Six photographs of people, places and aircraft



Six photographs of people, places and aircraft


Left page. Top left - group of men and women outside a control tower. Two men closer to camera on right hand edge.
Top right - a clergyman wearing white surplus standing behind a man at a lectern. Both in front of a single story green wartime hut with lawns in front. Bottom - two ladies wearing white coats one sitting the other standing in front of a wartime hut.
Right page - left side orientated vertically. A large group of people sitting and standing several rows deep. In the background right the top of an English Electric Lightning. On the right edge part of a hangar.
Top right - ground to air view of a formation of four aircraft.
Bottom right - a formation of four aircraft flying towards camera.



Five colour and one b/w photograph mounted on two album pages


IBCC Digital Archive


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“Six photographs of people, places and aircraft,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed January 28, 2022,

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