Airman and wife



Airman and wife
Ted and Brenda Graves


On the right a sergeant wearing uniform tunic with half brevet. On the left a woman wearing a light top. In the background a house. On the reverse 'Brenda (Townsend) and husband 'Ted Graves'. Ted was with F/Officer Williams and his plane was also lost on 2nd December. All crew lost and no known graves. Also missing with dad on 2/12/43, JB372, DX-R, P/O J Williams pilot, Sgt E Hilbert F/Eng, F/O B P Duval Nav, Sgt B Thomasberg Bomb/A, Sgt L Chambers W/Op, Sgt E Graves Mid/Up, P/O A Hook R/G, Crew never found + no known graves, Photo of Ted Graves and wife Brenda who sent me the photo'.

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