Gifts for Maurice Stimpson



Gifts for Maurice Stimpson


A newspaper cutting describing a party at the United Services Club culminating in the award of a tankard and a cheque to Maurice in honour of his DFC.




One printed newspaper cutting


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Gifts to D.F.C. Winner. - On Thursday the Colne Valley and Northwood Electric Sports and Social Club held a smoking concert at the United Services Club, Love-lane, by invitation of the Committee. For two hours the company enjoyed songs and stories. The climar of the evening was a presentation to Flight Lieut. Maurice Stimpson, D.F.C. (see story on front page) of a tankard and cheque, by the chairman of the sports club, Mr. J. D. Barron, as a token of appreciation and esteem. The tankard was from his fellow-members of the sports club, and was suitably inscribed, and the cheque was from the board of directors of the Colne Valley & Northwood Electricity Cmpanies. In handing the tankard and cheque over, Mr. Barron told the recipient how proud the club and companies were of his achievement, and wished him many happy landings. Flight Lieut. Stimpson suitably replied.


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