Siegfried Wildenheim biography



Siegfried Wildenheim biography


Lived in Trebbin and was at home on 2 December 1943 and in a shelter during the attack on which her father was shot down.. When Anne Doward was researching her father, Siegfried found eye witnesses and a vast amount of other information about the crash of her fathers aircraft.


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Siegfried Wildenhein was born in 1926 and lived in the small town of Trebbin, in Germany where LancasterJB529 DX-P was shot down and crashed after a bombing raid on Berlin on the 2nd December, 1943. Siegfried was just seventeen and a half years old and on the 29th of November had returned home from work to find his grandmother very distressed. His call-up papers had just come through telling him to report to Schonwalde for Work Service on the 1st December. The night after he arrived, the 2nd December, he was caught up in an air raid and had to take shelter in a bunker, not knowing that because Dad's Lancaster had been attacked by a night fighter, that his home and family back in Trebbin, were dangerously close to being destroyed. When Siegfried discovered that I was seeking information about the crash in which my father and crew had lost their lives, he was determined to help me and but for him and his hard work and generosity, I would never have known the full story. He set about finding eye witnesses, burials, crash site, plans of the area, photographs of the wreckage etc.and this very kind gentleman then passed all the details on to me. He was then able to tell me what had happened during the last few minutes of JB529 DX-P and of the devastation left behind.......


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