Cover of book - Bomber Boys



Cover of book - Bomber Boys


Cover with photograph of six aircrew standing and sitting in front of a bomber. Inside on front page, a brief handwritten account of John Doxsey's service on 149 Squadron September 1939 - September 1940. Mentions his crew positions and two pilots with whom he served. Recounts daylight raid to Heligoland and Wilhelmshaven on 3 and 18 December 1939 when bullet took of the sole of one flying boot and clipped his foot. Mentions further operation on 1 January 1940 from which his was only aircraft of three to return.




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Bestselling author of FIGHTER BOYS

[inserted] J.A. DOXSEY [/inserted]


[inserted] Glasinfry [sic], Bangor, Gwynedd [/inserted]

Bomber Boys

[inserted] 1939 – [/inserted]

Fighting Back 1940 - 1945

[page break]

[sleeve notes]

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[inserted] J A Doxsey
Glasinfryn 2007.

[underlined] was in: [/underlined]
B Flight 149 Squadron
3 Group Bomber Command
Mildenhall, Suffolk.
Sept 1939 – Sept 1940.

(Front gunner & 2nd WOP with B flt commander S/ldr Paul Harris, then ditto & 1st WOP with F/O Robertson RCAF (Canadian), was on daylight raids on Dec 3 & 18, 1939. A bullet [indecipherable word] off the sole of my RH flying boot of[?] Dec 18 I clipped my foot (I did not go sick" but put TCP on it!) The above raids were on the German Fleet at Heligoland & Wilhelmshaven harbours On 1/1/40 3 of us were out again in day light (raiding German fleet) & we were the only aircraft to return. I lost my friend Denis Grove on that one. His mother wrote to me asking if I thought he would survive as a prisoner. But I had to tell her "No".



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