J’ai survolé l’armée allemande encerclée devant Slalingrad



J’ai survolé l’armée allemande encerclée devant Slalingrad
Le Courrier de l'air. Supplément Spécial


War correspondent Paul Holt observes the Red Army for a fortnight along 3,000 Km of the Stalingrad front. He follows the armies of Colonel General Yeremenko. With little food and freezing temperatures, General Paulus’s only hope of supplies is through transport Junker 52s.
Siege of 50,000 encircled Germans. Interviews Lieutenant-General Rodion Yakovlevich Malinovsky and Major-General Petr Vasilevich Kotelkov. Speaks to German Warrant Officer, Gerhardt Slewe and Corporal Siegfried Beck, both unaware of German army’s desperate situation. Support army, under Field Marshal Manstein, forced back. German numbers greatly reduced with no tanks and little ammunition.
Manstein, given 6 th, 17th and 23rd armoured divisions, had closed in on encircled army. Describes Manstein’s and Malinovsky’s offensive and counter-offensive actions. Germans retreating to west and Malinovsky moving to south-west. Malinovsky gives his perspective, praising troops’ resolve. Germany has higher losses.
Germany unable to deploy tanks effectively and air power diminished by Russian attacks on many fronts. Malinovsky heaps praise on his chief, Andrei Ivanovich Yeremenko, describing his past, military record, injuries, decorations and current achievements.

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