Bomb damage and aircraft



Bomb damage and aircraft


13 photographs showing bomb damage and aircraft.
Three photographs of Dortmund residential areas. Only skeletons of buildings are remaining.
Heavily bombed Krupp works
Four bombs in flight
Hamm Railway bridge. In the foreground is the destroyed Südbrücke Hamm railway bridge with four spans over the Rhine. The Düsseldorf suburb of Hamm is partially visible. The Südbrücke is in the distance, also destroyed.
Three airmen standing at the front of a B-25 Mitchell.
Starboard side view of three B-25 Mitchells in flight.
An aerial photograph of 14 B-25 Mitchells in flight. They are flying over a cultivated valley, set between low hills.
A sequence of two aerial photographs of Frankfurt, with an heavily bombed industrial area.




13 b/w photographs


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