “weak but readable,” “Strong but distorted” etc.


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