Flying Control Log Book



Flying Control Log Book


Log covering the following periods -
29th August to 6th October 1943 (71 pages)

Movements of aircraft at Tholthorpe.



Temporal Coverage




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[Underlined] S.O. Book 129. [/underlined]

Code 28-69-0.



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From August 29th to October 6th

43 43

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[Underlined] Sunday – August 29/43 (cont’d) [/underlined]

0900 On Duty [Underlined] SR Wyman F/L. [/underlined]

0915 a/c at Ford and Tangmere Checked with stations re. aircraft at m/n stations and Met. who say things seem O.K. for a morning take-off.

1030 a/c at Ford and Tangmere 6 Gp Met. say weather deteriorating, if off by 11.00 O.K. Otherwise hold them. Advised Stns & 11 Gp F/C. Rushing them up for an early take-off.

1118 Provisional Diversion To C.F.C. requested Pershore as emergency diversion base for 6 Gardening Wellingtons. They will confirm. O.K.’d
[Underlined] Pundit - Diffords QDM-011° dis.-5 1/2 mis. [/underlined]

1135 434/L. Now at Silverstone (92 Gp.) with a cut tire. Told E.O. Linton who will contact Silverstone.

1213 419, 427 428 a/c Checking with 11 F.C. & 6 Met. – final decision send them home. 428/D landed back. Why aren’t we told these things? Told Ford to send back both 427 crews. K/434 at Base. Not advised.

1230 Balloons Yeovil & Plymouth Balloons at 1500’ and 6500’ – Dusk to Dawn. On B’ham

1340 Landfall Beacon Y.3284 This landfall beacon will be exposed on 045° from 2345-0045hrs.

1830 Off duty S.R. Wyman F/Lt. On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

1840 Cancelled Pershore, L F Beacon, and balloons.

1820 Oxford K/DF471 Took off from Leeming at 13.21 for Ford but has not been heard from since. 12 Gp. FCLO and 11 Gp FCLO informed. Overdue action taken by Ford. ROC 9 are trying to trace his plots.

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2030 Overdue Oxford ROC do not keep records of Oxfords in some groups so find it impossible to trace Oxford on way to Ford. They report an unconfirmed crash in QZ.20 and RAF 9 Gp. Are going to report any facts they can get re this crash.

[Underlined] Monday August 30. 1943 [/underlined]

0100 Ident. Bd. changed

0900 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt. on duty P. [indecipherable] F/O.

0930 Overdue Oxford 9 Fighter Gp. are trying to get information for us on reported crash in Q.Z. 20.

1005 Overdue Oxford. Leeming advise route of Oxford. K. Base – York – Bedford – Reading – Ford. Sgt. Henry (Pilot) & three maintenance men. Advised R.O.C. 9.

1215. Permission granted by Air I. for 408 Sq. to send Lanc. to East Wreatham with crew to pick-up Halifax.

1220 Passed route to Linton for Oxford going to Banff. Linton – Stirling – Montrose – Banff.

1245 Balloons. Arranged with B.L.O. 12 Gp. To have balloons at following heights & towns.

Billingham. Close hauled 23.30 – 0100 0330 – 0600

Norwich } 1500’ 23.59 - 0430
Gt. Yarmouth }
Lowestoft }

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1440. Oxford DF 471 Fighter Command. 9 Gp. report Oxford DF 471 crashed at Three Counties Stone, Dent, Yorks. a/c burnt – 4 killed. Time of crash 1500 on Aug. 29th.

1415 New route passed to Linton for Oxford going to Banff as follows.
Linton – Selkirk – N. Berwick – Earls Ferry – Montrose – Banff.

Advised MLS 12.

1500 Permission granted by Air I. to take Halifax of 434 Sqd. To Middle Wallop with spare parts & crew to pick up Hal. E of 434 Sqd.

1530 Flight of Hal. T of 434 Sqd. to Middle Wallop – cancelled.

1600. Passed following trip to Topcliffe. JS7 - L 5220N – 0505W 1st class at 1540 acknowledged from Hull.

1830 Advised F.C.L.O. 13 Gp. Anson 9753 F/Lt. Harding en route from Wyton to Montrose landed at Linton with engine trouble. Please advise F.C.L.O. if a/c wishes to take off.

Off duty [indecipherable] F/O.

1830 on duty [underlined] SR Wyman F/L. [/underlined]

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S.F.C.O. if sufficiently [underlined] important [/underlined] X-C’s Due to unserviceability of a/c and a lag in the passing of x-c routes from Station Navigation Officers to Station F|/C’s, aircraft are taking off on training flights without proper clearance for flights being obtained.

2354. Army Manoeuvres From R.O.C. 9 – Army manoeuvres in our area – Red – Yellow and Green Vereys. Told the inquisitive stations – all those in Group.

2355 Taxying accident [underlined] 434 [/underlined] Squadron a/c marshalled 4 on one side – 5 on other. In the former row 4 ran up on the back of 3. Reason (Pilot) – “The brakes didn’t hold when I revved up.”

[Underlined] 31st August 1943 – Tuesday. [/underlined]

0025 Crashes in York R.O.C. area From R.O.C. (9) – 2 aircraft crashed (collided) in A24 nr Goole. Leaconfields’
- 1 aircraft exploded in mid-air A55 (myth)
- 1 aircraft exploded in mid-air Holme. Holmes’ crew okay

0130 Possible Diversion From C.F.C. – “Have you 2 aerodromes for 5 Group in case of an emergency. Yes! met picture cast iron. Offered 1 station in Topcliffe; one in Linton. Consulted D.F.C.O’s & Controller who said O.K.

0445 432/Z Landed Hardiwick – short of Petrol. Returning as soon as refuelled.

0400/0430 U/428 → This a/c “stooged” between Leeming, Middleton and Croft. Finally landed Scorton.

0510 Possible Diversion F/C 5Gp – we do not require your bases now. Told C.F.C.

0500 Group Diversion 432/L crashed on landing. Diverted a/c to Topcliffe

0640 434/O A/c u/s today shot up with “flak”. Flt Eng lightly wounded. Told W/C Harris via F/C Tholthorpe

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0900 off duty SR Wyman F/L. On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

0949 Lockheed V.I.P. Took off from Topcliffe at 0946 for Hendon ETA 11.46. Passed to 12G Topcliffe phoning him out.

1010 Movements 12 Gp. E212 Air-firing Robin Hd. Bay 10.30-18.00 Hal. Lancs. & Well. Bombing Strensall 11.00-17.30

1030 Permission granted by Air I for Oxford to take skeleton crew down to East Writham to pick up one of 408’s a/c

1110 Permission granted by Air I for a/c of 431 to take crew for 434 a/c now serviceable at Middle Wallop and one at Coltishall.

1200 QDM 211° passed to a/c XQ9/T at 11.42 by Topcliffe H/F D/F Callsign belongs to Elsham; passed to 1 Gp F/C. It is the operational callsign for today of 103 sqdn – but 1 Gp, say Elsham has nothing flying today.

1220 Diversions Requested diversion bases for 45 Hal. & 10 Lancs. (provisional petrol) [deleted] see [/deleted] around Harwell area. Our met. say this will be okay for return tonight.

13.55 Special L/F Beacon will be exposed from 02.15-03.15 true bearing 310°

1345 Com. Flight Oxford requisitioned for S/L Harris to go down to East Wretham (see 10.30 above)

1400 Balloons Requested Newhaven [inserted] Shoreham, [/inserted] Sheffield, Langley & Weybridge at reduced heights from 02.15-04.15

1430 Balloons Newhaven, Weybridge, Shoreham, Langley and London will be at 1500 ft 0215-0415 Sheffield will be at 500ft. from 0215-dawn.

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1500 Diversions (Note SFCO) CFC now inform us that 4 Gp. went through direct to 91 Group and got all the best stations for diversion bases without going through CFC. As a result only mediocre stations were available to us. CFC apologised profusely. After much discussion the diversions were allotted as follows:

419/16 Upper Heyford
428/14 Hartford Bridge
427/12 Dunsfold
434/8 Westcott
426/12 Silverstone

Stations informed. Met. are quite happy about these diversion bases.

1600 Diversions (Note SFCO) Phoned 92 Gp. re diversions & find that 4 Gp. have already booked Upper Heyford for 22 of their a/c unknown to CFC. At this late time we now have to find another aerodrome.

1615 Diversions Informed SASO of above entries and he tore a strip off CFC.

1620 Diversion Arranged with CFC for Finmere (92 Gp.) to replace Upper Heyford. Okay with Met. Station informed.

1700 Balloons Billingham will be grounded from 19.30-2100 and from 0315-0515.

1800/1830 New Diversion Bases Met unhappy of probable conditions on ETA at allocated Diversion Bases.

C.F.C. advised – who allot following as available Bury St. Edmunds, Bradwell Bay, West Malling, Hunsden, Hardwick.

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Diversion Bases Allocation of Sqdns to new Dvn Bases as follows –

419 Sqn – Bury St. Edmund. 128° 5 1/4 mi
428 Sqn – Bradwell Bay. 005° 5 mi
427 Sqn – West Malling. 028° 2 1/2 mi
428 Sqn – Hardwick. 137° 4 1/2 mi
434 Sqn – Hunsden 168° 5 1/2 mi

Stations advised of rearrangement in Provisional Diversion

1830 On Duty – [signature] F/L.

1915 C.F.C. advised by F/L Miller of Squadron allotment with Nos to the new Prov’n’l Petrol Bases.

1925 F/L Miller off duty –

1935 2000 and 2015 } Particulars covering Provisional Petrol Diversions passed to F.C. 2nd and 4th U.S.A.W. and to F.C.L.O. 11 Group.

2025 M.L.S. 11 Gp. advised that because of reallocation of Provisional Diversion Bases some of the aircraft according to J Forms, after landfall Beachy Hd – may proceed up coast East instead of West (Track) of London in order to take advantage of shortest route to Diversion Bases. – Names of these Diversion Bases Passed.

2030. F.C. 92. Advised that their bases would not be required because of adverse weather expected there on ETA. Stood Down with thanks.

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2205 X-Raids airraid message Purple. Stations advised.

Early Returns Numbers of aircraft of 6, 4 and 5 Groups returning – M.L.O. concerned. Uncertain as to X-Raids.

2218 X Raids Now all friendly a/c. Stations advised.

2225 Scorton C.F.C. Acting on advice from SASO and Controller 6. – arranged with C.F.C. and F.C.L.O. 12 for provisional use of Scorton to relieve landing congestion on E.T.A. because of anticipated adverse weather conditions, and shortage of petrol.

2330 4 Group Early Returns S/L Bateson phoned – greatly disturbed with 22 early returns and more expected!

No of Early returns high from 5 and 6 Groups as well.

Further queries on early returns from M.L.O. 12. & C.F.C.

2359 No 2 USAW. Put F.C. No 2 USA Wing into picture ref. 426 early returns F.C.L.O. 11 informed of early returns from squadrons detailed to use provisional Bases in 11 Group.

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Wednesday, Sept 1st 1943.

0100 Ident Bd Corrected.

0145/0155 1664 A/C Overdue by an hour.

Weather. 10/10 – 2000-3000’. Slight rain. R.O.C. plots on Halifaxes near Whitby and one near Middleton. Sandra lights requested from Middleton.

0215 Diversion 427 Sqn Decision by Air I in consultation with met.. Leeming and 427 Sqdn cmdr, to divert 427 sqdn definitely to West Malling. Diversion signals sent out [inserted] on group [indecipherable] B’cast [/inserted] at 02.20-02.30.

0220 Ref Def Dvn. F.C.L.O. 11. Advised Diversion to West Malling Definite. Remainder still Provisional.

0245 Ref Dvns C.F.C., No 2 and No 4 US Wings informed on Diversions.

0400 G/419 Stbd Eng u/s. Passed to F.C. Middleton. R.O.C. informed.

0420 419?/Hal. ROC plot Halifax at 4000’ ft in Z85 flying NW into Durham area. Cloud base 3000;.

Middleton F.C. and FCLO 12 advised. Latter requested to render any necessary aid.

0435 419?/Hal see 0400 entry – ROC. plot a/c flying south at 3000 - circling in Z81

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Halifax Plot Z.81 passed to F.C.L.O. 12 and F.C. Leeming (nearest which it is)

0448 B/419 Group Freqy – “Petrol Low – Engine Trouble – Proceeding to Middleton” T.O.O. 0434 – F.C. Middleton advised.

0448 G/419 Overhead MSG – 3 Engines.

0510 No 2 USAW. One a/c landed Hardwick.

Hardwick stood down with Thanks.

0515 No 4 USAW. One a/c landed Bury St Edmund. Bury stood down with Thanks.

0520 MAYDAY. F.C.L.O. reported a/c calling “Mayday” near Middleton and asking for Sandra. – Middleton F.C. informed at once.

0525 MAYDAY. MSG. F/C report crew of Mayday a/c Intercom on transmit. Heard them say [deleted] say [/deleted] they saw the Sandras

0532 B/419 Mayday landed Middleton

0600 Diversion Other 10 a/c of 427 sqn diverted definitely to West Malling & landed there safely – one missing.

0600 – see 6 Gp a/c away from base instructed to await instruction to take off on return - based on weather conditions.

0900 Off Duty [signature] F/L

[Page break]

0900 on duty SR Wyman F/L.

0920 a/c at West Malling 419 and 427 a/c at m/n a/d told to take off at about 1000 hrs. Consulted [deleted] stations [/deleted] & met. re. this matter and told Leeming ops that done.

0940 Bombing & Air Firing To MLS. 12 – {Strensall} Bombing (Robin Hood Bay) Air firing. Hals, Lancs. Wells. 1000-1800 hrs.

1040 ↘ Liberator 12 Gp. Lib in 4 and 6 Gp area. Get him down if possible all Bases warned. Contact with R.O.C, 4 Gp & stations could give no helpful “gen”. Not landed in 6 Gp.

1112 ↘ X-C Croft Checked with F/C at m/n station. Told them to see Sqdn. Commander re. weather before sending a/c on X/C. He had taken off and then they checked. Told them to query and call back. How do they get along with Met anyhow?

1125 Group Diversion S/L Kyles Linton – Any place for 2 a/c – Met. say Linton – a/c finally landed O.K at Base. Held R/426 at Hartford Bridge. 4 Gp. ready to help out.

1210 X-C-Croft Sqdn Comm bore out Group contention and recalled a/c on W/T. Making plans for Middleton to take him, otherwise will go to Leeming.

1228 405/ a/c Landed Linton.

1235 [Underlined] Liberator [/underlined] Landed Mildenhall.

1305 [underlined] Diversions [/underlined] Group “bad”, consulted met, who say 3 Gp. only cast iron stations in British Isles. But may get a/c down at 1 and 5 Gp stations. Told S/L Swann Topcliffe & F/C Croft that Feltwell was the best station according to Met. Checking with 3 Gp F/C to confirm.

[Underlined] 3 Gp. [/underlined] OK by them.

[Page break]

1340 1659 a/c [Deleted] A [/deleted] C diverted to Feltwell. Passed “gen” to 3 Gp & C.F.C. A landed at Base.

1664/ a/c landed at Croft.

1630 1659/C landed Feltwell 1449. Told Base Topcliffe.

18.30 off duty SR Wyman F/L. On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

Thursday September 2, 1943

0100 Ident. Bd. changed.

0900 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
On duty [signature] F/O

0950 427 a/c Arranged to have 427 a/c return from W. Malling.

1000 MLS 12. Passed to MLS 12. Bombing. – Air Firing – Local Ht. Test. by Hal. Lancs. Well. between 0930-2000

1035 Bulls Eye. Topcliffe Base advise. 1659 have 8 a/c for Command Bulls Eye.

1050 Bulls Eye. Ex. Linton – Eastman have no a/c for Bulls Eye.

1051. 1659/C. Ex. Topcliffe. 1659/C landed from Feltwell at 1045.

1105 Bulls. Eye. Ex. Linton – 431 Sqd. have no a/c for Bulls. Eye.

1115. Passed route to Linton for Oxford going to Coltishall. Linton – Spalding – Coltishall.

[Page break]

1135. Diversions Central 2/C. advise Pershore O.K. for provisional petrol diversions base for 12 Wellingtons.

1136. 426/S. Linton advise 426/S landed back from Bury St. Edmunds at 1116.

1200 426/R. Linton advise 426/R landed back from Hartford Bridge at 1159.

1210 Leeming S.B.A. Leeming report S.B.A. Serviceable.

1240. 427/S 427/N Leeming advise 427/S landed from W. Malling at 1230. 427/N landed from W. Malling at 1232.

1300. Balloons and Landfall Beacon. Balloons at Manchester – Crew and Bristol Channel area will be at 500 ft except in the case of hostiles, between the hrs. of 1900-2100 and 2330-0200. Plymouth will be at 6500 ft. and Yeovil at 1500 ft. at the same times, except in case of hostiles.

Landfall beacon No. 2 will be on from 23.00-2359 on bearing of 280°T.

1535. S/L Harris of 408 Sqd. requested permission for F/O Scheafer (R.C.A.F. Historical Soc.) to participate in training flights. Permission granted by A.O.C.

[Page break]

1550 Passed to Skipton information re Pershore – Pundit Q.D.M. 011° 5 1/2 miles Runways & Sandra lights.

1650 Billingham, Hull & Humber balloons at 1500 ft. except between 23.45-0045 when Billingham will be close hauled. Passed to Middleton.

1715 Arranged with F.C.L.O. 12 Gp. to have landfall beacon no. 2 on from 22.30-2359. Passed to stations.

1750 Priority call from F.C.L.O. 9 Gp. re Lancaster. Crossed coast at Rhyl flying at 3000’ on three engines showing broad I.F.F. Last position 8 miles S.E. of Preston flying N.E. over Pennines. Apparently not 6 Gp. a/c.

1830 Off duty – [Signature] F/O.

1830 on duty SR Wyman F/L.

1830/1840 1679/V Lanc “stooging” around Linton. Eastmoor. An object dropped from the a/c according to 12 Gp. Contacted Linton & Eastmoor F/C, was m/n a/c now on R/T. Bomb doors opened

1915 Pundits AS4 requests for Pundits 1, 91, 115 and 140 passed to stations. Time – Dusk to Dawn.

1931 Balloons Billingham close-hauled 2000-2100 hrs. Told Balloon Officer 12 Gp. O.K. by him. In meantime M StG, contacted site.

[Page break]

1950 Diversion Passed “gen” to 91 Gp F/C re. 432 Sqdn.

2118 Lanc/1679 [underlined] DS635 [/underlined] Crashed on aerodrome – flames – Crew believed to be O.K. Told S.A.S.O. & Controller [inserted] GT12 [/inserted]. This a/c was under the captaincy of F/L McNeil was doing visual [inserted] spelled wrong [/inserted] landings. One motor cut & a/c could not get off again. One engine u/s, came in to land, overshot, and landed in field. a/c burnt out.

[Underlined] Friday – 3 September 1943 [/underlined]

0100 Ident Board Checked.

0130 Pershore Stood down with thanks via 91 Gp.

Ops all a/c returned.

0250 Pundits Cancelled by A.S.4 told stations.

0254 C/1659 [underlined] W1240 [/underlined] Last Bull’s eye a/c at Group – u/c collapsed. Crew O.K

0332 19 O.T.U./ a/c Landed at Leeming after circling Topcliffe and Skipton. Lossiemouth F/C was advised.

432/ Y&B Landed at Moreton-in-Marsh and Predannack respectively.

0900 off duty SR Wyman F/L. On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

1000 Movements to MLS Airfiring Robin Hd. Hal, Lancs, & Well. 1000-18.30
Bombing Strensall Hal, Lancs, & Well. 1000-18.00

1000/1030 Crashes 1679 & 1659 crashes reported to Air 1, G.T.I, Eng. and Equip. Officers.

1100 Lossiemouth Wellington Took off from Leeming without being routed by Group. 12 & 13 Gp enquired why we had not notified them of the movement. Leeming say they though [sic] a/c did not need routing.

[Page break]

11.30 Com. Flight Permission given by Air I for 434 to use Oxford to take down 2 ground crew & equip. for 434 a/c at Coltishall.

1300 Topcliffe [underlined] VIP [/underlined] Lockheed Hudson LA628 will be taking off from Topcliffe for Hendon at 13.15. Route: Lindholme Syerston, Hendon. ETA. 14.30. MLS informed.

1340 Topcliffe [underlined] VIP [/underlined] took off at 13.30. MLS informed.

Bullseye Command C48 (stage 3)

Route: Base, Spalding, Douglas, Alscott, Porthcawl, Newark, base.

IR targets will be at Douglas, Alscott, & Newark. Spalding, (starting point) will be marked by 3 searchlights intersecting at 18000 ft.

Time at Spalding 21.15

Height 16000 feet.

Some night fighters mostly around Alscott and South Wales. Also a few searchlights mostly at beginning of route and in South Wales.
There will be about 70 a/c from all groups.

Above gen. passed to 1664, 408 and 429 Sqdns.

1500 LFB #2 at 265° True from 0400-0500

1430 Diversions (weather) Met, say weather in Group will be good enough till dawn – no diversion bases required.

1530 Balloons Sheffield at 500 ft all night.
Shoreham & Newhaven at 1500 ft 2100-21.45 & 22.30-2359
Langley & Weybridge at 1500 ft 2045-21.30 & 22.30-0030

Stations informed.

1545 Diversion Provisional petrol diversion laid on for 426 sqdn.

[Page break]

will be Lissett. Pundit: QDM 110° 3 miles (Sheffield’s pundit)

1645 Anson from West Freugh landed at Leeming – couldn’t contact his base by W/T. Will be taking off for West Freugh about 1700 hrs. West Freugh informed by phone.

1800 432/B will be returning tomorrow first thing from Predannack. Told them to check weather first.

1800 Diversions From CFC: how many a/c can we take tonight in our Group? After consulting Controller we gave them following: Middleton

1830 On Duty – [Signature] F/L

1900 Ref Dvns Following offer passed to and approved by C.F.C.

Middleton, 20. a/c.
Croft. 20. a/c.
Leeming. 20. a/c.
Topcliffe 20. a/c.
Linton 15. a/c 20 Emgy only
Eastmoor 15. a/c 20 Emgy only,

Total [underlined] 110 [/underlined] a/c 120 Emgy only

1905 Pundits AS4’s request for 115, 1, 140, and 91 passed to Stations. – added 155 at 1955 hrs.

[Page break]

21.15 Prov’nl Diversions Ex. C.F.C. – following 6 Group Stns allocated to 5 Group.

Middleton – 20 a/c
Croft – 20 a/c
Leeming – 20 a/c
Topcliffe – 20 a/c.

22:00 Ref Prov’nl Dv’ns Ex. 5 Group. F.C. Nothing definite as yet – still studying weather problem not worried over petrol.

22:15 6 GP Met. Northern bases expected to be ok up to 0600 hrs when at least 50% of all 6 Gp bases will likely to have mist.

Met happy over reception of provisional Allocation – Controllers advised.

0001 Saturday Sept 4th ‘43

[Underlined] 0120 [/underlined] Ref Prov’nl Dvns Ex. F.C. 1 Gp. – C.F.C. advised them they might use Linton and Eastmoor as provisional bases for 20 a/c each!

6 Group met happy over Eastmoor but unable to guarantee Linton beyond 0500 hrs. – F.C. I advised.

0245 Diversion Definite Ex F.C.5. Definite Diversion
49 Sqn, 12 Lancs to Middleton
9 Sqn, 13 Lancs to Leeming.

[Page break]

0300/0330 Ref Def. Dvn. -Ex F.C. 1 Gp. [Deleted] 12 [/deleted] Diversion semi definite for 19 Lancs of 12 Sqn. to Linton and Eastmoor.

-Ex F.C. 5 additional definite

Diversions from
57 Sqdn. 13 Lancs to Topcliffe
619 Sqdn. Lancs to Croft.

-Ok by 6 Gp met providing arrival in this area is before 0445-0500., as no particular base remains guaranteed free from mist after 0500 hrs.

- Ok by 5 & 6 Gp Controllers.

0400 – 5 Group Lancs already in 6 Group area.

1 Group Lancs to be taken to their Base (Wickenby)

0530 38 Lancs 5 Gp landed at Stns in 6 Gp. – Expn of 5 Gp thanks expressed to all concerned.

0630 [Underlined] ROC [/underlined] Lanc ROC plot Lanc flying in wide circle Linton area. Linton advised.

0635 Lancs now near Topcliffe – F.C. Topcliffe & Leeming advised – Middleton informed.

0640 Lanc passed over Leeming at 3000 ft flying North.

0645/0650 Lanc North of Croft at 4000’ – Passed to F.C.L.O. 12.

[Page break]

0830 Rep S/49 Ex M.L.O. 12. This a/c ditched last night off Tynemouth. All [deleted] at [/deleted] crew were rescued (alive) Later three of the crew died.

- MLO 12 advising 5 Group.

0835 Return of 5 Gp a/c. Ex 5 Gp. “O.K. for anyone to return by 0900 hours”. F,C, Stations advised.

0855 9 Sqn 8 a/c a/b for base. – passed to F.C. 5.

0900 Off Duty [Signature] F/L

0900 on duty SR Wyman F/L.

0935 Bombing Air Firing Halifax, Lancaster and Wellington a/c will be Bombing Strensall and Air Firing Robin Hood Bay 1000 to 2000 hrs. Normal Height.

1150 E/434 Air I refuses permission to 434/E to go to Pocklington to pick up radiator after an A/F detail. Told Linton.

1350 LFB #2 on a bearing of 280° from 2345 to 0045 hours. Confirmed with Ops. 12 Gp.

1521 [Underlined] NOTE [/underlined] On MONDAY A/M. HAVE S.D. 300 changed. New one in Ops Room safe.

1539 T. Moth Air I refuses permission for a Sergeant Palmer at 1664 C.U. to take the m/n a/c to Wellesbourne – Mountford to collect personal equipment.

[Page break]

1600 Prov. Weather Diversion Base From C.F.C. OK for Swanton Morley. 9 Wels. 0015-0045.

1615 Swanton Morley I Drem – Contact – S.B.A. – H.F. D/F.

Pundit QDM. 305 dis 3. F/C 2 to be advised.

Passed to Skipton F/C.

1720 Diversion Int Group 3 U.S. Bomber Wing want to send 4 Marauders to M. St. G. between 1900 and 2000 hrs. Story is – these a/c have been on an A.S.R. “do” and not being used to night landings want to get down somewhere. O.K. by Middleton & Controller + Air I

1740 Re above a/c did not take off; because A.S.R. search not required. Told Middleton and Controller + Air I

1808 Pundits A.S.4’s requests for Pundits 1, 91, 115 and 140 passed to stations concerned.

1830 off duty SR Wyman F/L. D.H. Miller F/Lt. on duty.

20.55 QDM 7LR/N on a/c from Finningley given but a/c could not answer challenge, saying he had wrong card. Passed to 93 Gp. who say they have N/7LR flying.

21.45 Diversions Met. say base will have good weather on return with good vis. and wind gusty at 15-20 mph. On controller’s instructions from Swanton Morley stood down with thanks.

Sunday September 5, 1943

0030 Lights on sea U/432 = 5414N 0234E 2044 hrs. 2500 ft. white lights believed from sea level flashing dots

0100 Ident. Bd. changed.

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0050 Lights on sea W/432 – 5408N 0050E 19.46 2000 ft. flashing reddish lights on sea level about 5 miles off starboard beam. Also 5419N 0319E 20.22 2000 ft. White light flashing irregularly on sea level about 8 miles off port bow. K/432 – 5416N 0255E 2019 hrs. 2500 ft, Appeared to be a flame float about 1 mile off starboard beam.

0100 Lights on sea passed to F.C. 12 Gp.

0105 Lights on sea V/432 – [deleted] 5253 [/deleted] 5352N 0030E – 2325 hrs 2000’. Seen on starboard beam, white light flashing irregularly and up to eleven white lights surrounding it. Passed to 12 Gp.

0900 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

0900 On duty [Signature] F/O.

0930 MILS 12. Passed to M.L.S. 12 Air Sea Firing (Whitby) Bombing (Strensall) and local ht, tests. Hals. Wells. And Lancs.

1045. Diversion Bases. Requested diversion bases from Central Flying Control.

1230 Diversion Bases. Received diversion bases from Central Flying Control. Harwell – Middle Wallop – Boscombe Down – Colerne.

1435 Diversion Bases. Passed information re diversion bases to stations.

1440 Diversion Bases. Confirmed diversion bases with Central Flying Control as follows.

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[Underlined] Definite [/underlined]

Harwell – 16 a/c of 428 Sqd
M. Wallop – 14 a/c of 419 Sqd
Boscombe D. – 12/ a/c of 427 Sqd.
Colerne – 10 a/c of 434 5 a/c of 426.

[Underlined] Provisional [/underlined] [Deleted] 9 a/c [/deleted]

Colerne – 9 a/c of 432 Sqd.

1455 Diversion Bases On advice of Air I. diversion bases now become provisional instead of definite. Advised – Central Flying Control.

1600 Balloons Arranged to have balloons flying at following hts. and times

Billingham at 500 ft. 1830-1930
0200-0400 [deleted] 0310-0510 [/deleted]

Langley & } at 1500 ft. 1930-0500
Weybridge }

Yeovil at 1500 ft 22.40-0040

Bristol Channel } at 500 ft. 2015-2215
Area }

Except in the case of enemy activity.

Landmark Beacon no. 18 on from 2330-0030 on bearing 045° T.

1800. Amended note re balloons.

Bristol, Whitechurch & Weston will be controlled & fly at 500 ft. between 2359 + 0100 and between 0200 + 0300

Special landfall beacon at Beachy Hd. will be vertical at 10000 ft between 2100-2200 and on a bearing 350° T between 0100-0200. Passed to stations.

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1830 Flying Control 4 Gp. advise report reached them from Rufforth via Helmsby Police that a Lancaster crashed at Rudland Moor at 1500 hrs. Position is 1 1/2 miles west of Low Mill Tarndale. Sheet 22 135150. 8 crew all killed.

Linton have one Lanc outstanding which took off at 1457 for Cambridge. This movement was not passed to Group although a route (Base – Peterboro – Cambridge – Peterboro – Base) was authorised. Helmsby Police cannot give us a/c number but will let us know further particulars. [Inserted] This a/c now one from Rufforth our Lanc is O.K. [/inserted]

1830 off duty [Signature] F/O on duty SR Wyman F/L

1950 [Underlined] Re Crash [/underlined] Topcliffe told to take action re crash entry 1830 hrs.

2025 [Underlined] Re Crash [/underlined] S/L Swann called to say he had sent all fire-tenders out to crash. Had previously told watch-keeper to collect bodies. entry 1950. Army on Guard.

2000 N/F passed MLS 12, ROC & C/S to Stns.

2010/15 Diversions Passed “Gen” to [deleted] stations [/deleted] Groups concerned.

2155 Pundits Statins notified Pundits required by AS4. Dusk to Dawn.

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2325 FOR G.F.C.O. Taxi Accident 419/A 428/U Due to extensive work on perimeter track, the a/c at M. St. G. have been forced to marshal on one of the runways which cuts the long one. This necessitates the a/c being marshalled in 2 lines. In this incident to night the a/c 428/U scraped the wing tip of 419/A when the 428 line was moving up for take-off. Says F/L Tame “Finger trouble.”

[Underlined] MONDAY – 6 SEPT. 1943. [/underlined]

0225 427/X 5HT [underlined] 467 [/underlined] On H/F D/F Abingdon - ”Petrol low.” Being homed and will land. Told station.

0215 Re crash S/L Swann says – All bodies collected. Due to road conditions unable to bring them in. 2 men & ambulance waiting until first light when “bods” will be brought to Topcliffe.

0230 Re 0225 A/c of 467 Sqdn. not 427. Told Leeming

0445 Anson S1 m/n a/c landed Leeming. W/T U/S. Petrol low. Told 9 Group F/C who will advise Jurby. The a/c’s base.

0500 Aircraft on Ops. 3 a/c missing from Operations.

0900 off duty SR Wyman F/L. On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

0905 Movements MLS – E207 Hal. Well. & Lancs. airfiring Robin Hd. 0930-18.30
Hal. Well. & Lancs. bombing Strensall 1000-1800

1035 434/W Market HRB. (92 Gp PCO) Crew want to know if they can return to base – a/c has coolant leak. Asked base Linton to refer to sqdn. who say okay but crew must watch temp of eng. & come back on 3 engines if necessary.

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1055 Diversions CFC On instructions from Air I, requested the following airfields as definite diversion bases for 48 Hal and 5 Lancs: Dunsfold, Tangmere, Ford & Hartford Bridge. They will phone back later. Met. say okay.

1145 Diversions From CFC: the following diversion A/D’s allotted to us:

Tangmere 16/419
Dunsfold 14/428
West Malling 10/427
Ford 8/434 & 5/426.

All okay by Met.

1250 Air to Air firing 12 Gp. Controller refused permission for 431 a/c to do air to air firing over base. Told base Linton.

1515 Balloons & L F Beacon All 11 Gp. balloons will fly at 1500 ft. from 19.30-05.30 S.O.R. except Dover which will be at 2500 ft. Special land fall beacon will be exposed from Selsey Bill from 0250-035 nearing of true north.

1500 434/W Permission given by SASO for 434/V to go down to Market Harborough with spare parts & ground crew to repair coolant leak.

1650 Billingham balloons will be grounded from 18.40 till 2000.

1830 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

1830 On Duty [Signature] F/L

2015 FCLO Informed F.L.C.O.M. that 48 Hal and 5 Lancs airborne [deleted] on [/deleted] Confirmed with F.C.L.O. 11 that Diversion of these

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aircraft to Tangmere, Ford, Dunsfold and West Malling is Definite. F.C.L.O. 11 already happily in the picture

2145 Enemy Intruder Warning Ex. Southdown – German Intruder activity expected on large scale over this country tonight particularly at time of return of our Bomber aircraft. It was suggested by S’one that a Broadcast be sent to operational aircraft in flight, approx. one hour before E.T.A., warning them of Intruders and advising Nav Lights be doused.

2150 Stations and all concerned advised of Intruder [deleted] s [/deleted] message.

2215 Aid to others S.A.S.O. advised that flying Control – Stations, be [deleted] advised [/deleted] warned to be prepared to render immediate aid to any a/c sent this way to avoid Enemy action.

2225 G/434 M.L.S. 12 advised that G/434 was sent to Jettison. Should be x-ing coast at Flamborough

[Page break]

23:45 Ref – Recall X-Country Base Linton and Croft advised by AIR One to recall their Cross Countries in order to avoid any Intruders on E.T.A.

2330/2345 Dvn Bases Ex C.F.C. – A feeler – desirous of substituting Diversion Bases farther inland – S.A.S.O. discussed case with C.F.C. warning that if change were necessary we were to have sound bases possibly in Southern area 91 Gp – and that [inserted] names of [/inserted] such bases must be carried on our flimsies.

0001 Tuesday. Sept 7th 1943.

0025 Prov’n’l Substitute Bases (in event of Heavy E.A. on South Coast) Ex C.F.C. Provisional Substitution offer as follows

Stanton Harcourt
Westcott, Tring –
Boscombe Down and Hurn.

- SASO and Air I consider that should C.F.C. and No 11 Group in their discretion consider rediversion necessary they may do so as follows:

419 Sqn to Harwell.

[Page break]

428 Sqn Boscombe Down
427 Sqn Westcott.
426 and 434 Sqn- Wing.

* 0040/0050 Substn Dvn. Provisional particulars passed to F.C. 91, 92 & FCL 10

* 0035 E/427. Emergency fix and message (stating port Engine u/s and landing at West Malling) passed to F.C.L.O. 11.

0100 E/427 Ex F.C.L.O. 11. E/427 landed safely at West Malling. – Leeming advised.

0115 Enemy Activity Ex S’Dn Int → 6 Gp sent – Intruders already over Kent and East Anglia area.

0137 FCLO 11 Advised of early returns

0200 R/427 Early returns – 1st Class fix position passed to F.C.L.O. 11 (a/c may land W. Malling) – Leeming informed.

0235 Ref W Malling Ex. F.C.L.O. 11. Weather at West Malling fogging up - Bomber Stream crossing French coast and making land fall Eng. Coast farther East than laid on because of heavier West winds. – [Inserted] F C L O 11 [/inserted] Suggests remaining 6/427

[Page break]

be diverted to Manston whose weather is o.k. (11 & 6 Gp met). Discussion with Controller 6. F.C.L.O. 11 and C.F.C. Manston decided upon.

0250 Leeming advised.

0320 Enemy Activity First Host 6 plot on Boards. – N.B. Jerry “petered out” in this area.

0429 R/428 Emergency Bearing of 148° Southampton passed to F.C.L.O. 11. Assistance requested

0430/0503 R/428 The emergency bearing of 148° passed to F.C.L.O. 11. Tied up with plot on aircraft wandering uncertainly just off the French Coast Since the aircraft was apparently lost, it was suggested a fighter be sent to lead him in. At 04:33 R/428 obtained an acknowledged 1st class fix on Southampton which was passed at once to F.C.L.O. 11, and was found to tie up with the slot of the wandering aircraft and identify him as S.O.S. R/428.

A fighter was dispatched at once to lead him in

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R/428. The aircraft continued to obtain a number of 1st Class fixes all of which were acknowledged by the a/c and passed at once to the F.C.L.O. 11, who was making every effort to direct the aircraft to FORD. At 04:41 R/428 sent Ditching Signal from 7000 ft. – but due to the prompt aid rendered by the F.C.L.O. the aircraft was able to maintain a direct track to the Eng. Coast and landed safely at FORD. – 0456.

- All concerned were kept informed.

- Appreciation expressed to F.C.L.O. 11.

0600 Return of a/c away. Ex Duty forecaster 6 – o.k. for any 6 Gp a/c away to return directly. F.C.L.O. informed. (427 about to take off from Manston)

0700 Ex. Manston. 427/A. Airborne for Leeming at 0656. Leeming advised.

0730 Ex. Manston – 427/D airborne for Leeming at 0733. Leeming advised.

[Page break]

0840 41 a/c landed away Advised Control 2.C. Following diversion ‘dromes were used last night. Tangmere 15 a/c. Ford 8 a/c. Manston 5 a/c. West Malling 3 a/c. Dunsfold 10 a/c.

0900 off duty L.A. JUSTASON F/L: on duty SR Wyman F/L

[Underlined] N.B. DFCO’s [/underlined] – Because Liaison officers of Nos 9, 10, 11 and 12 Groups have confirmed by phone S.A.S.O. 6’s request that [deleted] it [/deleted] Balloon Information in answer to required heights and times reach this HQ by 1600 hours: thus ensuring this information be on hand in time for Briefings.

Air Firing Hals. Lancs. Bomb. Strenall. AIF Whitby. 0930-1900
Bombing Normal Ht. Ref: E233. – MLS 12 Gp.

1115 Oxford to Gransden S.A.S.O. (W.C. Weir) gives permission for F/L Cook in an Oxford to Gransden Lodge.

1135 Reservation of Oxford Permission to use Oxford for a pilot to be chosen by Base Commander Linton to-morrow. Linton – to someplace. Told Linton Base (DWK)

1325 408/F DS.732 Crashed at 1300 hrs. Crash action taken by Linton. Told Controller; 4 Gp. F/C; Posn VE9980 – S/E| of aerodrome. Also Air I - GTI.1 – Equip Officer. P4 – Eng Off. Air I to tell S.A.S.O.

a/c caught fire – R/G – Sgt. Ogsdon killed – remainder O.K.

[Page break]

[Underlined] N.B. D.F.C.O’s [/underlined] Note and fill in form in back of this log book at the end of the NIGHT WATCH. Not clear but you know what I mean.

1540 TRANSMITTER on R/T. a/c heard on Tholthorpe R/T – Pancaked at 1528? R/T on transmit – Discussion included W/T frequencies new R/T set; bomb sight and weather.

Contacted stations re. above & notified Sig Security Officer. Also 4 Group F/C.

1610. Bomb on Leeming Q Ops. Leeming report an a/c will drop a bomb on their Q site (Sheet #21 Ref.803060) from Ht of 500’ at 1645 hrs this p.m. Told R.O.C. York.

Re entry 1540 M. St. G. & Leeming says “Our a/c not guilty.”

1830 Of

1830 Off duty S.R. Wyman [deleted] D.H. Miller [/deleted] F/Lt. On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt

[Underlined] Wednesday Sept. 8, 1943 [/underlined]

0100 Ident Bd. changed

0410 X-countries all back to Croft.

0340 93 Group enquired about a missing a/c – have either Middleton or Topcliffe heard anything on their D/F. Middleton reported that they had a 7LQ/N [deleted] w [/deleted] up on D/F after midnight but this was not 93 Gps. a/c: Topcliffe report nothing.

0900 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

0900 On duty [Signature] F/O.

0930 Permissions granted by S.A.S.O. for W/C Swetman to go to Prestwick in Lanc, and for W/C Clayton to

[Page break]

take Air/M. Edwards to Hendon. F.C.L.O. 11 Advised re Hendon.

1130 Requested 4 prov. weather diversion bases in N part of East Anglia.

1230 Central Flying Control have allotted as prov. diversion bases Coltishall – Dorking – Swanton Morley [deleted] Hardwick [/deleted] – Shipdam.

1240 427/R landed from W. Malling at 1148.

1300 Langley & Weybridge Balloons Arranged with 11 Gp Langley & Weybridge balloons will fly at 1500 ft. from 1930-2359
Beachy Hd, L.F.B. Landfall Beacon at Beachy Hd – will be on a bearing of 310° T. from 2230-2330. Passed to Skipton.

On duty P/O Spence.

1435 Flamborough L.F.B. #2 Requested of F.C.L.O. 12 - LFB. 2 at 280°T from 0345-0445 hrs.

1430 Billingham Balloons Billingham Balloons – B.L.O. 12 advise will be close hauled 2100-2215 hrs + 0400-0600 hrs.

1500 Harwich Balloons Overriding Control 2230 to 0100 hrs requested & confirmed by B.L.O. #11.

1500 LFB. Clacton on Sea. Special Beacon on 328°T from 2300-2359. Requested of & confirmed by FCLO. #11.

1500 L.FB #2 F.C.L.O. 12 – confirmed entry 1435 hrs.

[Page break]

1500 Beachy Hd. L.F.B. Cancelled request for Beacon at Beachy Head as per entry 1300. – balloons retained.

1615 Weather Div. Bases. Stations advised of provisional diversion bases in case of poor weather as follows

419 } Swanton Morley
428 } Middleton – Shipham
427 Leeming – Docking
426 Linton – Coltishall
434 Tholthorpe – Coltishall

1730. Div. for Other Grs. Offered C.F.C. to take care of Lancs. from No 5 Gr. up to 20 a/c per station at Middleton, Leeming & Topcliffe in case diversion was necessary, because of our own main operations.

1745 Div. for Other Grs. C.F.C. advise diversion bases not required.

1750 AC/M [Deleted] EDWARDS W/C CLAYTON. [/deleted] Joubert Oxford. Advised R.O.C. & F.C.L.O. 12 Gr of departure from Topcliffe at 1726 hrs for Heston via Doncaster + Oakham; to arrive at 1900 hrs. On duty Wyman F/L

1925/1940 Passing N/F. Gen passed to MLS 12 Gp. R.O.C. York 9 and 10., 4 main stns in Group.

1900. Pundits A.S.4. requested Pundits 155, 115, 1, 140, 91 Dusk to dawn. Stations informed.

1915 AC/M Joubert Landed Heston 1912. Told R.O.C. & P/O Spence.

2015 LFB #2 Cancelled with 12 Gp.

[Page break]

2240 434/A. Returning from X-C landed overshot u/c collapsed.

2245 Bombing Strensall Much ground mist Strensall Bombing Range 428/U and 1664 a/c are not to try & Bomb if target is obscured.

Advised by M. StG. To tell them BAR when they called for Bombing permission. Done.

9th September 1943. THURSDAY

0112 Ops All a/c returned.

0200 Checked Ident Board.

0230 1 Gp & 4 Gp Diversions m/n groups put out feelers for small arrangements but after 1 1/2 hrs. managed to put their x-c aircraft down om their own groups.

0900 off duty SR Wyman F/L On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

1025 – 1040 Halifax ROC report Hal. Plotted between Croft & Middleton (sound plots) All stations “red”. Contacted Middleton who say they had “Esell B” on R/T. They were expecting Hal. from Gravely. Told Middleton to send him to Ouston or Acklington if they can’t land him (weather at Middleton 500 yds. vis,) 8 Gp. F/C say it is Graveley’s a/c and it took off from Dumfries. Crew did not contact Middleton or us before taking off.

1100 Diversions (Provisional) Arranged with CFC for following diversion bases for 52 of our a/c after consultation with met: Manston – 428/15
West Malling – 419/15
Bradwell – 427/10
Tangmere – 434/7 & 426/5

[Page break]

1110 Halifax (see 10.25 above) landed at Middleton in 500 yds. vis. after circling for about half an hour. Has now taken off again for Gravely.

1115 Movements E65 Air firing Robin Hd. Bay & 5 miles off Scarboro 11.45-18.30 Bombing Strensall 12.30-18.00.

1215 408 a/c to Baginton Permission given to this a/c to land at Baginton by SASO. Taking test pilot down and doing check on way down. Test pilot knows aerodrome. Contacted Baginton who say okay – 1 runway 1 1/4 miles long, Lancasters use a/d all the time. Movement passed to 12 Gp.

1445 Balloons Yarmouth & Lowestoft and all 11 Gp. barrages will be controlled at 1500ft from 2300 hrs till 0630 hrs. except [inserted] Dover [/inserted] which will be at 2500 ft. All SOR.

LFB #2 will be at 280° True 0440-0540.
LFB Beachy will be at 025° True 0350-0450

Passed to stations.

1640 Diversion Met now say Tangmere are expecting rain tonight. Controller instructs that another a/d should be obtained to replace it. CFC give us [deleted] Hardwick [/deleted] Lakenheath Met , agree. Gen. passed to Linton.

1700 Route changed. Cancelled L F Beacon #2 & LF Beacon at Beachy
L F Beacon Special LFB at [deleted] Bea [/deleted] Orfordness will be at bearing of 305°T from 04.30-05.30.

1730 Diversions (definite) Weather at bases will not be good so stations have been instructed that a/c will definitely go to diversion aerodromes unless they receive a signal to return to base. Diversion Groups informed.

[Page break]

1830 On duty P/O Spence – off. F/L Miller.

1845 Pundits #1, 91, 115, & 140 – Dusk to dawn – A.S.H.
Stations advised.

1900. American Fortresses M.S.G. C.F.C. advised several Fortresses would be in the vicinity of our Group between 1600 & 1800 hrs on 10-9-43. and request was made that M.S.G. be on the watch for them to render assistance if required. Passed to M.S.G.

1935 408 a/c from Baginton 12 Gp passed from 9Gr. – 408/S left Baginton 1900 hrs. to return to base. (Arrived at B. 1305hrs) Landed at 1940

2115 Div. Bases. Balloons L.F.B. Advised all concerned not required.

2200 3 Gp a/c. Message M.S.G. F.C.O. requested message – [deleted] “OTR [/deleted] “99RN (return to base“ be passed to their a/c – 07R (L) on M.S.G. frequency. Advised M.S.G.

2207 do. 3 Gp advise message passed on their own frequency. Informed M.S.G.

2255. Croft Prang. 1664/B. pranged on aerodrome 30 yds from S.E. N.W. R/W clear of flare path. Crew OK. Engine cut out on take-off; a/c made low circuit but could not get back in position to land on R/W.

[Underlined] 10TH SEPTEMBER, 1943 [/underlined]

0020 Pundits A.S.4 request cancelled.

[Page break]

0100 Ident Board changed.

0805 Movement Arranged with M.L.S. 12 for Bombing at Strensall & Air-Sea Firing at R.H.B. & Whitby for Hals. Wells + Lancs. from 0900 to 1800 hrs. Reference E-8.

0900 off duty L.A. Justanson F/Lt on duty SR Wyman F/L

[Boxed] NB D.F.C.O’s [/boxed] In future Convoy Signals will be passed to N.C.O i/c Intruder Board, who will pass to the Stations.

1018 12 Gp M.L.O. – Approves Special Route for Linton a/c Told Base Linton.


1830 Off Duty S.R. Wyman F/Lt On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

[Underlined] Saturday Sept 11. 1943 [/underlined]

0100 Ident. Bd changed.

0900 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
On Duty H.L. Spence P/O.

1830 off duty H.L Spence P/O. on duty SR Wyman F/L

1923 Pundits AS4 request for Pundit 1, 91, 115, 140 Dusk – Dawn. Passed to Stations.

[Page break]

1910 427/W Cypher message received by Ops. Room. M/n a/c leaving Gibraltar 2130. E.T.A. Leeming 0630 hrs 12/9/43. Contacted 6 Gp Met, Leeming F/C and 44 Gp. No guaranteed bases in British Isles. Advised that he stay. 44 Gp F/C he will without doubt.

[Underlined] - SUNDAY – 12 SEPT. 1943 - [/underlined]

0100 Ident Board Corrected.

0900 Off duty [Deleted] D.H. M [/deleted] S.R. Wyman F/Lt. On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

DFCO’s Note New 12 Gp. Boundaries: coast south of Southwold, to Buckingham, to Derby, to QZ45, to QT55, to QU57. The northern part of the old 13 Gp. is now part of 14 Gp.

1100 Convoys 10 hr. positions passed to stations by Tables.

1330 Movements E208 Hal. Lancs. & Well. air firing Robin Hd, 1400-1800 Hal, Lancs. & Well. bombing Strensall 1400-1800

1600-1620 Weather Met. are not happy about x-countries of 1659, and 1664 over west coast and up overland from Strumble. Weather between here & Strumble is cloud at 500 ft. and thunder showers. Base conditions will be cloud base 1000-1500 ft. vis. 2000-3000 yds. at worst. No point in recalling 1659 as they are nearly to Strumble. Croft expecting 2 a/c back within half an hour.

[Deleted] 162 [/deleted] Middleton has now gone “red” & Croft may deteriorate so advised them to send a/c to Topcliffe on advice by Met.

1630 Weather Met. now say none of our bases will be very good on ETA of 1659 x-countries at 18.15 due to unexpected deterioration in weather.

[Page break]

However there should be two or three stations that can land them. Silloth will have good weather conditions at that time in case of possible diversions. Advised Base Control, Topcliffe of above. They say flight commanders seem quite happy about it.

1640 Croft a/c have all been sent messages to return and land at Topcliffe. Topcliffe given particulars. Topcliffe have sent messages to their a/c to return to base without bombing at Strensall.

1630 405/R landed Croft 16.07. Was heading for Middleton but couldn’t land due to weather. One engine fell out at position 5518N 0139W (accurate within a mile) 8 Gp informed.

1730 X-Countries Topcliffe weather still workable and have some a/c on R/T. They now tell us they have 4 a/c out on local

1745 X-Countries Linton standing by to receive any overflow from Topcliffe – weather not as good but workable. Topcliffe sending up mortars & rockets. Pilots of a/c on board show them to be finding it very difficult to determine their positions. Topcliffe’s D/F giving dozens of QDMs and could not send out [deleted] diversions [/deleted] recall messages due to congestion at first. Leeming gave QGH’s to two a/c. One [inserted] (E/1659) a/c couldn’t hear Leeming’s beam & was given directions by TR9. A/c could not receive on W/T. A/c landed eventually at Leeming. C/1659 broke cloud on Leeming’s beam and was sent to Topcliffe where it landed. E/1664 was given QGH at Leeming, broke cloud

[Page break]

was sent down to Topcliffe where it eventually landed. One a/c of 1659 was sent to Linton to break cloud but landed direct at Linton. 9 & 12 FCLO both were requested to watch for [inserted] [deleted] 5 a/c of [/deleted] [/inserted] 1664’s 5 x-countries coming in over west coast. Another a/c stooged up towards Middlesborough. 12 Gp [inserted] were [/inserted] contacted who said balloons were on ground. A/c then went out [underlined] to see [/underlined] ? about 40 miles. 12 Gp said they could not send a fighter out as all their bases were down to 500 ft cloud base. This a/c finally turned towards coast, headed for Topcliffe & eventually landed there at 1900 G/1659 came up on Topcliffe’s W/|T “45 min. petrol left.” Bearing 165°. 5 min. later a/c came up on Leeming’s W/T “Petrol low” It eventually landed Leeming [deleted] at [/deleted] after having been given a QGH. The last a/c up, H/1664 came up on Middleton’s D/F, and given QDM of 091° and told to go to Topcliffe. A/c went to Croft and finally made a very poor landing in bad conditions. Croft could not contact him on R/T.

All a/c finally down at 19.30. In all there were 21 a/c of our Group a/b when the weather suddenly closed in. Topcliffe & Leeming both put up a good show.

1820. P.F.F. #405 Sqn. R- Passed following message to P.F.F. Flying Control for transmission to Engr. 405 Sqn; from Croft Engr. Officer:- “Stbd. Inner Engine of 405/R dropped out in flight over Newcastle. We are trying to locate the Engine. Suggest that if possible 405 Sqn Engr

[Page break]

come up to see the a/c. Repair will be new power plant required. Plus certain accessories. We have requested A.I.B’s and are making further examinations of the power plant to determine whether or not additional spares will be required. Will you let us know when men, etc., will be available?

1830 Off duty F/L D.H. Miller
On duty P/O H.L. Spence.

[Underlined] MONDAY – 13th SEPTEMBER 1943 [/underlined]

0200 Ident. Bd. CHECKED.

0900 OFF DUTY [P/O Spence] ON DUTY S R Wyman F/L.


1309 [Underlined] OXFORD [/underlined] Left Middleton 1309 for Little Rissington. G/C Kelly. Duration of flight – 1 3/4 hrs. F.C.L.O. 12 say he will be plotted all the way down. [Underlined] Returned 1346. [/underlined] Told Little Rissington F/C. & 12 Gp. F/C.

1400 A/R SIREN [Underlined] TESTED. [/underlined]

1830 Off duty SR Wyman F/L. On duty D,H. Miller F/Lt.

1930 Oxford V3530 Landed at Eastmoor from Welbourne with 3 air ministry officials aboard. Came up from Hendon intending to go to Elvington. Will take off for Elvington in morning. Elvington informed.

[Page break]

[Underlined] Tuesday Sept 13. 1943 [/underlined]

0100 Ident Bd. changed.

0900 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
On duty HR Spence P/O.

0950 Air-Sea & Bombing Arranged with M.L.S. 12 for Air to Sea Firing at R.H.B. & Whitby, & Bombing at Strensall, for Wells, Hals & Lancs. 1000 hrs. to 1800 hrs. Ref. E230.

0930 427/W. [Deleted] West Malling [/deleted] Boscombe Down On advice from Leeming instructed F/C at [deleted] West Malling [/deleted] Boscombe Down that crew of 427/W were to return to Leeming - before 1200 hrs.

427/E West Malling West Malling advise a/c cannot return this a.m. – conditions unfavourable for take-off. Will contact Leeming later.

1100 Oxford V3530. A/c with 3 Air Ministry officials left Eastmoor 1053 for Elvington. Advised M.L.S. 12.

1105. A.V.M. Phoenix-Linton – M.S.G. Advised M.S.G. /C took off 1105. Should arrive there 1200 hrs.

M.S.G. a/c at Topcliffe Topcliffe advise these a/c have all taken off. (1004-1020 hrs) for return to M.S.G. Latter informed by Topcliffe.

1145. 427/W. F/C at Boscombe Down advises 427/W left at 1125. Leeming informed 1150 hrs.

[Page break]

1145 A.V.M. Movement. Arrived M.S.G. at 1130 hrs.

1210 427/E Advised West Malling not to permit a/c to take off until instructed by Leeming.

1215 A.V.M. & C in C. Informed Linton A.V.M. would arrive form M.S.G. to meet the C in C there at 1530.

1450 do. Linton advise A.V.M. arrived from M.S.G.

1500 428/B. Returned from Dunsfold to M.S.G.
EB-207 Cont. Equip. & Engr. Officers informed.
427/W. Returned from Boscombe Down to Leeming
L.K. 637
434/W DK. 250 Returned form Market Harborough. All concerned advised.

1800. Hal, from Ringway. Informed Linton new a/c for Tholthorpe, which previously landed at Marston Moor had now landed at Topcliffe & due to weather would stay there overnight.

On duty SR Wyman F/L

2000 Pundits AS4 request for Pundits 1, 91, 115 and 140 to the stations

2005 Night Flying Passed to Bases & Controlling stations – MLS 12 Gp & ROC.

2145 Night Flying Everything scrubbed – above advised.

[Underlined] – 15th SEPT. – WED. 1943 – [/underlined]

Checked Ident. Board

[Underlined] P.T.O. [/underlined]

[Page break]

0548 427/W Fix - 49° 44’N – 0705W – [indecipherable] at 0445 hrs. Passed by OAC F/C who “is very busy.” Forwarded to Leeming & warned their D/F. Plotted on wall map. This fix was acknowledged 1st there.

0900 Off duty S.R. Wyman F/Lt. On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

0900 427/W 12 Gp. & 10 Gp. FCLO advised re this a/c and fix, also OAC. 10 Gp. say they had several RDF slots at the time of fix in same area and all came inland. A/c was routed to cross coast at Hartland Pt. Leeming informed.

1010 427/W landed at Downham Market 0807. Downham informed Leeming F/C direct who neglected to inform us. SASO, Air I, 10 & 12 Gps. & OAC [inserted] informed [/inserted]. 12 Gp. have begun to organise deep-sea search.

1012 Movements E71 MLS Air Firing Robin Hd. 1030-1800 Hal & Lancs. Bombing Strensall 1030-1700

0945 Weather Met. say weather good for x-countries over west coast till at least 1600 hrs. and down south okay all day.

Gale Warning in Northern Ireland & west Scotland

1115 427/W 12 Gp. 12 Gp. controller says that a great deal of trouble had been caused to organise a deep sea search for this a/c and is wondering why they had not been notified. 10 Gp are complaining that they weren’t notified.

1130 Diversions Met. think we should have provisional weather diversions for all our a/c tonight. Contacted CFC who say it is too early to allot weather diversion stations. They will probably not be able to give us anything till about 1600 hrs.

[Page break]

1125 427/W landed at Leeming 11.10. Eng. & Equip. Officers informed. Also Air I.

1225 Crash Skellington 1664/D (#EB198) ROC report Halifax crashed in A0385 1/2 miles from Skellington (NE of Eastmoor) 2 crew believed to have baled out at A1379 and 4 crew baled out at A1581. Linton & Eastmoor have both sent out crash tenders. (This [inserted] a/c [/inserted] now proves to be 1664/D) a/c burnt Pilot did not bale out & is believed to have been killed.

1230 Crash Rufforth 1659/Q 1659/Q crashed near Rufforth. 2 believed to have baled out and [deleted] p [/deleted] one [deleted] taken [/deleted] of these thought to have been killed, remainder okay. Rufforth taking crash action. This gen from ROC. Plot of crash: A002682
SASO, Air I, GTI, Controller, Eng. & Equip. officers informed.

1335 L.F.B. at Selsey Bill will be exposed bearing of true north 0130-0230 hrs.

1430 Diversions CFC can give 5 a/d’s for provisional weather diversions, [deleted word] which were allotted as follows:

419/14 – Dunsfold
428/16 – West Malling
429/8 – Hartford
427/13 – Bradwell
434/12 – Manston.

Met. say okay.

1500 Balloons Southampton & Portsmouth, Langley & Weybridge, Shoreham & Newhaven, Thames Estuary and Canterbury controlled at 1500 ft 0130-0300 hrs. SOR. [Deleted] Shep [/deleted] Harwich & Dover will probably be at 4500 ft. from dusk till dawn.

Diversions Besides the provisional weather diversions, 1 Group have laid on the following aerodromes or aircraft in distress: Tangmere, Ford, Beaulieu, Homesley South. Stations informed.

[Page break]

1700 Billingham Balloons will be grounded from 2030-2200 and from 0230-0430.

1730 Oxford Permission given by SASO for W/C Clayton to take Communications flight to Hendon to get a medical inspection. Told Linton okay but they must get permission from Hendon to land first.

1805 Explosions Deep explosions reported by Topcliffe & Linton in SW direction. ROC and FLCO 12 Gp. have no information as to what they are. ROC making further enquiries.

1830 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
On duty H.L. Spence P/O.

2100 Darky Topcliffe R/T C.S. Portglass “C” Topcliffe spotted Darky call. A/c asked whereabouts & queried re balloons. Checked with *11 OTU Westcott (92 Gp.) who stated none of their a/c should be using this callsign [inserted] tonight [/inserted] and they did not believe it was theirs, as none should be north of Goole, and our offer to send a/c balloon information en route to Westcott not acted upon by them. Heading of a/c from Topcliffe at 2102 was 330°. Westcott have no a/c “C” flying.

2215 427/W. Leeming a/c instructed by Leeming [inserted] R/T [/inserted] to jettison at sea crossing coast at Filey Bay approx. 2230 hrs. Advised M.L.S. 12.

2253 427/L Message from a/c to Leeming: Returning to base. Jettisoned Bombs Engine u/s awaiting instructions T.O.O. 2250. Leeming instructed a/c to return to base.

[Page break]

[Underlined] THURSDAY – SEPT 16, 1932. [sic] [/deleted]

0125 L/427 Latest QDM 312° Leeming passed to R.O.C. 9. a/c on 3 engines – request for plots. – none.

0225 M.S.G. Divers. Topcliffe Requested Topcliffe to stand-by in case M.S.G. require some assistance for overflow.

0300 434/W. On request of W/C Harris instructed Pilot to return to base at dawn. (Through FCLO 11 Gr.) Group Met, feel conditions should be O.K.

0450 Div. to Topcliffe. Advised Topcliffe to close down as assistance not required.

- Thursday Sept 16th –

0100 Ident. Board changed.

0550 427/M. Ex 12 Group. a/c with marking ZL-M crashed near Market Drayton. Confirmed with Leeming it belonged to 427 Sqn.

0600 427/M Contacted Market Drayton & was advised that all the crew were killed. Guard placed on aircraft. Leeming informed.

0610 427/M. M.L.O. 12 Group confirmed all crew killed + Northolt were taking all necessary action. Leeming instructed to Contact Northolt for further information. Advised Southdown of the situation.

0745 427/M. F.C.L.O. 11 advise this crash was at West Drayton, not Market Drayton. Crashed actually at Harmondsworth.

[Page break]


0900 On watch E.F. Dutton F/Lt

1100 Diversions Will be advised by met after 1600 hr conference, Prov. Petrol bases needed as follows (3 Bases).

419 – 11 a/c
428 – 12 a/c
429, 427, 434 – 22 a/c/c.

1400 Balloons Arranged for Sheffield at 500’ dusk to dawn and for Billingham 1915- [deleted] 0500 2000 and [/deleted] 2000 and 0330-0500. BLO at 12 Gr unable to grant balloons close hauled for whole period 1915-0500 and they will be at 1500 except for periods specified regardless of danger of early returns perhaps with W/T u/s.

1415 LFB #16 Granted by 11 Gr 0230-0330 (ETA coast) 0250

1430 Balloons S’Hampton, P’smouth, Shoreham, Newhaven, [deleted word], Langley, Weybridge at 500’ dusk to dawn.

1615 Diversion CFC unable yet to give us answer on request for ay 8 Gr airfields. We have Polebrook, Molesworth & Chilverton buttoned up.

1640 Div. CFC allot Polebrook (419) Bassingbourne (427 & 434) Thurleigh (429) Molesworth (428) Stations informed of runways and Pundits – Polebrook 093 – R/T Quillpen
Molesworth 256 R/T Earthquake
Thurleigh 316 R/T Bramble
Bassingbourne 102. R/T Monkey.

1830 Force Landing Dalton’s Magister (Polish pilot) force landed at – at 1630, broke undercart. Dalton has control.

1830 Off duty E.F. Dutton F/Lt.

[Page break]

Thursday Sept 16

1830 On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

1900 Diversion for early returns. Weather all over Group for take-off is very poor – cloud base under 1000 ft generally with vis. at best 2 miles, rain at most stations all yellow or red. [Deleted] Alt [/deleted] Met. gave us Syerston as closest cast-iron diversion for early returns. Croft best in Group with 2000 ft cloud base and 2200 yds. vis. Told all stations concerned but not to divert without referring to Group except in emergency.

2000 Fulmar signalled in to Linton [inserted] on way to Drem, [/inserted] having taken off from Christchurch at 1820 due at Linton now. Weather at Linton “red”. On advice from Met. told them to send him to Acklington which will be okay or to Croft if okay when a/c comes up on R/T. Linton are phoning to Christchurch for information re R/T & D/F.

2100 Fulmar has landed at Breighton who are signalling Drem.

2125 Darky Middleton have heard Darky call from a “Pilchard Q” saying he was on 3 eng. & short of petrol. Middleton’s weather “red”. They have lost contact with him at present but will land him if possible. Several plots on board so cannot determine which is a/c in distress.

2128 Darky Topcliffe heard same Darky as above but quite faint. They are standing by to land him – or will send him to Leeming (better weather)

2130 Diversions Controller instructs that all early returns whether on R/T or W/T are to be sent to laid on diversions

[Page break]

aerodromes. Stations concerned informed.

2145 Darky 12 Gp. say Scorton has heard above Darky a short while ago and have all lights on & are shooting rockets up. Leeming are doing the same. FCLO 12 Gp. is trying to plot this a/c.

2135 Billingham Balloons. Requested 12 Gp. to keep Billingham [deleted] alone [/deleted] grounded till midnight due to early returns & low cloud base.

2150 429/B Sent message “Gee U/S”. Instructed Leeming to send him to Thurleigh. A/c acknowledged this at about 2200 hrs.

2200 Diversions Informed 1st US Wing 429/B was diverted to them and rest of our a/c would definitely be diverted to them.

22.25 427/P Southampton got a bearing on this a/c. Air I instructs that we send message “Land at Bassingbourne” on GOF and Leeming H/F, not to ack. on GOF.

23.56 427//P has landed at Bassingbourne 23.22

[Underlined] Friday Sept. 17, 1943 [/underlined]

0130 Diversion Controller has decided to divert all a/c to prearranged diversion bases after consulting Met. Stations informed. Message to be sent on GOF and stations’ H/F D/F’s.

0145 419/F Sent priority message “Returning to base, bad weather” Ident. fix right on track. 11 Gp. asked to watch him.

[Page break]

0245 Thurleigh’s pundit Pilots of 429 who have landed at Thurleigh say they were given wrong characteristics of Thurleigh’s pundit at briefing (were given [deleted] VJ TR [/deleted] TL instead of [deleted] TL [/deleted] VJ). Controller says no action should be taken. (Pilots were using R/T c.s. “Greenage” instead of “Monkey”)

0310 419/K Message received by Southampton “Landing Tangmere, petrol low”, Informed 11 Gp. FCLO.

0450 419/F landed Polebrook 0259
419/K landed Tangmere 0336.

0530 a/c Returning to base 1st Wing [inserted] 11 Gp, [/inserted] 12 Gp. & 5 Gp. informed that none of our a/c are to return till we give permission. Met. say a/c will definitely not be able to come back before noon and told them we would phone them at about 1200 hrs. & give them the picture of the weather. [Inserted] Our [/inserted] Stations informed of these instructions.

0540 Call Signs & pundit 1st Wing say crews [inserted] of 427 Sqdn [/inserted] who landed at Bassingbourne were given wrong R/T call signs for Bassingbourne and wrong so-ordinates & characteristics of pundit (Pilots of 427 were using “Greenage” instead of “Monkey”)

0900 Off duty F/L Miller D.H.
On duty P/O Spence H.L.

0940 Movements Arranged with M.L.S. 12 for Bombing at Strensall and Air-Sea & Air-Air Firing at R.H.B. & Whitby for Lancs, Wells & Hals. from 1000 to 1800 hrs.

1150 [Deleted] Weather [/deleted] Petrol Diversion Provisional C.F.C. have laid on Harwell as Provisional [deleted] Weather [/deleted] Petrol Diversion Base for 432 Sqn’s Wellingtons.

1200. 429 a/c Leeming checked re. met. Group Met feel conditions should be fairly favourable later in afternoon. Leeming to contact Thurleigh to have a/c ready to take off around 1500

[Page break]

1205 L.FB #18 Arranged with F.C.L.O. 10 Group for L.F.B. #18 on 045°T from 2345-0045 hrs. [Underlined] OTE [/underlined] This Beacon now located at Torquay

1200 Balloons Balloons this evening will be as follows, under Operational Control

Crew [sic] } Not above 500 ft.
Manchester } Dusk to Dawn
Cardiff }
Yeovil – Not above 1500ft. 0001-0130.

1450 429 a/c. Thurleigh Leeming requested their a/c be held till further notice but on contacting Thurleigh 5 of 7 had already taken off and another in motion. Group Met advised weather would improve and in conference with Controller it was decided to permit them to continue.

1500 Diversion 429 a/c diverted to Linton in view of conditions closing in at [deleted] Linton [/deleted] Leeming.

429/O. Pranged at Linton – Cat B. – Crew OK.
429/E & K Landed at Eastmoor
429/B,C,N. Landed at Leeming.

1630. 1659 a/c X-C. (6) In conference with Met, C.F.C. & Controller arranged for possible diversion to Syerston of Topcliffe’s 6 a/c if weather not good. Met now feel weather should be fairly good at their home base.

[Underlined] NOTE [/underlined]

0950 429/N W/C Patterson took off from Thurleigh for Leeming. Due to weather he returned to Thurleigh. (Leeming advised by Thurleigh at 1120 of his return)

[Page break]

1700 1659 a/c X-C. Ref. item 1630 – in conference with Met & Controller Topcliffe decided to use Silloth rather than Syerston.

1710 R/T message “216 to 557” Eastmoor intercepted R/T message from “216 calling 557” as follows: [inserted] “Leaving formation [/inserted] Proceeding to bale out”. Other stations in 6 Group did not receive this. Passed it to Ops [indecipherable word] as a matter of information.

1755. 429 A/C. THURLEIGH. In checking with Leeming it is revealed that at noon it was arranged with Thurleigh that 429/N (W.C. Patterson) would take off at approx.. 1300 hrs., the remainder to hold themselves ready to take off at 1500 hrs if the weather was fit. The following a/c took off prior to 1500 hrs – hence without instructions. “N.K.O.B.E.C”.

1805 1659 A/C X-C Advised C.F.C. that Syerston would not be required by 1659 Sqn aircraft.

1835 Com. Oxford Linton advised that W/C. Clayton landed at Sandtoft due to weather & will stay there overnight.

Off duty P/O H.L. Spence.
On Duty EF Dutton F/Lt

1905 Pundits Passed AS4 request for 115, 1, 140, 91, dusk-dawn.

1915 Diversion. Passed 432 Sq details to 91 Gr to forward to Harwell.

[Page break]


1930 Perc. Q6 4 Gr want to know if this a/c has landed with us. Took off from York 1815. Called Linton who says a/c landed 1900. Told 4 Gr and 12 Gr.

2115 SASO authorizes W/C Harris to fly Linton – Bassingbourne in Halifax tomorrow. [Underlined] Saturday Sept. 18th [/underlined]

0900 Off duty E.F. Dutton F/Lt. On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

0910 a/c away from base Checked with Met. re route and our bases. They say a/c will have to fly over 2000 ft. as there will be very low cloud en route. Middleton may encounter smoke troubles after 1300 hrs but rest of stations will be okay with a few showers. Told 1st Wing (who enquired from us) after consulting stations [deleted] for [/deleted] to send all a/c back but if any going to Middleton cannot get there by 1300 hrs. to get fresh permission from us before allowing them to return. Gave the above gen. to 11 Gp. & 12 Gp.

1030 419/E at Polebrook has coolant leak. Pilot wants further instructions. Middleton say Crew is to remain with a/c unless it cannot be repaired by tomorrow.

0930 Movements MLS Hal. & Lancs. air firing Robin Hd. 1030-1730 Hal. & Lancs. bombing Strensall 1000-1730

1100 Diversion Arranged with CFC for Harwell as a provisional petrol diversion for 8 Well id 432 Sqd.

1200 LFB #18 will be exposed on bearing of 045° T from 2330-0030 hrs.

[Page break]

1230 432 Sqdn all now at Eastmoor except W which is u/s.

1315 Balloons From 9 Gp: Manchester 500 ft dusk to dawn Crewe 500 ft dusk to dawn
(will let us know if balloons go up) |

From 10 Gp: Yeovil – controlled at 1500 ft 2330-0030
Cardiff – 500 ft dusk till 0200

From 12 Gp: Sheffield – 500 ft dusk till 0200

1330 Reports on F/C procedure Middleton F/C, Leeming F/C and Linton base requested to send in detailed report on the flying control procedure at Thurleigh, Bassingbourne, Polebrook & Molesworth under the following headings:

(a) R/T procedure
(b) Marshalling & landing procedure
(c) Dispersal procedure
(d) General [indecipherable word].

F/C 1st U.S. Wing and CFC have requested this information.

1400 Oxford SASO gave permission for W/C Fleming to go down to Polebrook in Oxford to see about 419/E.

1955 419/E Polebrook advised a/c left for M.S.G. at 1845 hrs. Advised Station. Landed 1948.

2010 Tiger Moth from Redhill. Landed at Topcliffe from Redhill. Was proceeding to Castletown, but is now staging overnight at Topcliffe. Topcliffe has signalled him in to Redhill & Castletown.

2030 Pundits AS4 requested Pundits 1, 91, 115 & 140 Dusk to dawn Stations informed.

[Page break]

2220 S.O.S Ascertained from Plotting Table S.O.S. of a Bomber a/c over the sea. Contacted 12 Group & received positions showing a track towards Eastmoor. Confirmed this through R.O.C. and passed information to Linton [inserted] Base [/inserted] for action. Also arranged that Topcliffe be ready to lend assistance. Landed at Eastmoor 2234 hrs.

2230 Darky Linton advised receiving call from a/c with letter B (R/T cs unintelligible). Landing facilities made available but no further contact was possible; and aircraft disappeared out of their range.

[Underlined] SUNDAY – SEPT. 19, 1943 [/underlined]

0100 Ident Board changed.

0125 92 O.T.U. V. & S. Linton advise V. landed at Eastmoor. 0125 “S” has been in R/T contact and was given permission to land but has not done so. 4 Group advised of [inserted] “V’s” [/inserted] landing.

0155 92 O.T.U. V. & S. Instructed Linton to QDM Pincock “S” to Leeming. Latter requested to light up. R.O.C. informed.

0200 92 O.T.U. V. & S. 4 Gr. advise Pincock “S” landed at Pocklington at 0152. Linton & Leeming informed.

S.O.S. a/c. 432/L. Linton [inserted[ Base [/inserted] I.F.F. of this a/c appears O.K. but further check to be made for short circuit Did not intentionally show broad I.F.F.

[Page break]

[Underlined] Sunday Sept 19. 1943 [/underlined]

0900 Off duty H L Spence P/O.
0900 On duty E F Dutton

0930 429/O Accident 17/9 passed to Eng. NCO. And Equip offr.

1105 V/92 OUT 92 Gr say release this a/c if weather okay. Told Eastmoor who say a/c taking off at 1300 hrs. Told 92 Group this.

1413 no MO at Skipton. Skipton called to ask what they should do about landing a/c as they have no M/O. SFCO says apply to Leeming. Called Skip who say Leemings [sic] MO off the station but they will ask Topcliffe to stand by for call. Told SFCO this and got okay for a Linton a/c to land at Skipton.

1430 W/C Patterson Air I gives permission for W/C Patterson (429) to take Hal to Thurleigh. Told W/C Patterson who now wants to know max. number of extra people he can take. Trip postponed until tomorrow. Unable to locate Air I immediately

1500 O, E /428 Gave permission for these a/c to leave Molesworth for MSG. after consulting Met.

W/C Patterson Air I says max of 14 in a Hal. Told W/C Patterson.

1605 B1D-H W/T room receives message form B1D-H “have you any message for me”. Phoned MSG whose call sign it is and they say they have nothing in air. Checked whole group & finally located a/c from Croft, who have nothing for him

1630 V1D-X Q R/T c/s PINCOT Assigned MSG to 92 Gr as diversion base for two Wells on x-country after consulting Met & station. This is a definite diversion. Traded gen between MSG & 92 Gr. ETA 0130

[Page break]

1730 Pundits. Passed AS4 request for Pundits 115, 155, 140, 91, 1, to stations concerned.

1740 V1D-X 92 Gr say only this a/c now detailed (see item 1630) MSG told

1745 KL (?) 4 Gr ask if any of our Lancs carry m/n sqdn letters. [Underlined] NO [/underlined]

NOTE [Underlined] DFCO [/underlined] W/Cdr Clayton want [sic] permission from SASO first thing in morning to take Oxford to Hendon to pick up A/Cdr. McEwan. He has already reserved a/c with Comm flight.

1830 Off duty E.F. Dutton F/Lt. On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

1930 X-Countries and night flying passed to ROC & all Group stations

2015 Diversions 92 Gp. “Hightime B” from Bruntingthorpe will be definitely diverted to Middleton, ETA 0100. 92 Gp is expecting a very thick ground fog. Middleton informed. R/T all sign TK9.

2040 Balloons On Middleton’s request, 12 Gp. gave control on Billingham balloons 2200-0200 hrs. Balloons will be close-hauled during that time.

[Deleted] 09 [/deleted] 2115 Diversion CFC CFC say they may have to divert up to 14 a/c, operational & OTU a/c to us [deleted] tonight [/deleted] tomorrow morning in the early hours. Met. say there is not much to choose between the stations as far as the weather is concerned. CFC asked for Middleton & Croft – said okay. Warned both stations.

2310 X-countries Both Linton & Tholthorpe claim their x-countries are having difficulty in landing due to vis. closing in. Met. obs. Given 5 minutes ago say

[Page break]

vis. at both places over 4 miles. Gave them Topcliffe as a diversion station after consulting them.

2325 Diversion 4 Gp. Marston Moor have sent Hal. “Porkpie V” up to Leeming without consulting us. Their vis. has closed in. Informed Leeming.

2339 X-countries Linton & Tholthorpe have landed all their a/c. Topcliffe stood down.

2350 Diversion 4 Gp. “Porkpie V” landed at Leeming 23.47. 4 Gp. Informed.

2355 Diversion CFC say [deleted] tho [/deleted] as regards diversion to Middleton & Croft there may be 14 special a/c from Tempsford, and will arrive anywhere from midnight till dawn. They say Middleton could handle them all and Croft can stand down. Both stations informed.

[Underlined] Monday Sept. 20, 1943 [/underlined]

0055 92 Group “Hightime B” landed Croft 00.45. 92 Gp. informed.

0130 92 Group “Hightime X” from Bruntingthorpe landed at Middleton 01.33. 92 Gp. informed/

0145 Diversion Met. say southern stations are beginning to get smoky; Middleton & Croft will not definitely hold out after 0400 hrs. as they may get cloud & rain after that. Informed CFC who say they think they can get a/c down at Tempsford or Tangmere but would like us to stand by in case of emergency. Informed Middleton of above.

0800 Nothing has been heard of above diversion of the 14 a/c.

[Page break]

0900 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
On duty HF Spence P/O.

0845 Movements. Arranged with MLS 12 for Air Sea v Air-Air Firing at RHB & Whitby and Bombing at Strensall for Hals. Lancs & Wells. From 1000-1800 hrs. – Ref. E-11.

0910 Comm. Oxford Air I authorized flight of W/C Clayton in Oxford to Hendon to pick up a/c McEwan. Linton informed.

1030. W/C Patterson Air I authorised crew of 4 per a/c would be in order to fly Hal. back from Thurleigh. Leeming informed.

1045 92 Gr. Bruntingthorpe a/c. Advised Croft not to permit Hightime B to take off until further advise. 92 Gr and Met to inform us when O.K.

1055 Met. Met state fairly strong winds 30-35 mph which may cross some runways in Group e.g. Skipton now shown yellow as a result. For information.

Petrol Diversion (Provisional) In conference with Met & Controller arranged with C.F.C. for Provisional Petrol Diversion Base at Harwell.

1030 LFB #18 Arranged with #10 Gr. For LFB #18 at Torquay on 045T from 2215-2315 hrs.

Balloons. Arranged for over-riding control of 10 Gr. Balloons, which will be at:-

Yeovil – 1500 ft. }
Bristol – 500 ft. } 1900-0100 hrs.

[Page break]

1125. 427/S. 1st U.S. Wing advise a/c took off for base 1115 hrs. Leeming informed.

1145 92 Gr a/c at M.S.G. & Croft. On Instructions from 92 Gr. Bruntingthorpe a/c are to return at once. Croft & M.S.G. informed.

1155. 92 Gr. a/c Hightime “X” T.O. 1150 – 92 Gr. Informed.

1215 92 Gr. a/c. Hightime “B” T.O. [deleted] 1112 [/deleted] 1325 – 92 Gr. Informed.

1215 Croft Crash Tender Spare tender u/s. Hope to secure one from M.S.G. if required.

1220. 408/ to Feltwell. Air I confirmed authorization of flight by F/O Russell & S/L. Coule from Linton to Feltwell in 408/a/c.

1245 P-Oxford. M.S.G. Air I authorized flight on S/L. Suggett & crew to Molesworth to pick up one of M.S.G. a/c.

1410 P-Oxford S.A.S.O. O.K’d substitution of Halifax in place of Oxford in connection with entry 1245. M.S.G. informed.

1430 Comm. Oxford. W/C Clayton flight to Hendon cancelled. A/c going to [deleted] Feltwell [/deleted] Filton.

1430 408/a/c to Feltwell Reference entry 1220. Flight cancelled for today.

1500 429/P. flight to Thurleigh. Flight cancelled for today due to winds Refers to entry 1030

1655 428/E & K 1st U.S. Wing advise 428/E left Molesworth 1631 & K at 1624 for base. M.S.G. informed.

[Page break]

1612 Low Flying Lanc. Flying Control Middleton report low flying Lancaster and request identification of the aircraft.

R.O.C. York 9 & 10 report first plot on low flying Lancaster picked up at 1615. They report that the aircraft came in off the sea then proceeded to fly at approx. 100’ in following area Z-8931 – Z 9531 – The aircraft then climbed to 11000 feet – and followed a direct course to Elsham Wolds where it landed at 1705 hours.

1750. Spitfire M. – Walton – (P7912) Croft advise that the m/n aircraft, on Fighter Affil. Exercise, swerved on take-off and broke a prop. Duty Controller advised – S.A.S.O., Air I, Engr. & Equip. Officers not able to be contacted.

Provisional Petrol Diversion 92 Gr. F.C.O. asked if we desired, in case of a/c did land at Harwell, that they be refuelled and sent to their home base at once; interrogation to be effected at home base.

Advised 92 Gr., after consulting Controller (Air I), that a/c should be re-fuelled promptly on landing and crews to stand by for return to base, authorization for return to be secured from this Group before

[Page break]

any a/c take off. Interrogation to be made in regular manner.

1830 Off watch HF Spence, P/O.
On watch EF Dutton F/Lt.

1845 Night flying Passed to York 9 & 10 and all parent stations

1955 Pundits 155, 115, 140, 91, 1, AS4 – Passed to stations

2330 Amended ident Board

2400 V/432 Told 91 Gr m/n a/c may refuel and come home if practical as weather here is no cloud, vis unlimited.

2445 Asked ROC York to ask post near Thol if anything unusual on ACP’s report of a “white flash”. They say nothing unusual

[Underlined] TUESDAY – SEPT. 21, 1943 [/underlined]

0130 All X countries and ops a/c down. V/432 is refueling [sic] and returning to [deleted] Linton [/deleted] Eastmoor

0900 Off watch EF Dutton On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt

0915 Movements E230 Hal. & [deleted] Well [/deleted] Lancs. airfiring Whitby 1000-1800
Hal & Lancs. bombing Strensall 1000-1730

1020 Tiger Moth arranged for Tiger Moth with Comm Flight for W/C Hodgson. Also asked Res. Engineer to have runway at Wombleton cleared for him to land about 11.30 hrs.

1030 Spitfire Prang (see 1750 above) Informed Eng. & Equip. officers & Air I. Nobody seems very interested.

[Page break]

1040 Diversion Harwell laid on as provisional petrol diversion for 12 a/c of 432 tonight. Okay by Met.

1150 Crash 408 a/c (DS719) S/L Palmer received signal that 408 a/c hit overhead wires just north of Wittering 3 miles east of Stamford Neither F/C Group nor F/C Linton have anything about this crash. Ascertained from [inserted] GTI & [/inserted] eng. officer that this a/c has been [deleted] a/c at [/deleted] attached to Wittering for the last 4 or 5 weeks on special training. All crew okay. Controller, Air I, SASO, Eng, [inserted] & Equip. [/inserted] officers informed. Also Linton. A/c is Cat. AC. Wittering apologised for not having let us know immediately by phone.

1215 Balloons- Yeovil will be at 1500 ft from 1945-2030 & 2300-0030.
LFB #18 – at Leeming 045°T 22.30-23.30

DFCO’s Note Newhaven & Shoreham [deleted] S [/deleted] crettal balloons ceased to be operating from Sept, 16, 1943

DFCO’s Note All of 429 & 427 are now at Skipton and Leeming is officially U/S for the next few weeks. CFC informed by phone.

1745 Operations cancelled. Balloons & LFB #18 cancelled. 91 Gp. informed

1830 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
On duty HL Spence, P/O.

2000 434/A, Comm Oxford. S.A.S.O. authorized taking crew in the Oxford to pick up 434/A a/c at Bassingborne 22-9-43. Linton informed.

Pundits AS-4 requested 1, 115, 91, 140, 155 dusk to dawn. Stations informed.

[Page break]

2020 1679/W. Eastmoor. DS648 0946 Linton report m/n. a/c at Eastmoor blew a tire on take off, its undercarriage gave way and it ground looped. Crew are O.K. Runways u/s for several hours – now serviceable. a/c # DS-648 – Lancaster.

432/D Eastmoor HF 456 1410 Linton report m/n a/c at Eastmoor overshot on landing and crashed into hedge at end of runway. Crew are O.K. a/c #HF456 – Wellington. S.A.S.O. informed.

NOTE D.F.C.O. Reference entry 2020. Advice of these crashes not received in time to inform all those concerned. Please do the necessary S.A.S.O. [inserted] & controller [/inserted] informed but not Air I, G.L.O., Equip & Engr. Officers.

2110 Bulls-Eye 1664/E & L. M/n a/c took off approx. 50 mins late. Crews instructed [deleted] to [/deleted] by Croft to follow course laid on to Newbury, then to cut across to Redhill and join the flight when it is due there. Informed M.L.O. 12 Group who approved.

2210 Bulls Eye. F.C.L.O. 11 Group requested recall of 6 Gr. a/c from Bulls Eye exercise. Duty Signals Officer arranging. Croft advised.

2215 ditto Linton & Topcliffe informed.

2220. F.C.L.O. 11. Advised delay of 5 mins. in getting through to us on original priority call and 12 mins on this one. Requested we check reason with 12 Group who stated the G.P.O. were working on their lines

[Page break]

and the switchboard went dead. Could get no further details of the cause. Advised F.C.L.O. 11.

[Underlined] WEDNESDAY – SEPT. 22ND. 1923 [sic] [/underlined]

0100 Ident Board changed.

0230 Dumfries a/c M.P.N.Q & S (S.I.C.) Linton Advised M.L.S. 12 Group that Linton had given the following to m/n. aircraft:-
M. QDM 156 – 0046 hrs.
P. QDM 138 – 0129 hrs.
N QDM 146 – 0138 hrs.
Q QDY 317 – 0218 hrs.

Note:- No contact with “S”.

0240 ditto a/c A ditto
A QDM 165 – 0237 hrs.

0900 Off duty H L Spence P/O. On watch E.F. Dutton

0940 P/429 Taking off from Leeming for Thurleigh at 1000.

0945 P/429. Per 0940 entry, Air I says take Oxford. Told Leeming

0955 Accident 1679/W and 432/D Per 2200 hrs yesterday. Notified GTI, Saso, and Equip offr, Eng offr, not available. Linton Base says these accidents both were reported to [underlined] someone [/underlined] at Group by 1400 hrs. but have no entry in their log to signify it.

1020 P/429 Airborne for Thurleigh after getting SASO permission

1050 Tiger Moth York 9 asked about this a/c from Drem, bound Catterick. Inquired Linton and found it landed there 1040, was refuelling and going on to Catterick. Told York

[Page break]

0930 [Underlined] WEDNESDAY SEPT 22 [/underlined]

1130 Diversion CFC grant Swanton Morley as prov. Petrol div. for 16 Wellingtons \432 after conferring with Met.

1135 Tiger Moth Left Linton for Catterick 1115

1215 Comm Flight Reserved Tiger Moth for W/C Hodson, 1415 for trip to Leeming & Skipton.

1410 Diversion Air I says no petrol div. necessary. Cancelled request for Swanton Morley.

1415 Balloons. Asked BLO for Hull & Humber Balloons 1800 to 0100 hrs. Billingham 1800 to 0100 hrs close hauled

LFB LFB [underlined] not [/underlined] laid on yet until target decided on. ETAs at coast are No1. 0019 No2. 0030

1430 LFB Air I says [underlined] no [/underlined] LFB needed.

1445 Balloons Hull & Humber 1900 to 0230 1500’
Billingham 1800 to 0200 [underlined] close hauled [/underlined]
Above granted by BLO 12 Group.

1700 Balloons Double checked Billingham with BLO 12, 1800-0200.

1810 Pundits AS4 want 115, 1, 140, 91 – Passed to stations

1830 Off duty E.H. Dutton F/Lt. On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

1915 432/S prang. Engines cut on take off and a/c could not pull up in time, went through hedge & into field. Crew okay. Tail sticking up so night flying cancelled but G/C says it will be safe to land ops. on return. U/C of this aircraft collapsed.

[Page break]

2210 Inter station diversion Skipton’s mains have gone U/S & consequently the drem has packed up. They may possibly get it working by the time ops. a/c return. Controllers said to have Topcliffe stand by to receive all the a/c of 427 & 429. All information passed to Topcliffe.

2230 Hostile Balloons reported off Hull. Hull & Humber balloons going up to 6500 ft. All stations informed.

2235 Skipton drem temporarily okay. Topcliffe told to stand by in case it goes U/S again.

2335 Hostiles have all gone home & Hull & Humber balloons are at 1500 ft. except one which is stuck at 6500 ft. All stations informed.

[Underlined] Thursday Sept. 23, 1943 [/underlined]

0002 432/F Group M/F watch heard this a/c send SOS but Hull was working another a/c at the time & did not hear him. Asked Hull to call him.

0012 432/B Sent message “CHIP 291M 9000 199 5355N 0130E Priority “O” Ident fix 5410N 0053E 3rd 0007. Passed to 12 Gp FCLO & 4 Gp. to have Lissett Catfoss [inserted] etc [/inserted] lit up.

0033 432/F landed Lissett 00.27

0035 432/P Sent following message “Course 282 Height 12000 knts (airspeed) 140 position 5400N 0242E” (TOO 0022) Fix obtained on a/c by Hull 5355N 0310E 3rd Acknowledged, Priority “O”. TOD. 0033. 12 & 4 Gps. F/C informed & standing by.

[Page break]

0040 Hostiles plotted near Hull off coast. Hull & Humber now at 1500 ft. Passed to stations.

0051 432/P SOS SOS fix passed at 0047 – 5405N 0015E 1st [Underlined] Not [/underlined] acknowledged – 12 Gp. informed.

0052 432/P SOS Another SOS fix passed at 0049 – 54.07N 0015E 1st [/underlined] Not [/underlined] acknowledged. 12 Gp FCLO informed.

0110 432/P From FCLO 12 Gp: this a/c’s plots have faded almost completely. A/c has screwed down on Hull and believed to be about to ditch. Are trying to get more accurate plots and will get some launches [deleted] out [/deleted] & night fighters out immediately.

0132 51/C Suarth. From Suarth landed Middleton 0130. 4 Gp. informed.

0200 Hostiles all gone. Hull & Humber at 1500 ft. Stations informed.

0215 432/P A/S Rescue From FCLO 12 Gp: 3 fighters now out, one of which is circling flashing lights. Two boats on way out & will arrive about 0600 hrs.

0220 432/P Last position obtained by 12 Gp: 5406N 0052E at 0053 hrs. Can we send out some a/c for Air Sea Search? Controller said we could send out 4 Wellingtons.

0240 Wellington U/6 O.T.U. Silloth Landed at Skipton while on x-country due to W/T failure & low cloud base over Pennines. Staying over night. Silloth informed.

[Page break]

0240 Wellington LB152 from Silloth landed Middleton at 0152 Couldn’t contact base by W/T. Silloth informed

0200-0300 Wellington 11 Gp. say they picked up a friendly plot 20 miles NW of le Havre which went west never making a landfall over England. They sent a fighter up to lead him in. Fighter apparently got fairly close & said it looked like a Wellington, tried to lead it in, but it wouldn’t follow, continuing west instead. 10 Gp. say plot faded near Septiles, northern France. Hull & Plympton were both calling him (using 432’s call sign) continuously but no joy,

0300 Results All a/c back except 428/H & K, 434/G and 426/P & G.

0410 A/S Rescue From 16 Group: [deleted] Area [/deleted]
[Underlined] Area: [/underlined]: 5357N 0010E 5357N 0100E
5420N 0010E 5420N 0100E
[Underlined] Call Sign [/underlined] 8RP – 57, 58, 59, 60
[Underlined] A/S Rescue W/T [/underlined]
Our a/c are to be on Sect J, Pulham 385 kc. from 5 min & 35 min past the hour for 5 min. Rest of time on 500 kc.
[Underlined] Search [/underlined]
They are to carry out a parallel track search east to west working south to north 1/2 mile apart. Area to be split in half, two flying abreast in each half.
[Underlined] When dinghy is sighted [/underlined] – a/c to climb to 2-3000 ft, get a good fix on Sect. J, 385 kc. then to go onto 500 kc. and try to contact launches (also on 500 kcs.) One a/c is to circle

[Page break]

dinghy at all times, others to search for launches. W/T call sign for launches is MHB11, MHB14, MHB 32.

All this passed to Linton. Met say the sooner a/c can take off the better. Weather will definitely be god till 1000 hrs. but possibly not after. Bases good all morning.

0900 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
On duty H.L. Spence P/O.

A/S Rescue 4 a/c of 432 Sqn airborne. FLCO 16 Gr. Informed

0940 Movements Arranged with MLS12 – Air Firing at RHB & Whitby, Bombing at Strensall for Hals, Lancs & Wells. 1000-1800 hrs. (Ref E-40)

0950 A/S Rescue informed FCLO 16 Gr. that 432/C returned from search [inserted] (0858) [/inserted] as dinghy blew off shortly after take off. He advised that 432/L had sighted dinghy at pos. 5410 N 0102E.

1010 ditto A.M.L.O. informed at S/D. Also Controller & Linton.

1050 ditto. 16 Gr. advise no further contact with 432/L nor was their message to continue to circle acknowledged. Requested Linton endeavour to contact him.

1110 Wellington U/6 OTU FCLO 9 Group OK’d [inserted] immediate [/inserted] return of m/n aircraft to Siloth [sic] – low cloud between Squiresgate & Silloth but should be O.K. Requested Leeming to pass to Skipton. A/c should be at home before mid-afternoon.

[Page break]

1115 AS Search M.L.O. 12 Gr. states launches on the way out. Crew of 5 seen in dinghy – about 30 miles east of Flamborough. Advised AMLO S/D. & Controller, S.A.S.O., Air I.

1135 ditto 16 Group advise no further word received from 432/L, nor launch which was in the vicinity of dinghy at 0920 pos. 5410N 0102E.

1140. 432/ac at Catfoss Lissett Linton (Eastmoor) requested instructions be passed to m/n stations that these a/c return to base is serviceable, at once

1155 432/F Lissett advise a/c took off 1150 1210
432/B Catfoss advise a/c will take off in 30 mins.

Linton informed.

1200 A/S Search 16 Gr. advised having a fix on 432/L at pos. 5425N 0045E at 1150. Navy believe he has been homing launches.

1220. A/S Search 16 Gr state crew of 3 picked up & boat on its way in to Humber 432/L returning to base. Linton, Controller & AMLO S/D informed.

1235 A/S Search 16 Gr advise definitely the crew of 3 picked up are from 432/P. Search discontinued as balance of crew understood to have gone down with aircraft. Linton, AMLO S/D & controller informed.

1330 Emerg. Div. Bases. In consultation with Met. Controller & C.F.C. following Emergency Diversion Bases were allotted:
434 Sqn. Hertford Bridge – 427 Sqn. Dunsfold
419 Sqn. Tangmere – 428 Sqn. Ford
429 } Sqn. Hrwell.
426 } Sqn.

[Page break]

1445 LFB #16. Selsey Bill beacon on 010° from 0001-0130 hrs. Confirmed by F.C.L.O. 11 Gr.

Balloons B.L.O. 11 Gr. advises Balloons as follows:-

Langley }
Weybridge } 0001- [deleted] 00 [/deleted] 0130 hrs.
Portsmouth } at 1500 ft.
Southampton }

(all 11 Gr. Balloons at 1500’ 1900-0300 hrs.)

Balloons Billingham will be close-hauled 1850-2000 & 0130-0300 hrs. Arranged with B.L.O. 12 Gr.

1530 Balloons. & L.F.B. Information passed to Stations.

1700 A/S Search 432/P. Crew. 12 Gr. advise boat just entering mouth of Humber and will dock at Immingham. Crew appear OK but will likely be confined to Sick Quarters for 24 hrs. Linton & Controller informed.

1720 Billingham Balloons. Arranged with B.L.O. 12 to close haul 1830-2000 & 0130-0330 hrs. instead as originally arranged. Middleton informed.

1740 Wellington U/6 O.T.U. Linton advised m/n aircraft en route to home base at Silloth from Skipton-on-Swale crashed & burned near Skipton at 1310 hrs. Skipton N.F.S. attended crash & police informed. Bodies are at Skipton mortuary, Marston Moor

[Page break]

is handling; No 4 Group having taken all necessary action. This confirmed by F.C.O. 4 Group. Air I and controller informed.

1830 Off duty H.B. Spence P/O. On watch EFD.

1850 [Deleted] 1840 [/deleted] AVM Emory. Topcliffe says Mosquito landed from Swanton Morley at 1830 with AVM Emory a passenger. Left for Leeming in car immediately. Leeming Ops told

1900 Pundits Passed A M request for Pundits 155, 115, 1, 91, 140 to sta.

1930 Night Flying Group & York Brost on night flying.

2030/50 Diversion Passed appropriate info to 11 and 91 Gr.

0910 [sic] Hostiles Some plotted inland from Hull. Informed MSG, Topcliff [sic] Linton Leeming to pass to FC and W/T that Hull, Middlsboro and Sheffield balloons now shining.

2100 Diversion 4 Group worried about smoke, want emergency facilities in our Group. After calling MSG, Croft & Topcliffe base, evolved following plan: Dalton to stand by for Linton and Tholthorpe; Croft to stand by for 10 a/c of 4 Group. Dalton also to stand by for 4 group if Linton able to cope themselves. Everybody informed and 4 group will keep us advised.

[Underlined] FRIDAY SEPT 24 [/underlined]

0100 Ident Board changed

0350 Missing A/C 12 Group report crash at A5500 north of Hull

[Page break]


but no Hal plots on table. Group short of 4 a/c from MSG

0900 Off Watch EFD

0915 E38 Movements MLS-E38 Hal. & Lancs. & Well bombing Strensall 1000-1700
Hal. & Lancs. & Well airfiring Robin Hd 1000-1800

0940 Permission given by SASO for 426 a/c to go down to Thorney Island to pick up crew of 426/L that crashed there this morning.

09.45 a/c away Middleton, Leeming & Tholthorpe say it is okay for their a/c that landed away from base to return immediately. Are [sic] Met. say okay. 11 Gp. & 9 Gp. were then asked to send our a/c back as soon as possible.

1030 426/L (crash) DS714 Informed equip. & eng. officer this a/c crashed on landing at Thorney Island at 0130. Believed to be a write off.

1030 Crash north of Hull (see 0350 above) Contacted FCLO 12 Gp. who say this was a Halifax from Lissett (plot A5599)

1125 Silloth Wellington This a/c will be taking off from Middleton shortly for Silloth. Our met & Silloth say okay. Cloud will be down over Pennines so a/c will fly 4-5000 ft & break cloud near Silloth. Cloud base at Silloth is about 2000 ft. Pilot is experienced.

1200 Diversion 4 Gp. having trouble with weather & request us to take some of their a/c if they can’t get them down at their own base. After consulting

[Page break]

met, we gave them Linton, Eastmoor and Topcliffe

1210 Diversion 4 Gp. may be sending 3 Hal. From Pocklington to Linton. Linton given call sequs.

1227 Diversion From 4 Gp: “Porkpie B” has been sent to Linton from Manston. Linton informed.

1315 Diversion “Porkpie B” landed at Linton 1305. 4 Gp. informed.

1345 Bombing a/c at Middleton is testing some height apparatus, and will be going to a height of 2000 ft. with full load of bombs. They want permission for him to jettison out to sea. Referred to Controller who said they must go 40 miles out to sea. 12 Gp. informed.

1400 4 Gp. would like to use one of our aerodromes for 3 a/c of Marston Moor’s to do C & L’s on. Controller said okay and Middleton agreed. Gen. passed to Middleton.

1510 4 Gp. Can they use another of our A/D’ for 3 Hal. From Marston to do c & l’s? Okay by Controller and Linton but not till 1600 hrs. Informed 4 Gp and passed gen. to Linton.

[Underlined] D.F.C.O’s. [/underlined] When notifying crashes to AIR STAFF PERSONNEL G.T.I and Engineer Officer should be included. [Signature] S/Ldr.

1830 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
On duty H.B Spence P/O.

2015 Pundits AS4 requests Pundits 91, 140, 115 & 155 Dusk-Dawn Stations informed.

[Page break]

2015 Night Flying Passed to Stations + R.O.C.

2200 Balloons 12 Group state one balloon broke loose in Sheffield area at 2145. Travelling east-south east. No height or other details available.

[Underlined] SATURDAY – SEPT. 25, 1943. [/underlined]

0100 Ident Board changed.

0900 Off duty H L Spence, P/O.
On Watch EFD

0955 to 1010 Comm Ox. Air one phones reserving Oxford for AOC and self at 1100 hrs. At same time operations officer on other phone giving permission for S/L Hughes & W/Cdr Smith of Linton to use it at 1000 hrs. Phoned Comm flt and had S/L Hughes stopped just as he was about to get into kite. He very annoyed as he had to go to Thorney Island to pick up parts. Phoned Air I and he suggested S/L Hughes take Lanc on a training flight to Thorney I. Told S/L Hughes. [Underlined] Suggestion [/underlined] – many senior officers seem to make a practice of reserving Comm flight a/c first, then phoning Group just before they are ready to take off and demanding permission immediately. Suggest [underlined] all [/underlined] reservations of Comm flight a/c should be made by Group [underlined] alone [/underlined], as group alone has whole picture of who wants what and when.

1230 LFB 2. Balloons LFB from 2320/2420.
Hull & Humber, [deleted] Middlesbrough 1830 [/deleted] 1840-0230.
Billingham Balloons. 1740-0100
Arranged with MLO and BLO.

1240 Comm Oxford AOC landed at Linton on Ouse.

[Page break]

[Underlined] SATURDAY 25/9/43 [/underlined]

1245 Comm Ox W/Cdr Weir & A/Cdr Slessor have Oxford reserved for 1200 hrs 26/9/43.

1404 Comm Ox Left MSG for Eastmoor with AOC and AIR I. Told Eastmoor.

1500 Comm Ox Left EM for Linton. Unable Tell Linton as line engaged (Landed Linton 15.15)

1505 426/R. 12 Group say Lanc ETC 1100 Linton has not arrived Thorney Island. (Landed Thorney Island 1723)

1600 Comm Proctor Reserved for W/Cdr Ferris & F/Lt Thompson to go to Bristol, 0830 on 26/9/43.

1710 Ops LFB & Balloons. TOT changed from 2125 to 0230. Therefore changed LFB no. 2 to 0440/0540
Hull & Humber Balloons 2200 to dawn (0630)
Billingham Balloons 2200 to dawn (in two shifts 2200-0100 and 0430-0730), close hauled.

1830 Off duty EF Dutton F/Lt. On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

1900 Tholthorpe 6 Bullseye a/c have taken off but seventh, 431/E has bogged, preventing the other 3 taking off. No damage done to 431/E.

2030 Operations cancelled. Request for Hull & Humber & Billingham balloons & LFB #2 cancelled.

2100 Tholthorpe 431 Sqdn a/c on Bullseye were told to fly to Whitby and return to base at 0114 to save interfering with operation of take off from Tholthorpe. Linton intends to send a message to them to land at base on original ETA on H/F D/F.

[Page break]

2135 Topcliffe H/F D/F received following message: To 6RUR from R8R/Q – Our position is 5351N 0109W T.O.O. 2055. Received 2125. Passed to 92 Gp.

[Underlined] Sunday September 26, 1943 [/underlined]

0200 Ident Bd changed

0900 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
On duty H.L. Spence, P/O.

Movement Arranged with M.L.S. 12 Group – Air Firing at R.H B. & Whitby; Bombing at Strensall; from 1000-1800 hrs, for Wells, Hals. & Lancs.

1245. Movement A/C Slessor Took off from Linton in Oxford for Gransden Lodge. F.C.L.O. 12 Gp. informed. Also F.C.O. 8 Group.

L.F.B. #2 Arranged with Ops. 12 Gr for L.F.B. #2, on 280° from 0200-0330 hrs.

1500 Balloons Billingham Arranged with B.L.O. 12 Gr. for close hauling of Billingham balloons,
2100-2230 hrs.
0200-0400 hrs.

M.S.G. informed.

1525 Transport. Hendon to RCAFs/SH.Q. Arranged with Hendon Transport Section: car for G.C’s. Campbell & Planto [deleted] at [/deleted] for 1630 hrs.; also permission to land from Flying Control.

1700 Operations Cancelled request for LFB #2, Balloons & Emerg Pet. Div. Base.

[Page break]

1810 Comm, Tiger Moth Reserved with Linton for W/C Hodgson 1000 hrs. 27-9-43. Required all day. Flying to M.S.G.

1830 Off duty H.L. Spence, P/O. On Watch EF Dutton.

1850 Pundits 155, 115, 91, 1, 140 passed to stations.

2100 Corks F/Lt Stacey requests corks be passed at 0830 hereafter to enable pilots on early movements to be briefed. (SOC informed)

0015 Ident Bd changed.

0310 Crash York 9 report crashed nr. Borobridge giving reference E8789. Phoned Topcliffe to organise crash tender & ambulance from Dishforth or Dalton – Phoned Boroughbridge police who say crash is near Dishforth airfield. Phoned Boroughbridge NFS who pinpoint crash somewhere just east of Dishforth. They have Thirsk NFS on way. Phoned Topcliffe new position. They will send ambulance from Dishforth and Dalton and firetender from [deleted] D [/deleted] Topcliffe as Dishforth is u/s. Topcliffe say Dishforth can see fire so Topcliffe base will despatch equipment from Topcliffe or Dalton whichever is quickest regarding roads and will arrange guard. 12 Group say a/c is a Wellington.

0330 Crash Phoned Borobridge NFS who say Thirsk fire dept was contacted a minute after crash by one of Boroughbridge firemen who heard crash.

0400 Crash Phoned Thirsk F.D. who say two engines left for crash at 0325. They will call us if they get any report.

0405 Crash 12 Group still trying to find identity of a/c

[Page break]

[Underlined] MONDAY SEPT 27 [/underlined]

0430 Crash 12 Gr say a/c believed to be XLW of Lossie, which is overdue on a trip to Goole.

0500 Crash Topcliffe reports they have received information that a/c is in reference Sheet 26, 871901, and conflicting evidence that a/c caught fire before crashing and at time of impact. It is a total wreck and searches unable to identify anything

0700 Crash 13 Gr say Lossie’s Wellingtons have returned but Kinloss is minus a Whitley.

0740 Crash Report from Topcliffe. Identity disk found, Sgt Fowler, 1893913; Receiver type 10D/5 Serial 18450. 2 steel airscrews.

0745 Crash 853/D. Phoned Kinloss. They report a/c overdue with Sgt Fowler in crew. Others are P/O Wallace, Sgt Cammies, Sgt Rogers, Sgt Robinson, Sgt Dickson. Told Topcliffe. Also Sgt. Hughes.

0900 Off Watch EF Dutton On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

0914 Movements [underlined] E28 [/underlined] Hal. Well & Lancs. air firing Whitby 1000-1800
Hal. Well. & Lancs. bombing Strensall 1030-1700

1100 Crash LA853/D Details of crew passed to Topcliffe for casualty signal to be sent by Topcliffe:

Pilot: Sgt. T.W. Cammies 1339016
Nav: Sgt. E.R. Rogers 1338400
B.A. P/O J [circled] A [/circled]. W. Wallace Can J24145
W.O.P. Sgt. W.F. Robinson 1577597
AG Sgt. R.C. Fowler 1893913
AG Sgt. H. Dickson 1824449
Sgt. C.A. Hughes 1382175

A/c is a mk. V Whitley #LA835/D – Kinloss

[Page break]

1330 Diversions Due to sudden change in weather forecast for tonight. Met. say we may have 1500 ft or lower cloud base, slight rain & vis. 1-3 miles & suggest we lay on diversions in East Anglia. Requested prov. [deleted] petrol [/deleted] weather diversion bases for 74 Hal. & Lancs. & 9 Wells., Suggesting East Anglia. They say they will come back later.

1340 Authorization Air I authorized w/c Sweetman to fly down to Manby in 426 a/c to get gen. on [deleted] co-or [/deleted] bombing co-ordinates for GH exercises. (Runways at Manby 1400 & 1250 – told Linton)

1415 SASO airborne for Linton from Gransden Lodge at 1417. Linton informed.

1430 LFB #2 will be on from 00.20 till 0120 bearing of 280°

1535 SASO landed from Gransden at Linton 15.32.

1540 Billingham balloons will be grounded from 18.45-2100 and 23.59-02.30.

1600 6 Ansons Lossiemouth wants permission for 6 Ansons on way from Lossie to Llandwrod to land at Middleton en route due to weather. ETD Lossie 1600, ETA Middleton 18.30.aid no, send them to Croft (Middleton’s ops. a/c due to take off at 18.55)

1605 6 Ansons Lossie has informed the Ansons to land at Croft instead. Croft informed & gen. passed to them.

1620 6 Ansons Lossie now say all but one Anson got off

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without being told to go to Croft instead of Middleton. Told 13 Gp. FCLO to send message by W/T and he said he would try. Middleton will divert them by R/T if necessary.

1710 6 Ansons 13 Gp. has not be [sic] able to contact them so Middleton will have to divert them by R/T

1630 Diversions CFC allot the following prov. Weather diversions.

Bassingbourne – 16/419 Pundits 102° 4 1/2
Molesworth – 15/428 256° 4
Polebrook – 14/427 093°4 3/4
Thurleigh = 15/429 316° 4 1/2
Ridgewell – 14/434 (Stradishall’s 192° 12
Chelveston – 9/432 140° 4 1/2

Polebrook have no taxi lighting but say they can cope okay by leading a/c with jeeps or something.

Met. say above stations will be okay.

1730 4 Group Can we let Marston Moor use one of our A/D’s for c & l’s tonight. Air I said okay on a non-operational A/D.

1810 6 Ansons From 13 Gp: 3 of these a/c have landed at Montrose. Croft informed.

1735 Permission given by Air I for 426 a/c to land at Newmarket while on G run to Barkway to drop off 3 Bomber Command GH experts. ETD from Linton 0900 28/9/43

1830 Off Duty (D.H. MILLER F/L)

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1830 On Duty [Signature] F/L and P/O Spence. Controller: S/Ldr Napier.

1845 C & L 4 Group In answer to 4 Group query advised F.C. 4. that Linton are agreeable to receiving 2 Halifaxes from Marston Moor until 2300 hours when weather conditions are expected to deteriorate.

1850 Weather query with Croft Ref. x-countries Discussed deteriorating weather picture with F/C Croft – strongly suggesting that assurance be made that Sqn Cmdr be thoroughly in the picture, because due to expected conditions a/c should be back at base by 2230 hours. – Croft quite happy. –

1855 C & L 4 Group. Ex. F.C.4. – Linton not required for C & Ls. Base Linton informed.

1900 6 Ansons – Lossiemouth – Llandwrog. Picture to F.C.L.O. 13 and F.C. 91. – Of these Ansons which were to land at Middleton – (but unable to do so because of conflict on E.T.A. with Operational ETD)

3 Landed Montrose
2 Landed Croft
1 Landed Leuchars.

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[Underlined] Sept. 27th 1943. [/underlined]

1915 Pundits. AS4’s request for Pundits No 1, 115, 140, and 91 passed to resp. Stn Ops & F.C.

1950 N/428 To MLO 12 – N/428 No I.F.F.

1959. Halifax in Sea. Ex. R.O.C. 10 and FCLO 12 Halifax plunged into the Sea between Flamborough and Hornsea. – Life boats already searching the area. The aircraft was not identified. – Controller informed.

2000/2100 Idents & Early Retns. - Fix Positions – Idents and messages passed to Stations.

2120 Diversion Provisional Diversion now definite because of weather deterioration –

Stations – C.F.C (W/C Warner) and 1st USA. Wing informed.

2130 Early Returns. Weather dropping. Discussed probable diversion of Early Return a/c with LINTON = Skipton = MIDDLETON – Each O/C N.F. quite happy!

2150 Early Returns Stations flapping for fix base to which to divert Early Returns.

2200 CFC C.F.C. suggest Elsham Wolds

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[Underlined] Sept 27th Contd. [/underlined]

2205 Elsham Wolds. F.C. 1. Gp. willing to cope for an hour only. Stations informed.

2210 [Underlined] Earlies. [/underlined] Because Fix Positions on Early Returns show them to be near the coast and possibly in 6 Group area before able to be reached on Group Broadcast the Sqn Cmdrs decided to bring the a/c home and redivert on R/T if necessary.

2220 Recall 1664. Croft sent out Recall Signal to 1664 a/c.

2240 N/428 Returning Early.

To M.L.O. 12 Reminder that this a/c has no IFF (Landed Middleton 2307)

2250 Diversion To FCLO’s 11 and 12 – Diversion Definite – A/c should be making Landfall near Lowestoft – proceeding direct to Allocated Stns in 1st USA Wing.

2300 Pundits Leeming Pundit U/S. Checked that Topcliffe was flashing OK.

2323 Pundits Leeming Pundit now flashing OK.

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[Underlined] Tuesday Sept. 28th. [/underlined]

0005 ASR Request for 10-12 a/c in morning. – unable to cope because full complement away from base

009 CRASH. R.O.C. Plot Halifax crashed in flames near Linton

FINAL position details. –
Cockhill – Map Ref: 990754
- Crash tenders from Marston – Rufforth and Linton.

Final gen on this crash reported by Linton at [deleted] 2300 [/deleted] 0230 hours. – as follows. Aircraft thought to be an Halifax in bits and pieces – widely scattered.
- Few serial Nos as follow

DSB/VA 12219. (Bomb Release)
Carburetor – Type 754/99.

Practice Bombs on Board.

- All this gen was passed to F.C. Croft,. Who were unable to identify their long overdue S/1664 from these meagre facts. NO bodies were evident at the crash. It was thought crew might have bailed out.

Hessay Police searching

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[Underlined] Tuesday Sept 28th [/underlined]

0010 Pundits Leeming [deleted] Sen [/deleted] unserviceable AS4 were not informed because the pundit was made temporarily serviceable before the call could be put through

0030 L/419 QDY. M.S.G. 202!
Cl. Base MSG. – 1000 ft – patches at 500’ vis 2-4 mi – Rain. Request Diversion base because 30 mi/hr x-wind prevented use of Contact Strip. – Advised Linton a bit better. – able to use Contact Strip.

Linton standing by

0053 L/419 L/419 landed Thornaby

0100 Y/419 Diverted on R/T from M.S.G. to Linton. – O.K. by all concerned. a/c – 1 hour endurance.

0105 J/429 On R/T Skipton. Weather bad. – Attempting Landing.

0110 F/434 Learned for the first that Sealand (who were listening in on M/F Sn.K.) heard F/434 send S.O.S. on Bearing 082° at 0014 hours

- Hull [deleted] disputed [/deleted] doubted Sealand because none others of M/F K heard the transmission

- Information passed FCLO 12

[Page break]

[Underlined] Sept 28th ’43 [/underlined]

0116 J/429 Landed Skipton under very duff weather conditions

0135 Y/419 Landed Linton. Poor vis.

0230 O/428 Crashed at Ludford Magna in 1 Group. Crew who bailed out are reported to be O.K. The Pilot who belly-landed the a/c because of undercart failure – also O.K.

All concerned informed

0340 U/428 Crashed at Framlingham. in 3rd USA. Dvn.

[Underlined] FACTS: [/underlined]

1 Appeared to do Normal Approach.
2 Attempted to do Overshoot
3 Crashed.
4 3 of CREW Killed.
3 of CREW injured.
1 of CREW ok.

5 The Killed are:

Sgt Lucas 1388785
Sgt Murcer R181017
Sgt Whitely 1547703

The injured are:

Sgt Smith – 1586966 badly injured
Sgt Wilson – 1389464 broken leg.
P/O Roughton – 151333 broken arm.

The uninjured is –

Sgt Wainwright 943031

0400 – See concerned informed

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[Underlined] Sept 28th 1943. [/underlined]

0430 S/1664 Still outstanding from x-country. Croft still unable to identify crashed a/c near Marston as S/1664.

-Overdue signal sent by Croft to A.M.

0500 Ref Return of a/c away. -To Stations (6 Group) and to F.C. at All Groups concerned
“Improvement at Bases expected at 0500 hours with passage of cold front when conditions will become 8/10 ths Sc 2000 ft – occasional rain vis. 6-12 mi. Main cold front will NOT have cleared the Diversion Bases until after 0800 hours. Therefore a rain belt with 10/10 cloud 1000 feet vis 1-2 mi with squally veering winds would have to be crossed if a/c took off before 0800 hrs.”

Aircraft are therefore NOT to take off before 0800 hours – and after 0800 hours NOT without permission from the respective Station and Sqn Cmdrs throughout the Groups concerned.

0500 – See Groups thanked for

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[Underlined] Sept 28th ’43. [/underlined]

their assistance tonight.

0530 A/C away Summary to C.F.C.

0900 Off Duty – [Signature] F/L

1115 Crash 0009 Entry 4 Group say this a/c is a Lanc “F” Sq letters IR or LR. A kit bag found near crash contained a battle dress with 1250 made out to Sgt AW Miller R154030. 4 Group say letters indicate it is a/c from 1669 Con. Unit, one Group. Croft say no Sgt, Miller in a/c. 4 Group will contact I, and let us know. S

1145 Diversion Up to now no station has told Group what orders have been issued to their away a/c though some have been issued their away a/c though some have contacted the diversion stations direct. Phoned all bases and parent stations to please put us in the picture. They all say they will call back.

1148 Diversion Middleton reports their a/c have been told to stand by for further orders.

1205 Diversion W/Cdr Turnbull has ordered 427 to come home form Polebrook

1210 Diversion S/Ldr Shann (MSG) doesn’t think weather warrants their a/c coming up today at all,

1211 A-M. Edwards. Linton calls that A/Cdr McEwan has informed Base ops that A.M. Edwards left Hendon , stopping “somewhere” en route and coming on to Linton. Don’t know when he is arriving. Tried to phone AOC but he left by car at 10.30 dont [sic] know where. Told Controller and Air I who doesnt [sic] know either.

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[Underlined] SEPT. 28, 1943 [/underlined]

NOTE: At 1045 1st U.S wing F.C. phoned to say that their stations were calling in and saying that the various pilots had been receiving instructions to return – also that these instructors had been passed to some station FC. They complained that they had no information from us in this regard. In consultation with Met, the controller decided to tell 1 Wing to hold a/c until after midday. At 1120 W/Cdr Turnbull of 427 called, telling us we had no authority to countermand his orders. Up to that time Group here had no knowledge of what orders had been passed to any a/c. We then phoned each Base & parent station for this information and told each one the Group [underlined] must [/underlined] be put in the picture. At 1130 on receiving this information from MSG we called 1 Wing and told them to send up A/C of 427 and 429 at Polebrook and Thurleigh and to tell Bassingbourne, Molesworth, Ridgewell and Chelveston to await orders [underlined] from their stations [/underlined] and to act accordingly [underlined] without referring the orders to 6 Group. [/underlined] By 1200 hrs we had learned that MSG a/c at Bassingbourne and Molesworth, and [deleted] 434 [/deleted] 432 a/c of Eastmoor had been told to stand by. No report from Thorlthorpe’s 434.

1240 G/429 Crashed at Thurleigh This a/c has one (port) wing smashed, both port engines crippled. Crash occurred when u/c gave way on port side & kite ground looped, putting r/w out of service until this morning. Told Leeming.

1245 J/427 left Polebrook for Skipton. Leeming told.

1250 Diversion Base Linton says E.M. has told a/c at Chelveston to stand by awaiting release from [underlined] Group [/underlined]. Reminded E.M. that executive control passed [underlined] to them [/underlined] after 0800 hrs, and to let us know what instructions are passed later.

[Page break]

1255 O/428 Crashed Ludford Magna. Phoned 1 Group re condition & whereabouts of bailed out crew. They will call us back.

1257 A/M Edwards. 11 Group say A-M. Edwards left Headcorn (nr W. Malling) at 1250 in Wellington. Told Linton Base to tell everybody concerned.

1310 Diversion All Eastmoor a/c at Chelveston told by EM to come up about 1400 hrs.

1325 On request Topcliffe, asked York 9 if Whitley which crashed near Dishforth as 0310 Sept 27 seemed to catch fire in mid air or before it hit ground. Also were there any plots of Beaufighters at the time or any sound of firing.

1327 Diversion 1 Gr pass airborne times of 427/E, J, Y, P, V, W, Z, C. O has engine shot up & burst tire. S is taxying out. Told Leeming.

1335 Diversion 1 Gr say 428 Sq have been wanting to get home. Called MSG who say tell them to wait. Told First Wing.

1340 434 Sqdn want their a/c to come home. Told 1 Group to tell Ridgewell.

1345 Crash York 9 will send report on Whitley Sunday night crash to Base Ops Topcliffe. They say their observer did NOT see a/c on fire before it hit ground, and [underlined] no [/underlined] reports of Beaus or firing.

1400 Diversion MSG have instructed their a/c to come home

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1417 Crash II Topcliffe gets report from Thirsk police of a/c crashed at Kepwick in a disused quarry Ref. Sheet 22 968/117. Lanc. 6 dead. Obtained guard from North Allerton subdivision (Air Formation Signals, Thirsk 2261). Topcliffe have sent ambulance & C.T. and Thirsk NFS are attending. Told Linton who say no Lancs should be in that area.

151 [missing digit] AM Edwards 16 Gr say Wellington going to Eastmoor. Told Linton to get EM on toes.

1520 Checked back to 16 Group & discovered a/c mentioned is not A-M. Edwards.

1655 Crash II Topcliffe now say a/c in 1417 Entry has been identified as missing S/1664. Explanation seems to be that a/c crashed last night without anyone seeing it. Thirsk police got report at 1417 today and phoned information in to Topcliffe in such a way that Topcliffe understood it just happened. Notified Croft (who already knew) Linton and 12 Group. Told Controller, [deleted] GTI [/deleted] SASO, Equip officer. Unable to find GTI. Eng, officer.

On order SASO phoned Thirsk police to find out full details of finding of a/c etc. They say lieut of RE, out on manoeuvres, found a/c 1/4 mile E of Limekiln House, near Kepwick. Two of crew were conscious & one said crash occurred at midnight 27/9/43. Topcliffe ambulance picked up injured crew. Police say five dead and a/c a total wreck spread over 1/2 mile.

2100 Crash II Address of lieut. who first discovered crash: 2nd Lieut. Ewens, 556 Field Cpy., R.E. Luchan House, Ripon.

Thirsk police gave position of crash as sheet 22/975118.

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2140 Bullseye 1659 Sqdn are not happy about the weather and are going to recall their Bullseye a/c from London at 23.15.

2220 428/O Ref. entry 12.55 1 Gp. say all crew okay with only minor injuries and are scattered around countryside – will endeavour to find out where they are. (Passed this gen. [inserted] to Middleton [/inserted] at 2300 hrs.)

2245 Recall Met. advise weather prospects are going to be worse than previously expected. Controller decided to recall all Bullseye a/c after conferring with stations. Message to be sent on M/F at 2300 [deleted] & [/deleted] 23.30, 2359 and 0030; on H/F D/F’s at 23.15, 23.45, & 00.15. FCLO 12 Gp & Ops. Stanmore informed

2340 A/1664 asked for fix at 23.35 and Hull was working another a/c and told A/1664 to stand by. When Hull called again they got no reply.

[Underlined] Wednesday Sept. 29/43 [/underlined]

0015 431/E From 1 Gp: Binbrook picked up the following message from 431/E addressed to Linton H/F D/F: “Returning to base, eng. u/s, position 5205N 0055W T.O.O. 23.55.” Passed to Linton.

0025 1659/F ground looped on landing, u/c written off, crew okay.

0050 A/1664 landed at Croft 0047

0055 431/N Returning from Bullseye, got turn 4 to land, fly at 1500 ft. A/c then went over to Linton, called Linton on R/T & requested to land. Linton landed him. Using wrong R/T Call sign. Taxied through red light and bogged on perimeter track. No apparent damage.

[Page break]

0245 1659/D got a QDM on Topcliffe of 357°at 0203. After wandering all over 4 Gp., finally landed at Holme on Spalding, saying he was short of petrol. Topcliffe informed.

0900 Off duty DH Miller F/L.
On duty HL Spence P/O.

0920 Leeming Oxford S.A.S.O authorised trip to Thurleigh & Polebrook. Station informed.

0935 Air Firing & Bombing Arranged with M.L.S. 12 for Air Firing at R.H.B. & Whitby and Bombing at Strensall from 1000-1800 hrs. – Ref. – E-25

0940 1659/F Informed G.T.I., Equip & Engr Officers & S.A.S.O. informed. Air I away.

1035 A-M, Edwards Linton Hendon. [Underlined] V.I.P. [/underlined] Advised M.L.O. 12 Group. Wellington L4340 left at 1035 for Hendon with A.M. Edwards & 5 passengers. Hendon informed by Linton. Pilot F/O Altman. FCLO. 12 advised also

1000 1100 Comm. Oxford Linton Linton stated F/L Neal (O.C 426/A Flt.) & F/L. McMillan (Bomb. Leader) desired to go to [deleted] (Granstown Moor) [/deleted] Gransden Lodge to secure “gen” on electrical modifications & that we were aware of the proposed trip. Desired to take off in 10-15 mins. S.A.S.O. know nothing of trip nor did S/L. Fernside. A/c had already taken off before further information could be secured. W/C Smith, Linton Base Engrg. Officer authorized flight & passed to Comm, Flight. Advised S.A.S.O. 1130hrs.

[Page break]

1200 426/L. (DS-714) F.C.L.O. 11 Gr. advises this a/c appears to be waiting to be broken up for repairs. One wheel collapsed, tail unit broken off and port wing collapsed (Cat. AC.) Advised Linton Ops. & Group Equip. Officer.

1230. 1659/F Topcliffe state this a/c Cat. A.C.

1300. 4 Gr. a/c. Ex 4 – May require to land 3 Hal. Linton standing by.

1320. ditto Ex. 4 – a/c concerned landed OK in own Group Linton informed.

1345 M.S.G. Oxford M.S.G. advised OK for Oxford to return from Molesworth. Group Met. say cloud 2,000 ft at worst with moderate viz. Advised Molesworth who say a/c also going to Mildenhall before returning to M.S.G. informed M.S.G.

1430 LFB #2. Arranged with F.C.L.O. 12 Group for LFB #2 on 280°T from 2230-2330 & 0030-0130.

Balloons Billingham Arranged with B.L.O. 12 Group for close haul of Billingham’s Balloons from 1730-1830 & 2300-0200.

Met. Cold front to come down from north but should not affect 6 Gr. until 0200-0400 hrs, cloud base 2,000 ft, possibility of some rain about 0300 hrs.

1525 Balloons Times revised as follows:=
1730-1900 hrs. and 2300-0230 hrs.

[Page break]

1710. 5 Group Diversion to Croft. In consultation with Controller & Met & Croft agreed to handle possible diversion of 5 Group [deleted] Diversion of their [/deleted] Gardeners (16). Advised C.F.C. & M.S.G.

1730 ditto Following stations feel they may be able to cope with emergency diversion of 5 Group a/c as indicated:-

Croft. – 20.
M.S.G. – 15
Linton – 15.
Eastmoor – 15

Also possibility of 10 at Topcliffe if sufficient notice given to enable our own a/c from Skipton to divert to Topcliffe thus eliminating possibility of confusion because of the 2 adjacent circuits being used at the same time. This information passed to C.F.C.

C.F.C. advised that a/c mentioned in entry 1710 could be returning t around 0400 hrs. We gave C.F.C. following Met picture:-

0300-0500 – cold front moving south, cloud below 1500 ft., rain, & poor viz due to smoke, making southern stations poor; at 0500 in northern parts of group cloud will likely be 1000-1500 ft. 8-10/10ths with chance of rain.

C.F.C. felt that a/c mentioned in entry 1710 could be re-diverted by signal later if necessary. Croft advised of Met picture & requested to watch weather

[Page break]

situation. C.F.C. requested to advise us particulars of Squadrons if, as, and when diversion becomes necessary.

1750 Leeming Oxford Leeming state this a/c is staging overnight at Thurleigh and will return tomorrow.

1830 Pundits AS4 request 1, 91, 115, 140 & 155 Pundits dusk to dawn.

1845 Darkey I Four Group say Lissett received Darkey from “Granite Y” asking priority landing

1846 Explosion ROC say an explosion NE of Flam. Head.

1847 Phoned Lissett & they have landed 10\Y. Asked them to find out immediately if he jettisoned. They will do so and let us know.

1850 Explosion Called 12 Gr re explosion. They are unable to give any additional information as too many a/c on board to reorganize possible fading plots.

1855 Diversion Controller in conference with Met requires that CFC be asked to provide another diversion base for gardeners of 5 Gr, due Croft at 0300-0445 as weather likely to be difficult at that time. Told C.F.C. who said they would get on to 5 Gr.

1905 Explosion Jacked up 4 and 12 Gr re: did 10\Y jettison. They haven’t heard yet.

1915 Explosion Called 4 Gr again and got rough about above question. They haven’t heard yet

[Page break]

Sept 29, 1943

1920 Diversion 5 Group called with more information about their Gardeners diverted to Croft. CFC haven’t called them yet. They say provisional diversion is “likely”.

1922 Diversion Croft called re diversion. How do we expect the, to take 36 a/c if all come?

1932 Explosion 4 Group say Y/10 jettisoned 12 miles E of Bridlington & bombs did not explode. Called 12 Gr. who say there are a great many a/c over this area. Controller suggests we wait for a possible sighting report from one of these in case explosion [underlined] was [/underlined] a crashed a/c

1940 Explosion Asked 4 gr to find out if crew of 10/Y saw anything unusual at 1845, as explosions was reported at about same time as he was in that area. They will report to us.

1945 [Deleted] Diversion [/deleted] Explosion Called Lissett intell. Who say crew have been interrogated & they say they saw nothing & bombs did not explode & they saw nothing out of the way. Told 12 Gr.

1955 Explosion Call ROC for further details. It was about 3 miles E. of Flamborough hd. A78-79 to A88-89. ROC think it was 10/Y as they were keeping a plot on him and his position and explosion coincided. Controller derides our information does not warrant an immediate search.

2025 Diversion CFC again. They say they are unable at present to find any plane better suited for the 0330 a/c than Croft. They ask us to wait until midnite when we will have a clearer weather picture. Told all stations the position.

[Page break]

Sept 29, 1943.

2120 U, B /57 These a/c now over Scampton may have to be diverted to Eastmoor. 5 Gr will let us know if they are. Told Eastmoor. C/S So Tight.

2215 Diversion 57 Sqdn diverted to Croft. So Tight A C D F H L Q ō O T Z Y – 27 officers & 62 NCO’s. Told Croft. Called MSG after 5 Gr. tell us a/c have been told go to MSG first. Sq/Ldr Shore given details & believes that MSG & Croft can handle these 12 a/c between them & also take the 14 a/c coming later.

2240 Linton reports white flash to SE. Called ROC who say Verey lights have been reported but no plots near there.

NOTE Croft was laid on for 14 a/c of 5 gr. definite diversion for 0300-0400. Together with other airfields in Group it also was laid on for 20 a/c for emergency diversion as per entry 1730. We called 5 Group and asked them if they had any emergencies, to leave Croft until last. In spite of this request, the first sq, diverted was sent to Croft. Controller called 5 Group F.C. and protested, but was told BFX had already been sent before we were consulted. Suggest some protest might be made to CFC.

[Underlined] Thursday Sept, 30. 1943 [/underlined]

0100 Ident Bd changed.

0105 Ops. Op a/c down – 3 missing from Group and one of 57 Sq diverted to MSG.

0215 Diversion First a/c of 5 Gr gardeners on plotting table.

Diversion 13 of 5 Gr a/c landed Croft. One sent message “ditching” to 5 Group blower.

[Page break]

Sept [deleted] 29 [/deleted] 30, 1943.

0900 Off Watch EFD On duty D.H, Miller F/Lt.

0910 5 Gp. a/c Asked 5 Gp if we could send their a/c back to them yet. They said no, their weather was not suitable and to wait for further instructions from them. Informed Middleton and Croft.

1010 5 Gp. a/c 5 Gp say it is okay for V/49 Sqdn. to return although Fiskerton is now yellow. They said they were quite happy about it. Informed Croft.

1030 Permission granted by SASO for 434 Sqdn, to take Comm. Oxford down to Ridgewell with crew to pick up 434/V.

1030-11.15 5 Gp. [deleted] a/c [/deleted] have given permission for following a/c to return to base: 57/A, F, Q, ō, T; 49/V; and 9/Z and H. Croft & Middleton informed.

1205 5 Gp. want us to stop all of 57 Sqdn a/c and to send 207/P & O. Croft & Middleton informed. The only 57 Sqdn. a/c that took off was 57/A which took off at 11.18. 5 Group informed.

1220 E57 Movements MLS-E57 Hal. Well & Lancs. bombing Strensall 1300-1830
Hal. Well & Lancs. airfiring Whitby 1300-1830

1225 X-Country 431/9 a/c Linton passed x-country going up to Mull of Galloway & Mull of Kintyre, then to Inverness. Met. say weather in that area is: cloud below 1000 ft. extending up to 8000 ft. Suggested to Tholthorpe they fly about 8000 ft. They said

[Page break]

they would fly at 10000 ft. MLS informed. Informed Met. who say this is too high.

1250 LFB #2 will be exposed from 0140-0240 hrs bearing 280°T

1230 Diversion Met. say at present they do not think we will need diversion bases tonight but will let us know for sure later.

1300 Operations cancelled – LFB #2 cancelled

1230-1300 X-Country 431 a/c Told F/C Tholthorpe to tell a/c which had not taken off to fly between 5000 & 9000 ft as freezing level is around 8 or 9000 ft. Met. say they will be okay at that height.

1430 X-Countries Croft When ETA of these x-countries was passed to us, we warned them of the weather at base on return (cloud over the Hambleton hills, - almost dark at that time) Croft had been warned earlier on of the weather. Told them a/c should be back by 19.30 as per Met. 6 Gp. but flight commander said he wanted one due back at 20.30 to go anyway.

1435 91 Gp. enquired if Topcliffe had landed one of their Wellingtons from Wellesbourne returning from a sea-search and if so had they anything to report. Topcliffe said they had landed Wellington HS640 from Wellesbourne at 13.55 and it had nothing to report as far as they knew. Permission obtained from 91 Gp. for it to take off immediately.

1503 X-Countries Linton Linton are recalling 408/O,E,G and 426/F & E from detail at Stoney Down due to weather.

[Page break]

1500 4 Group Night Flying Can they use one of our A/D’s for c & l’s for 2 of Ricall’s a/c and also to land one of their x-countries from Ricall. Controller said okay.

1510 Occult 29 The selected site for this occult was not in Sig. A4547 July 17/43. Enquired from AS4 by phone who say it is on Site A and that this should have been in the signal. Stations informed.

1630 4 Group night flying Middleton say they can take 2 a/c from Ricall to do c & l’s and Met. give following conditions: cloud base 1500 ft. patches at 1000 ft. vis. 4 miles. 4 Gp. informed.

1700 5 Gp. a/c During the day permission was received for 57 Sqdn, 207 Sqdn, 44 Sqdn, 49 Sqdn., 9 Sqdn and 50 Sqdn. to return to their bases from Croft & Middleton. All got back except the following who are as far as is known serviceable.
[Deleted] 467 Sqdn for [/deleted] Bottesford – 467/X, R }
[Deleted] Fiskerton 49/V [/deleted] } Croft.
Syerston – 61/H, Z }
106/Y, H }
East Kirkby – 57/L at Middleton 2 engines U/S

1700 4 Group night flying Ricall say they have no serviceable a/c and are scrubbing this night flying at Middleton. Middleton informed.

[Page break]

Note DFCO’s The following call signs will be used w.e.t. 0100 hrs. Oct. 1st.

[Underlined] 1659 [/underlined] – Barred a/c – W/T – NGQ
R/T – “Gimcrack” (away) “Pitchdark”

Plain a/c – W/T – UNG
R/T “Fighead” (away) “Ratcliffe”

[Underlined] 1666 [/underlined] W/T – TLO
R/T “Popsy”

[Underlined] 1691 [/underlined] R/T “Bowlan”

[Underlined] ASDU [/underlined] (Fighter Affil. Unit) – R/T “Hexad” [Hexad}

[Underlined] Topcliffe F/C [/underlined] – “Good friend”
Topcliffe H/F D/F – BX3

1120 Crash Base Linton report having heard of a crash 5-6 miles [deleted] SW [/deleted] W by S of Linton. Asked ROC about it who have heard nothing but are making enquiries. Linton flying control say they saw an a/c in flames go into the deck.

1730 Crash Linton FCO says he & two others saw an object with smoke coming out of it go towards the ground and disappear behind the trees. ROC, after enquiring from all the posts, have seen nothing. They say that the only a/c in that area landed safely. Neither Dishforth flying control, Boroughbridge police nor Melmesby police have seen anything of this “crash” so in view of lack of information no action could be taken.

1820 X-countries All of Tholthorpe’s x-countries back okay.

1830 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
On duty H.L. Spence. P/O.

[Page break]

1930 Movements All 6 Gr aircraft accounted for.

Crash. No further information received of entries 1720 & 1730. All 4 Group a/c accounted for.

S.P. 02274(16) (Nav. Int. Div.) Copy No. 4941 received from Signals. Table of Lettered Co-Ordinates – (16th Edition)

Pundits AS.4 request #1, 91, 140 & 115 Dusk to dawn. Stations informed 1740 hrs.

2335 Pundits #1, 91, 115 & 140 cancelled by A.S.4. Stations informed.

[Underlined] FRIDAY – OCT. 1, 1943. [/underlined]

0100 Ident Board changed.

0810 Movement Arranged with M.L.S. 12. – Air firing at R.H.B. & Whitby, & Bombing at Strensall for Hals. Lancs. & Wells, 1000hrs – 1800 hrs. – Ref. E10.

0900 Off watch HL Spence P/O.

0900 on watch SR Wyman F/Lt.

0905 CROFT 5 Gp a/c Called 5 Group, re. Bottesford and Syerston a/c at Croft. O.K. for them to return. Told Croft F/C.

0920 1832 B.A.T. / OXFORD Landed Leeming 0832 hrs. from Ricall.

0925 A/F Bombing see [underlined] note: 0810 hrs. [/underlined]

[Page break]

Y/106 – 1057
X/467 – 1043

1011 H/106 left Croft 1009.
H/61 1015
R/467 1029 [Underlined] Told 5 Gp F/C. [/underlined]
Z/61 1031

1050 Prov. Pet Diversions 4 Stations required in S or S.E. England for Prov. Pat. Diversions. Told C.F.C. also consulted 6 Gp. met. who say wait for midday conference.

1113 Landfall Beacon Dungeness on a brg of 345° from hrs to hrs.

1155 The above beacon not required due to change in Route. Cancelled with 11 Gp F/C.

1225 Landfall Beacon at Beachy Head on a bearing of 030° from 0020 to 0120 hours.

1300 Balloons Dover 2500’, Chelmsford 1500’, Canterbury 1500; and Thames Estuary 1500’. Overriding Control.

[Underlined] Times [/underlined] 1915-2145 – 0015-0130

1315 Landfall Beacon #2 Flamboro Head 280° - 2300 to 2359 hrs. Elevation 070°.

1335 Operations Cancelled for 6 Gp except Gardening.

1400 Cancellation Entries 1225 and 1300 hours cancelled.

1445 Cancellation entry 1400 cancelled & 1225 & 1300 back in force.

1515 Balloons. BEACONS. PASSED to Leeming & Middleton & Linton

1615 BALOONS Beacons Cancelled with 11 and 12 Gps. All six Group operations cancelled.

[Page break]

1637 PARA TROOPERS On the morning of October 24, 1943 – 12 Whitleys of 38 Wing will land at M St George and take on 120 para troopers & then take off again. Air I, Controller, G/C Ross have details. Passed to Group by S/L Shand.

1719 G/C McNAB. Hurricane 658 with m/n pilot landed Eastmoor. Told Digby F/C.

1831 G/C McNab Took off from Eastmoor for Digby at 18.21 I Hurricane KZ658. Informed Digby by phone.

1830 Off duty S.R. Wyman F/Lt.
1830 On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

[Underlined] Saturday Oct. 2nd 1943 [/underlined]

0100 Ident Bd. changed.

0900 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
On duty H.L. Spence P/O.

Movement arranged with M.L.S. 12 doe Air Firing at R.H.B. & Whitby & Bombing at Strensall for Lancs. Hals. & Wells from 1000 hrs-1800 hrs. (E-208)

[Deleted] 1500 [/deleted] 1215 L.F.B. #2 Laid on at 280° (70° elevation) from 2245-2345 hrs & 0045-0145 hrs. through 12 Gr. Ops.

1445 L.F.B. #2 Times now revised to 2245-2345 & 0130-0230 hrs.

1445 Training Exercise “Density” Laid on Density Exercise for 7 Halfaxes from 1659/[deleted] Croft [/deleted] Topcliffe. Details submitted

[Page break]

to 12 Gr, Ops. + AA + SL. Liaison Officer Kenton (Newcastle) Sector.

Base 0001 – Whitby (out) 0009 – Saltburn (in) 0017 – T.O.T. 0020-0025 and 0035-0045 – Base 0053 – Target No. 1.

1540 Density Exercise Reference entry 1445 – One aircraft from 1664/Croft also taking part. Details of T.O.T. etc given to Stations. 12 Gr. Ops & AA & SL. Liaison Officer informed.

1515 1545 Crash at Westgate. M.S.G. reported crash S.E. of Westgate. Military authorities guarding a/c All crew of Wellington killed. Position – 1 Sheet 10 – 4157. Report originated from Militia – Mr. Wood, tel. Stanhope 287. F.C.L.O. 12 Gr. stated that Duston were taking all the necessary action. M.S.G. informed.

1545 Pundits A.S.4. requests Pundits 1, 115, 91, & 140 dusk to dawn. Stations informed. 1655 hrs.

1720 L.F.B. #2 Revised times – 2245 to 2345 & 0230 to 0330 arranged thru Ops. 12 Group.

1810. Night Flying Passed to R,O,C, & Stations.

1830 Off duty H.L. Spence, P/O.

2127 York 10 Mann Plotter Lines – Advised Controller. Some hostiles in York 10 – Stations told Plot. Investigate system.

[Underlined] Sunday – 3 October 1943. [/underlined]

0105 Checked Ident Board.

[Page break]

0133 434/K This a/c idented on Section K at 0133; obtained a fix (5433N-0315E-①) at 0136 and in the same transmission sent following information Course 253T; Height 4500; Speed 170. At 0200, instituted Emergency procedure. The aircraft was later identified as a plot on our intruder board and Searchlight & Aerodrome lighting action was taken with 4 Group. [Inserted] [Underlined] 0245 [/underlined] cancelled Emergency [/inserted] Aircraft later crossed the coast at Bridlington and landed at Base. 0305.

0210 434/U This a/c obtained a brg. Of 024 and not until 0237 was a fix (3rd class) 5754N-0145E obtained. [Deleted] Previous to this [/deleted] an attempt was made to get the aircraft on [inserted] M/F [/inserted] Section A without results. At 0238 hrs. a/c instituted emergency procedure. At 0300, a/c sent following message a posn. & course, T.A.S. Petrol. Previous to this it was decided to divert the a/c to Peterhead, [inserted] message sent out on M/F in P/L [/inserted] (even though not on diversion schedule). Contacted 13 Gp and advised them of our intentions, which was a good thing because a Beaufighter had been sent out to shot [sic] down “the hostile”. All good things come to an end and the a/c landed at 0333 Peterhead.

Ops. All aircraft returned (early or otherwise) from Ops.

0900 off duty SR Wyman F/O.
On duty H.F. Spence P/O.

0910 Movement Arranged with MLS 12 Gr. for Air Firing at RHB & Whitby and Bombing at Strensall for Lancs. Hals. & Wells. from 1000 to 1800 hrs. Ref. E210

1100 Emerg. Diversion In consultation with Met. & Controller

[Page break]

requested emergency patrol and weather diversion bases. Suggested Dunsfold, Hartford Bridge, Harwell and north, six in all. Met believe conditions on return should be better than originally thought. Some rain expected in East Anglia area on return. C.F.C. to advise.

1220 L.F.B. Beachy Head. Special Beacon at Beachy Head requested of F.C.L.O. 11 Group on 310° from [deleted] 0030 [/deleted] 2330-0030 hrs. (O.K.)

Balloons Arranged with B.L.O’s 11 & 12 Groups for over-riding control of balloons, which will be at following heights, for times noted:-

Langley }
Weybridge } 1500 ft. 2345-0100 hrs.

Derby }
Sheffield } 500 ft. 001-0200 hrs.

Billingham – Close hauled 1745-1900 hrs and 0030-0300 hrs.

1300. Mosquito DD607 Dyce. Linton state Mosquito DD/607 from Dyce (F/O Duke) c/s “Slumber 104” landed Tholthorpe 1200 hrs, via Drem (1330 hrs) & Dyce (1350 hrs.) Has requested that Drem home him on Channel “D”. Passed request to F.C.R.O 12 Group & movement to M.R.O. 12 Gr.

1425 4/32/U. Chelveston Air I authorized flight to transport extra crew to Chelveston in order to bring back 432/V.

[Page break]

1600 Emerg. Petrol & Weather Diversion Bases. In consultation with Met the following bases have been laid on as provisional diversion bases:-

Tangmere – 419
Ford – 428
Middle Wallop – 427
Boscombe Down – 429
Dunsfold – 431 & 434

Passed to stations 1630 hrs.

Billingham Balloons. Revised times:- [underlined] 1815-1945 [/underlined] and 0030 to 0300 hrs. – arranged with B.L.O. 12 M.S.G. informed.

1550 Density Exercise night 23/10/43. A.A. & S.L. Liaison Officer explained that they were ready by that for some reason (as yet not determined) the R.O.C. from whom they had arranged co-operation in plotting failed to function. A further & more detailed explanation is to be forthcoming for our information. (Kenton Sector telephoned Newcastle 26111 Army “B” Board or Ext, 15)

1735. L.F.B. at Beachy Head. F.C.L.O. 11 Group has just advised that this Beacon will be on 360°T instead of 310T. – Stations informed.

1830 Off duty HL Spence P/O.
18.30 On duty F.D. Cleland F/L

18.45 AS4 request Pundits #115, 1, 140, 91 from Dusk to Dawn

22.15 W/427 overhead at Skipton – reports 2 dead and one injured on board. Undercarriage shot up, also tail assembly damaged.

Ex. Skipton: Can we arrange diversion to Dalton as

[Page break]

he may possibly prang on landing.

We suggested Topcliffe instead & arranged same through Base there.

22.25 Informed by Skipton they intend to land him there instead as his U/C is down & locked.

22.40 W/427 landed OK at Skipton.

Dead: P/O Rogerson G.T. (WopAG)
P/O Findlay J.G. (Rear Gunner)
Injured: Sgt. Cardy W.H. (Flight Engineer.)

X/429 Bearing 070° (Bircham Newton) II class at 00.08
Fix 54.48N, 0815E (Bircham Newton) II class at 00.26
Position passed to FCLO at 12 Group.
[Deleted] Bearing [/deleted] Fix 54°54’N, 07°53’E (Bircham Newton) II Class at 00.38 acknowledged.

FCLO at 12 Group informed of position and aid requested.

Sheffield Balloons. Balloon Officer at 12 Gp. inform us it is necessary to raise Sheffield balloons to 6500 ft.

This information passed to FCLO 12 and also asked if any of our aircraft go near balloons to either close haul them or illuminate them.

0100 X/429. Priority Fix position 54°27’N 06°38’E 3rd Ack plus Bearing 078°T. – passed to F.C.L.O. 12 who suggested that the Whitby light be put in operation at full power. -

Controller informed agreed – when a/c’s position shown to be within visual range

[Page break]

Oct 4th 43 Cont’d

0105 X/428 Ex. M.L.S. 12. Message from X/429. “S/C 260° - A.Speed 170 mph Height 7400’”.

Controller 6. FCLO 12 and Leeming informed of all foregoing particulars

0110 A/C flashing lights Ex FCLO 12: Aircraft near Croft flashing lights. – Passed at once to F.C. Middleton.

0120 X/429 Fix: 54°14’N 05°48’E 3rd 0106 Ack. Passed to F.C.L.O. 12.

Station and Controller informed.

0135 X/429 Ex the aircraft on Hull Ht 5600’, S/C 238° AS 170 mp

01*22 Crash. Crash at Middleton Airfield not obstructed – Particulars later

Controller advised

0140 F.C.L.O. 10. Apologies to FCLO 10 for failure to stand down Boscombe and M. Wallop graciously received. No inconvenience as plots showed a/c to pass through ok.

D.O. F.C.L.O. 11.

01.55 Sheffield Balloons Now flown at 500 ft.

Oct. 4th/ 43 Contd.

02.00 Unknown Middleton aircraft. R.O.C. report one Middleton aircraft left circuit and now circling Skipton.

02.10 Skipton say it is not Middleton’s.

Z419 2 injured. Attacked by intruder near Lincoln. Crashed – aircraft complete write-off.

02.07 X 429 Fix Hull I class 52.58N 01.54E Ident. Message: Negative emergency – OK – Heading for base.

02.26 X 429 Landed at Coltishall. Slight flak damage. Crew O.K.

0900 Off duty F.D. Cleland F/L.
On duty H.L. Spence. P/O.

429/Y Leeming request this a/c return from Tholthorpe to-day, weather permitting. Linton informed for transmission to Tholthorpe.

0940. 429/X Leeming state Pilot of this a/c which landed at Coltishall is injured & request permission to fly a Halifax to Coltishall for purpose of transporting another Pilot to fly 429/X back to base. – this providing there is a “standown” today + weather permits. Air I authorized taking pilot in the Oxford – not in Halifax.

0945 1000 Met. Weather in Group up to 1400 hrs. – 10/10’ths cloud base 1,000 (patches below) continuous slight rain or drizzle. Recommend best time for return of a/c away around 1800-2000 hrs. Informed Leeming and Tholthorpe (via Linton). Also to Leeming

[Page break]

following met re WaterBeach, Coltishall & West Malling: Present Cloudy 8-10/10’s, base 1500-2000 ft. good viz 6-10 miles. Around 1800-2000 hrs weather at these places will be similar to present weather in 6 Group.

1025 429/Y W/C Pattison requested m/n aircraft be returned to base immediately. Instruction passed to Linton for transmission to Tholthorpe.

1040 427/P 427/L On instructions from Leeming requested of F.C.L.O’s 11 Gr. & 12 Gr. That a/c at West Malling & Waterbeach (respectively) return to their base at once – E.T.A. to be before 1200 hrs. If a/c unserviceable we are to be informed.

1150. 427/L. Leeming advise this a/c temporarily U/S & that Waterbeach will advise this Group when “S”, at which time we’re to check. Met for return conditions same information received from FCL.O. 12 Group at 1108 hrs. Also from F.C.O. 3 Group at 1115 hrs. C.S.U. U/S. OIL PRES. GA. U/S. S/F U/S.

1120 427/P F.C.L.O. 11 Gr. Advises Pilot of this a/c requires a Navigator for its return. (regular Navigator wounded and in hospital), also that one engine of a/c is “ropey” and is being worked on. Hope to have it ready by noon or early afternoon.

[Page break]

1120 429/Y Linton advise m/n a/c took off from Tholthorpe 1115 hrs. for Skipton. Leeming informed. – Landed Skipton 1127 hrs.

1145 L.F.B. #2. Arranged through 12 Group Ops. to be laid on at 280° from 0420-0520 hrs.

1215 [Underlined] NOTE D.F.C.O. G.C. Taite C/O Wellesbourne. [/underlined] M/n Officer expected to land at Linton at 1000 hrs. 5-10-43. [Underlined] W/C. Bradshaw is to be informed immediately he lands at Linton. [/underlined] Transportation to H.Q. here has been arranged. Linton Base F.C. have been asked to advise us immediately G.C. Taite arrives.

1315 427/P. Leeming state latest information from West Malling is that crew are returning by train, although no instructions were issued by the station to do so. Latter unable to contact the Captain, but believe there is some electrical trouble with the engine.

1330. Leeming Oxford 1822 429/X Air I authorized S/L. Chipling to fly F.O. Barker & [inserted] (P & N.) F.O. Bowden to Coltishall to bring back 429/X. Leeming informed.

[Underlined] 1320. [/underlined] [Deleted] Emerg [/deleted] Provisional Petrol Diversion In consultation with Controller & Met have requested from C.F.C. five emergency Petrol Diversion bases – suggesting Upper Heyford, Abingdon, Wellesbourne, Honeybourne, Moreton-in-Marsh, Westcott, Wing.

[Page break]

1325 L.F.B. Beachy Hd. Requested F.C.L.O. 11 Group to lay on Special Beacon at Beachy Head on bearing 310°T from 2315 to 0015 0050 hrs.

1400 Balloons Confirmed with B.L.O’s 11 & 12 Groups that balloons would be as follows, with control thereon:-

Langley }
Weybridge } 1500 ft. – 1845-2030 hrs. 2200-0030 hrs.

Derby }
Sheffield } 500 ft. – Dusk – 0300 hrs.

1400 Movement Arranged with M.L.S. 12 for Air Firing at Whitby & R.H.B. and Bombing at Strensall for Lancs. Hals. & Wells. from 1400-1800 hrs. (Ref. E-75.)

1445L.F.B. Beachy Hd. Bearing of this Special L.F.B. will now be 360T instead of 310°T.

1520 LFB & Balloons. Information passed to Stations.

1430 Prov. Petrol Diversions C.F.C. have allotted us following:- Wing, Westcott Harwell, Chipping Warden, Pershore.

1530 ditto In view of provisional aspect, Controller has decided only 3 bases are required. Selection and allotment is as indicated below

419 & 428 – Wing
427 & 429 – Westcott
431 & 434 – Harwell.

“Gen” passed to Stations.

[Page break]

1640 Billingham Balloons. Arranged for close Hauling from 1700-1830 hrs. & 00.30- [deleted] 0200 [/deleted] 0230 hrs. – through B.L.O. 12 Group.

Prov. Petrol Diversion Harwell. Group Met. are not happy regarding conditions on Harwell on return – 10/10 ths cloud, base 1,000 ft., with continuous slight rain. They feel a base farther north would be better. In view of petrol shortage, & provisional nature of diversion, Controller considers to let Harwell stand.

1745. V.I.P. AVM. Johnson from Sherburn Landed at Topcliffe. 1729 hrs.

1820 L.F.B. 2. Cancelled with 12 Gr. Ops.

1830 Off duty HL Spence P/O. On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

1930 Diversion 91 Gp. say that if weather at Harwell is not very good on return of our a/c (see note above) they will redirect theirs to Pershore, Gaydon or [deleted] Chipp [/deleted] Moreton-in-Marsh where the weather is expected to be better.

2050 Crash E/1679 (Taxying accident) E/1679 crashed while on circuits & landings at Eastmoor just off the aerodrome. Apparently aircraft while taxying along perimeter went through the hedge & into ditch. Two props. broken, other damage as yet unknown. Will give us rest of details in the morning. Controller & Air I informed.

[Page break]

2055 Weather From Met: the cold front that has just passed through 6 Gp. is now stationary and may back up causing poor conditions at bases – [inserted] (possibly [/inserted] 1000 ft cloud base, with some rain, 1 miles vis.) Requested them to advise us of a better area for our diversions.

2140 Bullseye cancelled an account of weather at bases on return.

2141 Diversion On instructions from Controller, advised 91 Gp. to have Harwell divert any of our emergency aircraft to Pershore (weather there: cloud base 1500 ft, slight rain) Told them of possibility of using Pershore for a definite diversion base for some of our aircraft.

2150 X-countries On Air I’s instructions 1679’s two x-countries ETD 2300 ETA 03.45 were cancelled due to weather at base on return.

2150 Diversion Told 92 Gp. that we may require them for a definite diversion due to weather at our bases. Asked them if they could find us two other A/D’s in addition to Wing and Westcott for our 46 aircraft originally laid on to these two stations as a petrol diversion. 92 Gp. pointed out that their weather is pretty duff also, [deleted] with [/deleted] Wing with only a 1000 ft. cloud base.

2210 Weather diversion On Controller’s instructions, the following arrangements were made to cope with our a/c if weather conditions to permit them to return to bases:

Croft & Scorton to aid Middleton
Dalton to aid Skipton
Linton to aid Tholthorpe
Eastmoor to stand by for emergencies

[Page break]

2210 92 Group Re weather they say they can offer us no additional aerodromes as they are expecting a low cloud base. Wing at present has a cloud base of 800-1000 but they say of any of our a/c come up at Wing [inserted] in emergency [/inserted] they can handle them somewhere in their group.

2300 Weather From Met: latest forecast shows bases will not be as bad as expected and a/c should be able to get back without any difficulty. Conditions expected are: cloud base 1500-2000 ft. good vis., very slight rain possible. Controller instructs no new diversion bases be laid on.

[Underlined] Monday October 5, 1943 [/underlined]

0020 92 Gp. 428/J & 429/S Their weather is very bad ad they are working 428/J and 429/S on Westcott’s [deleted] etc [/deleted] & Wing’s D/F. 429/S says on Westcott’s R/T that he only has 15 min petrol left. Bruntingthorpe, the nearest fit station is 20 min. flying time away. They are lighting all aerodromes in vicinity. (429/S landed at Silverstone at 0030)

428/J sent message on Wing’s D/F – “short of petrol, where can I land?” a/c was sent to Bruntingthorpe at 00.25 (ack. Diversion)

(428/J landed at Little Straughton at 00.40)

0027 429/F From 12 Gp: this a/c sent following message[inserted] on South [/inserted] “I require flarepath, petrol low, eng. u/s, will call again”. No fix on this a/c was obtained. Told 11 & 10 Gp FCLO and requested he have all A/D’s on coast ready to receive this a/c. Told South to hold him & contact us when he calls again.

0035 434/W Received fix from Pulham at 0019 “4930N 0028W 3rd Ack.” Putting him west of le Havre off

[Page break]

French coast. Informed 11 & 10 Gp. FCLO’s. 11 Gp. FCLO says he has plot of a/c near Cherbourg going north believed to be hostile, but possibly friendly.

0040 Diversion to all 6 Gp. a/c Controller instructed following message to be sent on GOF “Negative Wing Westcott, you may land at Tangmere Ford” (This to be sent out at 0050, 0120, 0150 & 0220)

0052 429/F Acknowledged fix [inserted] – passed to 11 F.C.L.O. [/inserted] from Southampton at 0052 “5112N 0025E 2nd putting him over Kent. 11 Gp. informed, and Controller instructed that the following message be sent out immediately “Land at Tangmere” which was ack. By a/c at 0100)

0048 434/W From 12 Gp. – a/c sending message & SOS – too weak to fix.

0049 434/W Pulham told this a/c to send call signs. a/c was weak & bearings were:

Pulham 210 3rd
Tangmere 205 3rd

0054 434/W A/c still unreadable, too weak [deleted] Bearin [/deleted] for a fix but bearing on Pulham 206° 3rd.

0058-0200 434/W a/c bearing 211° from Pulham & 207° 3rd from Tangmere. [Deleted] E [/deleted] This latter bearing was passed to the a/c but it did not ack. & nothing further was heard of him despite repeated calls. 11 Gp. informed who say this ties up with a plot which faded in Z5404 1 mile off French coast. Not possible for Air Sea Rescue but they may send out international broadcast in the morning. They will let us know of action taken.

0055 Tholthorpe lights U/S and will land a/c at Linton.

[Page break]

0150 Tholthorpe lights now okay – will land remainder of their a/c.

0202-0300 Crash 429/F at 0117 From Leeming: this a/c crashed at Heathfield, Sussex (north of Friston A/D) Mid-gunner phoned Leeming.

From 11 Gp: F/Lt. Pentony }
F/O Messenger } All okay and on way to West Malling.
Sgt. Byers }
P/O Craig }
F/Sgt. Patton }

P/O Fitzgerald } 1 dead in a/c (not identified, 2 still missing
Sgt. Holdsworth }
F/Lt. Thompson }

0330 429/F 11 Gp FCLO, after making enquiries found out the following: An a/c “F” (no callsign) called Friston at 00.20 & said he must land. Friston put on all lights (glim flarepath & flood light, no drem) The [sic] got a visual on a/c & said it was definitely a Halifax. At 0032 a/c said something about “going away” and 11 Gp. searchlighted it to West Malling who stood by with lights on. 429/F crashed at 01.17, according to ROC just north of Friston.

0400-0430 a/c away Met. say our weather will not be suitable to bring a/c away back to base till 11 o’clock. Instructed 10, 11 91, 92, 5, 3 Gps. & 1st US div. to have our a/c stand by for take off about 1000 hrs. but not to take off till checking weather with us. All our stations informed of these instructions.

Results 5 missing, one (434/W) of which was heard from.

[Page break]

[Underlined] Oct 5th 1943. [/underlined]

0800 434/W International broadcast was sent by 10 Gp. for this a/c at 05.30

0900 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
0900 On duty F.D. Cleland F/LT.

10.45 Smoke S. of Topcliffe { 9 Group report heavy black smoke south of Topcliffe. Passed to Topcliffe. Bonfire on Dishforth Aerodrome.

10.45 434/W International Broadcast was acknowledged by Germans at 05.30 hrs.

11.15 431/D Permission from F/C. Linton Base [inserted] (F/O Young) [/inserted] for this a/c to return to base from Middle Wallop. Passed to 10 Gp.

12.00 429/K Port outer engine U/S. New engine needed. Crew told to return by rail –

12.15 Aircraft Serviceability – Linton Base informed of serviceability of their aircraft [deleted] air [/deleted] which have landed away from base.

Diversions tonight

12.45 427 Aircraft W/C Turnbull orders all 427 a/c [deleted] back by 15.00 hrs.[/deleted] Airborne from other aerodromes by 14.30 hrs. otherwise to stay where they are.

13.00 427 Aircraft This information passed to 92 Group.

14.10 429 Aircraft. 428/N All serviceable told to return. P/429 told to return base as soon as possible.

14.58 Landfall Beacon Beachy Head. (EL 070°) Bearing 360°T from 22.15-22.35.

15.05 Langley Weybridge Balloons. 1500 ft from 20.00-01.00

15.06 Billingham Closehauled 17.30-19.30 hrs & 23.30-01.30 hrs.

[Page break]

15.15. Diversion Base. Petrol diversion base for Wellingtons 432 is Ford. Arranged with Central F/C.

15.00 Comm. Flight. Ordered either Oxford or Proctor for S/L Jacobs Thursday.

15.35 K/427. At Bruntingthorpe – Mag. drop in one engine. May be ready at 17.00 hrs. Contacted W/C Turnbull who sets deadline for ETA base 18.30. 92 Group informed.

16.10 Diversion Base. Air I cancels Ford as diversion base for 432.

CFC suggest Wyton for 432 – finally conceded & Wellingtons 432 to Oakington and 7 Wellies 432 to Wyton.

1615 Diversion Base. See necessary gen on provisional Dvn Bases passed to Middleton – Leeming and Linton.

1640 – All ops in Command Cancelled because of weather at Bases on return.

Balloons – Cancelled with respective BL.O.’s.

L.F.B. – Landfall Beacon Beachy Head cancelled with FCLO 11

Dvn Bases. – Cancelled with Thanks to C.F.C.

17.45 { J 429 At Mkt. Harborough (92). Ready to leave 07.30 hrs.
{ P 429 At Downham Mkt (3) Ready to leave 07.30 hrs.
{ Q 427 At Westcott (92) Ready to leave 08.30 hrs.
* ( W/C Pattison will call at 07.30 hrs. tomorrow morning. Will Duty FCO have a weather report ready?

17.34 K/4278 Left Bruntingthorpe for Base.

[Page break]

[Underlined] Oct 5th 1943 [/underlined]

18.30 Off duty F.D. Cleland F/L
On duty HL Spence, P/O.

1840 Night Flying – Passed to Stations & R.O.C.

1845 Pundits A.S. 4 requests #1, 91, 115, 140, & 155 from dusk to dawn. Passed to Stations.

427/K Landed at base.

2055 1100 429/F Reference entry 0202-0300 – Intelligence West Malling state all 8 of crew accounted for. Summary:- 3 on way back, 3 in hospital and 2 killed.

[Underlined] F/L. Pentony [/underlined] in hospital, suspected fracture of ankle turned out to be small bone in foot.

[Deleted] P/O Craig [/deleted] P/O Fitzgerald in hospital, under observation for kidney trouble.

[Deleted] P/O Fitzgerald, in [/deleted]

P/O Craig in hospital with bruises to head and knees.

All 3 resting well & easy.

Ops. 3 Southdown & Leeming Ops. informed.

22.35 Movement Air I authorized Tholthorpe’s Halifax on planned x country to land at Harwell to drop off some parts for 434/M. Tholthorpe informed.

[Underlined] Tuesday, Oct. 6, 1943 [/underlined]

0045 Pundits A.S. 4 request cancelled. Stations informed.

[Page break]

0100 Ident Board changed.

0715 429/J + P 427/Q Reference Entry 1745 hrs. Group Met states cold front coming in from west bringing rain with it. Gale blowing at present time This is general throughout England En route and at take off points low cloud, about 1,000 ft. and small drizzle. Recommends waiting until middle or late afternoon when cold front should be through. Suggests checking Met again early afternoon.

0815 ditto Passed entry 0715 to W/C Pattison who requested 429 a/c not to take off until further advice is received from him. Advised F.C.O. of Groups 3 & 92 for transmission of instructions to Market Harborough & Downham Market. Also passed Met information to F.C. Leeming for W/C Turnbull.

0820 ditto W/C Pattison countermanded previous instructions. Now wishes a/c to take off immediately & to get back to base by 1000 hrs, to route up Vale of York. Similar instructions received from W/C Turnbull for Q/427. This passed to F.C.O’s 92 & 3 Groups for transmission to Stations.

0900 Off watch H.L. Spence P/O. On duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.

[Page break]

0930 427/Q Westcott 92 Gp. advise that this a/c has P.E trouble and will not be ready till at least 1000 hrs. The front is due at Leeming about noon. 427 Sqdn. Comm. says he’s to return by 1000 hrs. but not after [deleted] wh [/deleted] without further instructions. Same applies to 429/J. Passed to 92 Gp.

0950 }
1000 } 429/J & P On instructions from W/C Pattison, informed 92 Gp that 429/J who had not yet taken off from Market Harborough that he is to await further instructions. 3 Gp FCO given same instructions at 1000 hrs. and they managed to stop him taking off.

1015 AVM Johnson Permission given by Air I for AVM Johnson to go down to Northolt in 1659 Halifax. Met. say Okay. Informed Northolt.

10.40 429/J & P W/C Pattison says he will leave getting these two a/c back to base to us. He wants them back as soon as possible and says that a 1000 ft cloud base and 2 mile vis. is okay for weather at base to bring them back to.

1045 AVM Johnson Met now say they do not like conditions at Northolt (1000 ft cloud base, vis 4000 yds and slight rain) they don’t think it will improve very quickly and suggest trip be scrubbed. Topcliffe informed.

11.10 a/c away [Deleted] W/C [/deleted] Met. Say front is now past us and conditions are reasonably certain for return of these a/c although they will have to fly through the front. Told 92 & 3 Gp.

[Page break]

to send them back immediately after getting permission from W/C Turnbull and gave them the following routes:

427/Q – Westcott – Peterborough – Base
429/P – Downham – Lincoln – Base
429/J – Market Harborough – Newark – Base

Warned them of low cloud & to avoid high ground.

1120 [Deleted] H20 [/deleted] AVM Johnson has decided to go down to Northolt despite weather. Warned Northolt to watch for him.

1125 427/Q Still u/s; they will let us know when it’s okay.

1135 AVM Johnson took off for Northolt at 11.32; passed to HLS

1200 429/P Pilot cannot be located. W/C Patterson informed

1350 LFB Beach Hd Special LFB at Beachy Head will be exposed at a bearing of 360° True from 2320-0130 hrs.

Balloons Sheffield Balloons – at 500 ft 00.30-0400
Langley & Weybridge at 1500 ft 2330-0200
Harwich at 1500 ft. 1930-2045

We have over-riding control on these.

1400 429/J landed at Finningley. W/C Patterson is going to instruct him to come back immediately.

1435 427/Q is now serviceable. Referred to Leeming for instructions. W/C Turnbull says he is to come back immediately. Warned him weather was not good en route but he said it was good enough. Passed W/C Turnbull’s instruction to 92 Gp.

1530 427/Q Airborne from Westcott at 15.25

[Page break]

1545 [Deleted] Balle [/deleted] Communications Flight Arranged for Proctor for S/L Jacobs tomorrow at 0900 hrs. Form sent to Comm Flight.

1650 427/Q and 429/J have both landed back at Skipton.

1700 429/P W/C Patterson want this a/c to take off immediately despite the fact he will have to fly through front with cloud 1000 ft & below and rain. Base conditions good vis. with cloud base 1200-1800 ft. Informed 3 Gp. of above.

1640 Operations cancelled. LF Beacon at Beachy Hd. & request for close hauling of balloons cancelled.

1745 S/L Jacobs will be going down to Eastchurch at 0900 hrs. in the Proctor, route: Linton, Spalding, Cambridge, West Malling, Eastchurch ETA 1030. Permission obtained from Eastchurch.

1800 Bullseye scrubbed on account of weather.

1825 427/L at Waterbeach is ready & will be coming back first thing in the morning. Leeming informed.

1830 Off duty D.H. Miller F/Lt.
18.30 On duty F.D. Cleland F/L.

P/429. Weather at Downham Market [deleted] 8 [/deleted] 10/10 – 800’ – rain – viz moderate – Permission granted by W/C Pattison for a/c to wait a couple of hours for clearing conditions – but definitely to return tonight – by hours of darkness – ok. – 3 Group F/C advised.

[Page break]

[Underlined] Oct. 6th 1943 [/underlined]

19.00 Restricted Areas. MLO 12 – W.E.F. Oct 7th TFN clearance will be withheld for non-operational flying [underlined] by night [/underlined] in the Sea Areas formed by the coast at following points

[Underlined] Area I [/underlined] Brancaster Bay.
Flamborough Head

[Underlined] Area II [/underlined] Scarborough

19.15 Passed to all stations

18.56 Aircraft Showing Broad I.F.F. D/1659 MLO 9 reports aircraft showing intermittent Broad IFF approximately over Gt. Ormes Head – going east towards Ryll hugging coastline. Believed to be D/1659 – QDM 088 at 20.25 QDM 110 – 20.26 hrs.

20.30 Pundits AS4 request #1, 91, 115. 140 dusk to dawn.
Passed to Tiopcliffe, Linton, Leeming.

21.15 D1659. Overhead Topcliffe Landed 21.15

21.56 P/429 W/C Pattison wants this a/c to return from Downham Market immediately – To fly at 4000 ft – not to fly below until position ascertained in Vale of York, Can home on Leeming’s beam – Passed to 3 Gp – F/C

2245 P/429 Ex F.C. 3 Group. P/429 to be a/b in approx. 5 minutes – Passed to Ops Leeming for W/C Pattison.

2307 P/429 Ex F.C. 3. P/429 a/b from Downham Market at 2303. Passed to [deleted] F.C. [/deleted] Ops Leeming.

[Page break]

[Underlined] October 6th 1943 [/underlined]

23.25 Pundits AS4 cancel #1, 115, 91, & 140.

0001 Thursday Oct 7th ‘43

- Remainder of night quiet.

0800 MAP and Sdn. F.C. – advise for S/L Jacobs that Program at Eastchurch will be carried out as detailed

0800 S/L Jacobs informed

0805 Base Linton informed who advise that Proctor will be ready.

0900 Off Duty [Signature] FL
On duty H.L. Spence. P/O.

0920 Arranged with M.L.S. 12 Gr. For air firing at RHB & Whitby and bombing at Strensall for Hals. Wells & Lancs. from 1000 hrs-1800 hrs – Ref. [underlined] E-45. [/underlined]

1005 428/O 428/C 428/I M.S.G. advise instructions have been issued for m/n aircraft to return from [deleted] base [/deleted] Little Soring, Tangmere & Mildenhall.

1020 BullsEye. Night Ops (12) Maj. Eaton-Smith – [indecipherable] 39 Admin. promoting Bulls Eye for this evening. Route planned St. Neots – Newcastle – Middlesboro – Goole – Cambridge – Norwich – Sheffield – Bases. Groups 1, 4, & 5 may also participate. Requested offers form Con Units.

1120 434/M Informed Harwell Tholthorpe sending

[Page break]

parts & mechs. to repair this a/c. T.O. 1130 ETA 1245 hrs.

1115 428/I M.S.G. report this a/c returned to base.

1155 427/L Waterbeach On instructions of Leeming F/C. requested 3 Gr F/C to have this a/c return to base at once.

1155 [deleted] 1220 [/deleted] 1300 Bulls Eye 12 Gr Night Ops. report change in route as follows:-

St. Neots – Goole (IR) – Middlesboro – Newcastle – Liverpool – Manchester Peterboro (IR) – Norwich – Sheffield – Bases. Starting Beacon St. Neots. Turning Beacon at Norwich (3 at 18,000’)

Offers 1 Hal. 1664 Croft.
1 Lanc 1679 Eastmoor.

No P.F.F. – (Mos. & Beaus) Fighter interception all the way. Search lighting except in areas North Yorkshire to Middlesboro, and Newcastle Liverpool & Manchester until about 10 miles east of Nottingham. – Provisional starting time St. Neots [deleted] 730-745 [/deleted] 1930-1945 hrs at 15,000 ft.

Groups 1, 3, 4, 6, 92 & 93 participating.

Passed above details to M.S.G. & 62 base ops.

1300 L.F.B. #2 Beachy Head Arranged with 12 Gr. Ops. for LFB #2 on 280° from 2345 to 0045 hrs; also through F.C.L.O. 11 Group for Special Beacon at

[Page break]

Beachy Head on 360° from 0200-0300 hrs.

1300 Balloons Arranged for control of balloons, as noted below, with Balloon Liaison Officers of 11 & 12 Groups respectively:-

Langley }
Weybridge } 1500 ft. 0200-0330 hrs.

Sheffield }
Derby } 500 ft. 0230-0400 hrs.

1530 Bulls Eye. Eastmoor have cancelled their offer of 1 a/c. – Night Ops 12 informed.

1730 Comm a/c Proctor S/L Jacobs should arrive at Linton at 1900 hrs. (T.O. at 1700 from Gransden Lodge or Eastchurch) F/L WYNAS
Linton informed.

1800 Firing Exercise Beachy Head M.L.O. 12 state exercise of firing scheduled near Beachy Head from 0300 to 0500 – 8th/14th Oct. In view of time of return of our operational a/c they have requested it be discontinued on the 8th.

1810 Pundits AS 4 request 1, 91, 115, 140 Dusk to dawn – passed to Stations.

1810 L.F.B. #2 Time changed to 0230-0330 hrs. Linton (62 Base) informed.

1835 Pundit 155 requested by A.S. 4 dusk to dawn. M.S.G. informed.

1945 Night Flying Passed to R.O.C. & Stations.

1830. Off watch H.L. Spence/ P/O.

[Page break]

[Blank Page]

[Page break]

[Table of Diversions]

[Page break]

[Underlined] Con. Units. [/underlined]

1659 Topcliffe Hal.
1664 Croft. Hal.
1679 Eastmoor Lancs.
408 Linton Lancs.
431 Tholthorpe Hal.
429 Leeming Hal.

[Underlined] Gp. Sqd. [/underlined]

419 } Middleton Hal.
428 }

427 Leeming Hal.
432 Skipton Well.
426 Linton Lancs.
434 Tholthorpe Hal.


“Flying Control Log Book,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 14, 2024,

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