Records and Notes



Records and Notes


Peter's account of his early days training in Canada then his return across the Atlantic to Scotland.


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Records and Notes
Arrived at Moss Bank 18/11/43, No 2 B&G
Two Weeks “JOE JOBS”, then started on Co 96.
Bags of bombing hours on “Annies” (Ansons)
Rather a cramped existence at Gunnery Flight, gosh! to think that Blenheims were once on Ops.
25th Feb saw the end of B&G, gee! but they [sic] previous two weeks really were a bind, still! we all got thro’ – Then to Winnepeg [sic]! Look out Winnepeg [sic]! the Moss Bank Wolves are coming.
No 5 A.O.S. , grand place (first impressions), boy! you should see that dining hall, fit for a lord, let alone air bombers.
26th March, Finals are starting, What a panic! 29th Photography exam – strange, seemed fairly easy. 31st, Ah! Here’s the catch Geography, Reco : Navigation – areal days work. We are all wondering! Guess what! Well, how we fared would be the correct answer.
1st April, April fool’s day but a real date to remember, Ssh! unofficially we heard the results.
7th April 1944 – The day we have all waited for – Wings Parade!
Gosh! am I nervous
3 oc Hurrah! it’s all over. That
[page break]
Was worse than all the exams.
LAC – SGT – P/O, This really is something that I never expected. It seems as a dream.
I really am lucky though, just 7 out of 22 got the luck break.
Now we are en route for Moncton, I wonder when we will be back home.
8th April, dashed down to see Niagara Falls, simply marvellous
9th April, arrived in Montreal, this certainly [underlined] is [/underlined] a town, The Canadian gay “Paree”, but boy! does money go quick.
Back to Moncton, Groan! 11th April, let’s hope we do not stay here long. The camp seems to be in a bad state of repair. Those rough airmen I expect.
Well it looks as if we are officers, what a different life, actually being waited on, Yes sir! No sir! Gosh! it seems strange.
19th April –
0600 Reveille 0800 Farewell Moncton 1700 All aboard! Groan! who said this was a luxury liner.
7th May – Well! we made it oh! to be in England now that spring is here.
“Sailing down the Clyde”
[page break]
Really a grand experience – so green and fresh – In fact as “Canuck” put it
“This must be Technicolor”
But alas!
We spend the night at anchor, Land is so near yet so far.
Morn’ is here!
Noon is here!
Evening’s drawing nigh! and we are scheduled to disembark at 1945 hrs
I wonder!
Looks like an overnight train journey – How thrilling!
Still maybe our next Sunday dinner will be at home.
Let’s keep on wishing!



Peter Peck, “Records and Notes,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 12, 2024,

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