Soltysiak, Bronislaw


Soltysiak, Bronislaw
B Soltysiak


230 items. The collection concerns Sergeant Bronislaw Soltysiak (1916 - 1987, 781032 Royal Air Force) and contains his log book documents, brevet, button and photographs. He flew operations as a pilot with 305 Squadron.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Malcom Soltysiak and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Soltysiak, B

Collection Items

Polish button
Button with Polish eagle,

Pilot's brevet
RAF pilot's brevet

Notes in Polish
Notes in Polish language.

No 40 Flying Control Course oral exam timetable
List of pupils and times for oral exam on 30 June 1943 and 1 July 1943. Some names underlined. Sgt B Soltysiak was at 15.40 on 30 June.

Summary of medical board
For Sergeant B Soltysiak. Gives medical classification and other personal details. For 21 days sick leave then return to unit for ground duty.

Summary of flying hours
Note with day and night flying hours for Sergeant Soltysiak with and without screen pilot, as second pilot and instrument flying.

Soltysiak marriage certificate
Made out for Bronislaw Soltysiak and Mildred Lilian Little.

Birth certificate Mildred Lilian Little
Birth certificate made out for Mildred Lilian Little

Bronislaw Soltysiak - Polish Red Cross card
Polish language card with personal details.
This is a document which has been completed on behalf of the sister of Bronislaw Soltysiak, as she was looking for him. The Red Cross reunited many Polish Families after the war. This is a request for…

Bronislaw Soltysiak baptism certificate
Baptism certificate In Latin.

Biographic notes on Bronislaw Soltysiak
Gives birth and death dates and service history in Polish and Royal Air Force.

Note in Polish and English giving place of birth, dates on 6th Squadron Polish air force pre-war and Royal Air Force 2 March 1940 to 22 August 1947.

Note about photograph
Note in Polish with English translation concerning an unidentified photograph of Captain Stephan Sznidel and colleague after being honoured with cross of valour'.

States '305 Squadron, 1942, 19/5, operation A94, Mannheim'.

Handwritten notes on Eric, Emil and father.

Message form
Message from RAF Watchfield to RAF Bridgnorth concerning Lancaster taking off at 10:28 with pilot Squadron Leader Brown and four crew.

Summary of the effects of coefficient "B"
Notes concerning deviation on magnetic compasses and calculation of coefficient "B"

Signals exam
Examination with six questions on signals.

Examination - Flying control - problems
Provides a scenario timeline for problem solving. What would you do?

Map of United Kingdom with RAF locations
Show Coastal Command locations and Fighter Command sectors.

List of documents to be held by control
List many service documents for use by flying control officers.

Directorate of aircraft safety
Organisational diagram showing key staff personnel and responsibilities. Headed by air commodore director of aircraft safety.

Duties of the flying control officer
Lists specific and general responsibilities of flying control officers.

Searchlight homing
Instruction for using searchlights to help aircraft home to either a night fighter sector or other selected airfield.

Q Codes
List of Q codes
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