Letter to maintenance staff



Letter to maintenance staff


From information provided by the donor. Typed letter from O.C. Maintenance to staff of maintenance wing congratulating them for their work in keeping the aircraft of the training wing sufficiently well repaired to achieve 3400 flying hours in a single month, and thanking them for their hard work, submitted with caption, 1942-05-02 Thanks to ground crews.



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To:- H.C.O. A/C “A” Flight.
H.C.O. A/C “B” Flight.
H.C.O. A/C “C” Flight.
H.C.O. A/C “D” Flight. [inserted] – [/inserted]
H.C.O. A/C “E” Flight. [inserted] – [symbol] [/inserted]
H.C.O. A/C Servicing Flight.
The following copy of a letter from O.C. Maintenance Wing is forwarded to your attention.
I would like to add my personal thanks to all N.C.O.s and airmen in servicing squadron for their active support and hard work.

[inserted] – [/inserted]

I wish to congratulate all [indecipherable word] and Trades of maintenance Wing and Workshops on the excellent show put up by maintaining sufficient aircrafts serviceable to enable training, [indecipherable word] to accomplish the remarkable flying times of [inserted] 3 [/inserted], [inserted] 4 [/inserted]00 hours during the month of April, 440 of which were Night Flying.

I fully appreciate the difficulties under which you are working and it is a great pleasure to me to use your energetic response to my request for overtime and greater output which was necessary to obtain these figures.

I hope that the curtailment of overtime may be possible in the near future.

Your cheerful acceptance of overtime has so far prevented any postponement of leave or days off, and it is hoped to retain these at full quota in future.

To [inserted] ob[/inserted]tain these record Flying Hours it has been necessary to carry out a large number of Minor and Major repairs.

Good work, Maintenance, Servicing, and Flights.

[Signed] F.H. Dooley
Wing Commander,
[Underlined]O.C. Maintenance Wing [/underlined].

[underlined] 3rd May, 1940.[/underlined]

[Signature] F/LT
Flight Lieutenant,
O.C. Servicing Squadron.


Officer Commanding Servicing Squadron, “Letter to maintenance staff,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 24, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/30275.

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