Centurion Lancaster ME746 Roger Squared



Centurion Lancaster ME746 Roger Squared


A document referring to the DSO awarded to Lancaster ME746 AS-R2 (Roger Squared). It describes some of the operations undertaken and its maintenance by Dennis.

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[underlined] Centurion Lancaster [/underlined]
ME-746 AS-R2
"Roger Squared"

On behalf of the Squadron aircrew, Lancaster ME-746 AS-R2 and its dedicated ground crew are presented the Distinguished Service Order (DSO), on 11 March 1945, upon completion of her "100th Operational Sortie" by her then regular and grateful aircrew skippered by F/O Musselman along with Wing Commander R.L. Vivian, Commanding, 166 Squadron, Royal Air Force.

DSO mock-up help by F/O Musselman and Cpl Dennis Terry Lead Aircraft Fitter 2A, who was responsible for the growing number of painted bombs on her fuselage and to his right the rest of the proud "erks". Roger Squared was the oldest aircraft on station, delivered by AVRO Metropolitan-Vickers Ltd., Mosley Road, Manchester to RAF Kirmington, on 14 April 1944 and began her operational service life shortly thereafter and flew her last operational sortie (Exodus mission) on 26 May 1945, with skipper F/O K.D. Foxall and crew. Of note; on 25 April 1945 with P/O S. Todd and crew she flew in the last combat mission of the war against Berchtesgaden, striking the 'SS Guard Barracks' and Hitler's 'Eagle's Nest'. Having carried numerous brave crews through the rigors of battle, the old girl had some narrow escapes along the way with the odd bits of flak damage to prove it and was beginning to show her age, but she survived the war and was subsequently assigned to RAF Hemswell, then designated CAT "AC", struck off charge, sold to Hestons, Ltd on 21 February 1946 and scrapped; thus culminating what can only be described as a very lucky and illustrious service career. Of the 7,377 Lancaster's built ME-746 was one of only thirty-five to attain the milestone of completing a 100 or more operational sorties. This venerable aircraft completed a total of 126 Operational Sorties (117 COMBAT, 6 MANNA and 3 EXODUS).

[underlined] NO. 166 SQUADRON [/underlined]
[underlined] LANCASTER AIRCRAFT ME. 746 – R2 [/underlined]

This aircraft has now completed 100 sorties against the enemy in a wide variety of attacks, ranging from targets in occupied territory to the deepest penetrations made into Germany itself.

Throughout these sorties this aircraft has carried many gallant and courageous crews through the fiercest opposition which the enemy has been able to offer, and has never failed to bring them safely home.

The magnificent record established by 'R2' has only been made possible by the devotion to duty of the ground crews. Called upon to service their charge at all hours of the day and night, they have set a standard of serviceability which it will be difficult to equal. The successful completion of 100 sorties by the aircraft bears striking testimony to their skill.

In recognition of the fine achievement of this aircraft, and as a tribute from the aircrew of the Squadron to the ground crew whose efforts have met with such remarkable success, the aircraft is awarded the Distinguished Service Order.


R.L. Vivian
Wing Commander, Commanding
[underlined] 166 Squadron, R.A.F. [/underlined]

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Aircrew pictured:
F/O H.J. Musselman RCAF, DFC (Plt), F/S J.R. Cogbill RAF, DFM (F/E), F/S R. Williamson RAF (W/Op), W/O H.H. Park RCAF (Nav), F/S G. Reid RAF (BA) P/O J.M. Donnelly RCAF (MUG), F/S K. Forrest RCAF (RG) and W/Cdr Vivian, Commanding, 166 Sqd, RAF [picture]


Aircrew pictured:
F/O H.J. Musselman RCAF, DFC (Plt), F/S J.R. Cogbill RAF, DFM (F/E), F/S R. Williamson RAF (W/Op), W/O H.H. Park RCAF (Nav), F/S G. Reid RAF (BA), P/O J.M. Donnelly RCAF (MUG), F/S K. Forrest RCAF (RG) and W/Cdr Vivian, Commanding, 166 Sqd, RAF [picture]



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