Downing, Jeffery John


Downing, Jeffery John
J J Downing


19 items. The collection concerns Flying Officer Jeffery Downing (1922 - 1945, 418648 Royal Australian Air Force) and contains documents, objects and photographs. He served as bomb aimer with 460 Squadron and was killed 10 February 1945.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Elizabeth Dillon-Hensby and catalogued by Barry Hunter.

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Downing, JJ

Collection Items

Aircrew Officers School (A.C.O.S.) April
A group of airmen arranged in six rows. On the reverse most of the men are named.

Dr Horace Downing
Dr Horace Downing, in uniform sitting on a bench. On the reverse 'Dr Horace Downing father of JJ Downing served as a Doctor in WW1 in Egypt +'

Three Downing Children
Three children arranged on a bench. On the reverse
'Nancy, Jeff and Pat Downing
b 1919 1922 1920'

Jeff Downing
Three photographs of Jeff taken on the same day.
Photo 1 is a cropped image of photo 2. Jeff is standing in full uniform in a garden.
Photo 3 is Jeff looking away from the camera.
On the reverse of photo 1 is 'Jeff Downing'.

Flying Officer J J Downing's Grave
Jeff's grave - a wooden cross with a wreath and the date 10 February 1945. On the reverse 'Binbrook Cambridge'.
Behind are the graves of Sergeant J P King, 16 January 1945 and Flying Officer S W Goodman DFM, 16 January 1945.

Jeff Downing
A half length portrait of Jeff mounted on a card with 'Jeffrey John Downing
b 29.9.1922
d 10.2.1945'
On the reverse 'Our Jeff 22 yrs'
and 'London Studio'

Jeff Downing
A head and shoulders portrait of Jeff wearing a navigator's brevet. On the reverse 'Jeff Downing'.

Jeff Downing and Crew
Jeff and four airmen standing at the tail of Wellington BJ921. They are all wearing flying kit.
On the reverse 'Jeff Downing on tight and Crew. ?Cambridge'.

Jeff Downing
Jeff in slacks, shirt and tie, standing in a garden. On the reverse 'Jeff Downing, Kyneton'.
A second photograph is identical but is not cropped as closely. On the reverse 'Jeff Downing'.

Jeff Downing
Jeff in blazer and slacks standing in a garden. On the reverse 'Jeff Downing' and crossed out 'side garden @ Kyneton'.

Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Crest
The crest of the RAF Volunteer Reserve.

Jeff Downing's Intimation of Death
A brief intimation of Jeff's death in Lincolnshire.

Downing-Robinson Memory Intimation
A newspaper intimation remembering Flying Officer Jeff Downing and Flight Sergeant Tony Robinson who died in an aircraft accident in Lincolnshire.

Message to Mothers and Wives
A message from thee Lady Mayoress of Melbourne on the news of Germany's unconditional surrender.

The Burial of the Lancaster Crew, PB812
A note with some details of the Lancaster crew of PB812. It includes the names of six airmen including Jeff Downing.

To every man there
A religious poem about the ascent of the soul

Jeff Downing's Cap and Shoulder Flashes
A cap and flashes used by Jeff.

Jeff Downing and Crew
A photograph of five airmen standing in front of their Wellington. On the reverse 'Jeff Downing extreme R who crashed with him Crew of the [ends]' and 'Nancy Hamilton, 263 Roslyn Road, Highton'.
Included is an envelope with the names of the crew…

Jeff Downing's Notebook
A book of messages for Jeff from his mother. Written after his death in the form of a diary. She describes her daily life and friends that visit her.
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