Formation of 153 Squadron



Formation of 153 Squadron


List the aircrew personnel to be posted to form 153 Squadron with effect from 7 October 1944. List 13 crews. Sergeant Jenkinson P R is listed as a flight engineer .


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[underlined]APPENDIX A1[/underlined]
The 27 ‘Founder-Member’ crews transferred in from No. 166 Squadron, who are mentioned in paras. 8 and 12, were as follows: -
[underlined]Formation of No. 153 Squadron[/underlined]
1. Covering authority is requested for the posting of the aircrew personnel enumerated below to No. 153 Squadron, on formation, w.e.f. 7.10.44
[underlined]’A’ Flight[/underlined]
S/L Rippingale T.W. - Pilot
Sgt. Taylor R.C. - F/Eng.
F/O Howling H.L. - A/B
Nav [not listed]
F/O Edwards C.I. - W/Op {Air)
Sgt. Lewington D. - MU/G
R/G [not listed]

F/O Kuyser W.C. - Pilot
P/O Cookerill A.J.H. - F/Eng.
F/O Fenn D.E. - A/B
Sgt. Wall T. - Nav
F/S Carbutt J. - W/Op {Air)
Sgt. Greeneord D. - MU/G
Sgt. Attwood F.T. - R/G

F/O Laflamme A.J.E.- Pilot
Sgt. Etherington F. - F/Eng.
F/L Monokton G.J. - A/B
F/O McArthur G. - Nav
F/S Schofield H. - W/Op {Air)
Sgt. Pollitt S. - MU/G
Sgt. Toogood F. - R/G

F/O Groves K.G. - Pilot
Sgt. Clay E. - F/Eng.
F/S Solkirk R.R. - A/B
F/S McDonnell - Nav
F/S Kirby H.B. - W/Op {Air)
F/S Healy W.C. - MU/G
F/S Foot W.H.J. - R/G

P/O Capper W.C. - Pilot
Sgt. Sparvoll L.W. - F/Eng.
F/S Byle G.B. - A/B
F/S Morris T.C. - Nav
Sgt. Luckraft G. - W/Op {Air)
Sgt. Nutt L.M. - MU/G
Sgt. Ramsey J.D. - R/G

F/L French M.B. - Pilot
Sgt. Boyd A. - F/Eng.
Sgt. Tigar G.F.A. - A/B
F/O Ogle L.P. - Nav
F/S Fisher R.C.G. - W/Op {Air)
Sgt. Dulson J.R. - MU/G
Sgt. Cox R.V. - R/G

F/O Searle J. - Pilot
Sgt. Robinson S. - F/Eng.
F/S Wavish R.P.R. - A/B
Sgt. Thomasson W. - Nav
Sgt. Hunt K.D. - W/Op {Air)
Sgt. Flavell W.J. - MU/G
Sgt. Thomas I.J. - R/G

F/L Jones A.E. - Pilot
Sgt. James S.S. - F/Eng.
Sgt. Cullen C.L. - A/B
F/S McDonnell J.J.L. - Nav
Sgt. Williams D.L. - W/Op {Air)
Sgt. Trafford R.V. - MU/G
Sgt. Simpson A. - R/G

F/O Taylor L.H. - Pilot
Sgt. Yearsloy J.F. - F/Eng.
F/S Hows A.G. - A/B
Sgt. Allan A. - Nav
Sgt. Thornton F.S. - W/Op {Air)
Hamnroot [?] F.C. - MU/G
Sgt. Hurst S.R. - R/G

F/O Wheeler L.A. - Pilot
Sgt. Morandi V.P.G. - F/Eng.
F/O Durman E.C. - A/B
Sgt. Fish F.F. - Nav
F/S Turner W.I. - W/Op {Air)
Sgt. Hodges A. - MU/G
Sgt. Scott A. - R/G

F/O Freeborn D.B. - Pilot
F/O Brodie W.A. - F/Eng.
Sgt. Morley D.A.R. - A/B
Sgt. Constable H.V. - Nav
Sgt. Eastman J.A. - W/Op {Air)
Sgt. Stalley T.L. - MU/G
Sgt. McNamara J.C. - R/G

F/O Holman W.K. - Pilot
Sgt. Martin A. - F/Eng.
Sgt. Reynolds V.S.- A/B
F/O Taylor R.C. - Nav
Sgt. Burton H.J. - W/Op {Air)
Sgt. Neil E.S. - MU/G
Sgt. Kall A.D. - R/G

F/O Bishop G.R. - Pilot
Sgt. Syme J.S.B. - F/Eng.
F/O Charke Z.R. - A/B
F/O Jackson J. - Nav
Sgt. Lott B.W. - W/Op {Air)
Sgt. Bolak T.F. - MU/G
Sgt. Dash R.E. - R/G

P/O Potter G.B. - Pilot
Sgt. Woolley G.B. - F/Eng.
F/O Thomas W.H. - A/B
Sgt. Boyle J. - Nav
F/S Askew J.S. - W/Op {Air)
Sgt. Smith D. - MU/G
Sgt. Hambrook M.J. - R/G

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[underlined]’B’ Flight[/underlined]

F/O Williams R.H. - Pilot
Sgt. Dickson J. - F/Eng.
F/S Taylor A.H. - A/B
P/O Duignan - Nav
Sgt. Crookes A.R. - W/Op {Air)
Sgt. Heath A.R. - MU/G
Sgt. Carter J.S. - R/G

F/O White J.H.F. - Pilot
Sgt. Thompson W. - F/Eng.
F/S Amy P.R. - A/B
Sgt. Blackmore V.R. - Nav
Sgt. Cameron C.J. - W/Op {Air)
F/S Cardy W.A. - MU/G
Sgt. Brilliant L.H. - R/G

P/O Jones D.M.C. - Pilot
Sgt. Jenkinson P.R. - F/Eng.
F/S Fletcher E.W. - A/B
Sgt. Dormor J.R. - Nav
Sgt. Milburn J.W. - W/Op {Air)
Sgt. Coles J. - MU/G
F/S Ferguson H. - R/G

F/O Gregoiro L.J.R. - Pilot
Sgt. James W.L. - F/Eng.
F/S Cosby H.L. - A/B
F/S Sandomirsky M.M. - Nav
W/O Harrison W.C. - W/Op {Air)
F/S Sabino J.E. - MU/G
F/S Webber W.W.- R/G

F/O Brouillette J.R.E. - Pilot
Sgt. Scammell A. - F/Eng.
F/O Bellamy G.C. - A/B
F/O Picard A.A. - Nav
F/O Lindsay J. - W/Op {Air)
Sgt. Greene W. - MU/G
Sgt. Alanson T. - R/G

F/S Draper C.G. - Pilot
Sgt. Panther A.J.- F/Eng.
Sgt. Lammas R.C.E.- A/B
Sgt. Wilkinson C.- Nav
F/S Kerfoot A.H. - W/Op {Air)
Sgt. Watkinson D.R.G. - MU/G
Sgt. Lawrence N. - R/G

F/O Bolton F.B. - Pilot
Sgt. James L.P. - F/Eng.
F/O Willis C.C. - A/B
F/O Kitching T. - Nav
Sgt. McAllister S.O. - W/Op {Air)
Sgt. McLeod F.C. - MU/G
Sgt. Kinsman D.R. - R/G

F/O Willis J.E. - Pilot
Sgt. Forner J.G. - F/Eng.
F/S Cumming T.M.- A/B
F/O Boyce W.A. - Nav
F/O Pringle W.S. - W/Op {Air)
Sgt. Stewart J.W. - MU/G
F/S Sandys C.H. - R/G

W/O Crane N.J. - Pilot
Sgt. Morris R.A.- F/Eng.
Sgt. Whitehead J.W. - A/B
Sgt. MacGregor I.D. - Nav
F/S Peel J.L. - W/Op {Air)
Sgt. Smith E. - MU/G
Sgt. Passant - R/G

F/L Legg D.D. - Pilot
Sgt. Ross A.J. - F/Eng.
F/O Jones D.L. - A/B
Sgt. Henderson I.G. - Nav
F/S Rawlings R.R. - W/Op {Air)
Sgt. Andrew J.A. - MU/G
Sgt. Peat R. - R/G

P/O Gibbins E.W. - Pilot
Sgt. West E.T. - F/Eng.
Sgt. Shield W.L. - A/B
Sgt. Cole C. - Nav
Sgt. Craddock S. - W/Op {Air)
Sgt. Gough B. - MU/G
Sgt. Mitchell - R/G

P/O Mettam H.A. - Pilot
Sgt. Simon F.W. - F/Eng.
F/O Saladine K.R. - A/B
W/O Barton O. - Nav
F/S Evans W.T. - W/Op {Air)
F/S Lockyer C. - MU/G
F/S Kennedy S. - R/G

P/O Grundy D.H. - Pilot
Sgt. King B.W. - F/Eng.
Sgt. McLaughlan R.C. - A/B
F/S Sowter R.T. - Nav
Sgt. Figg L.F. - W/Op {Air)
Sgt. Jarvis E.C. - MU/G
Sgt. Mackenzie E.J. - R/G

Wing Commander, Commanding,
[underlined] 166, Squadron, R.A.F.[/underlined]


OC 166 Squadron, “Formation of 153 Squadron ,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 21, 2024,

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