Confidential Notice



Confidential Notice


Notes on publication of names of those wounded or missing while serving with Royal Air Force. Caution not to give any or privately published details of dates, place or circumstances. Press asked to cooperate.


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[underlined] CONFIDENTIAL NOTICE [/underlined]
The names of all who lose their lives or are wounded or reported missing while serving with the Royal Air Force will appear in the official casualty lists published from time to time in the Press.
Any publication of the date, place or circumstances of a casualty, and particularly any reference to the unit concerned, might be valuable information to the enemy, and for this reason, only the name, rank and Service number are included in the official lists.
Relatives are particularly requested, in the national interest, to ensure that any notices published privately do not disclose the date, place or circumstances of the casualty, or the unit.
The Press have been asked to co-operated in ensuring that no information of value to the enemy is published.


“Confidential Notice,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed October 21, 2020,

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