Sergeant George B Thomson - Lancaster shot down



Sergeant George B Thomson - Lancaster shot down


Account of George Thomson's aircraft 'NF958 (LS-M) of 15 Squadron being shot down by ME 110 on 12 September 1944. Five crew bailed out and were taken prisoner, the pilot did not escape and one other crew member left aircraft but was never seen again. Lists crew and name of Luftwaffe pilot. At the bottom a b/w photograph of seven aircrew all wearing battledress, two in front kneeling holding hands and the other five standing. Arrow points man standing in rear on left.

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One page printed document with text and one b/w photograph


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Flew Lancaster with No. 15 Sqn. On the night of 12th September 1944, Lancaster NF958(LS-M) of No. 15 Sqn was lost in the skies above Mannheim when it was attacked by the Messerschmitt Bf.110G-2 of Ofw Ludwig Schmidt of II/NGJ 6, the bomber receiving hits to the bomb bay which ignited the incendiaries still in their racks. Five of the crew bailed out and were taken prisoner of war once captured. The pilot, F/O Norman Overend RNZAF, did not escape the aircraft. Flt Sgt Harry A Beverton was seen to leave the stricken Lancaster but was not seen again.

Crew of Lancaster LS-M:

F/O Norman Overend RNZAF
Sgt Barry J Howarth (survived)
Sgt George B Thomson (survived)
Flt Sgt John D Jones (survived)
Flt Sgt Robert P E Kendall (survived)
Flt Sgt Harry A Beverton
Sg I Spagatner (survived)

Shot down by Ludwig Schmidt (Me110) 12 Sep 1944




“Sergeant George B Thomson - Lancaster shot down,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 25, 2022,

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