Letter from Wally Layne to his wife



Letter from Wally Layne to his wife


Writes he was anxious to her from her. He had had news of birth of their baby from a friend but would be more reassured when he had heard from her. Discusses possible names for baby. Reports arrival of 1000 cigarettes and mentions letters that he had received so far. Speculates on effect on potential invasion on mail and hopes she had received a cheque from the Air Ministry.




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May 8/44

My dearest one, I am very anxious to hear from you. I received a letter from Bella the other day, it was written on Feb 28. I was pleased to hear you have had the baby and are ok but I shall feel more reassured when I have heard from you. The last letter I received from you was written on Feb 6, there were some more came in last Saturday but I was not among the fortunate ones. Shall you call the boy David, I rather like the name, it is Biblical, the same as Ruth. I received 1000 cigs the other day they were from Frank and were posted on Jan 18, they are the first I have received and were very welcome, as I have been living on Charity for so long now. I have received eight letters from you posted this year, and twenty five all together from you, so I have nothing to grumble at have I. I hope you are getting my mail but I believe things are in a slow state I believe, if this blinking invasion ever starts I imagine the mail will cease altogether. I shouldn't bother about the wireless set, it isn't worth much any way, and I will get a decent one when I come home. I expect you will have had a substansial [sic] cheque from the Air Ministry by now, I hope so anyway. All my love Walter.



W H Layne, “Letter from Wally Layne to his wife,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed January 31, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/30797.

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