St Eval to Norfolk, Va



St Eval to Norfolk, Va


Six items on an album page.

Item 1 is a photo of a group of 12 airmen in front of a Shackleton, captioned 'C in C & Crew at Bermuda'.
Item 2 is a sketch map of the route from St Eval, Azores, Bermuda to Norfolk (Va).
Item 3 is a photo of a car park, captioned 'Car Park outside Barrack Block'.
Item 4 is a slip with 'Nav Sup 22352.28 J'.
Item 5 is a photo of an airman with one hand on a column, captioned 'Y.T. near Barrack Block'.
Item 6 is a postcard of Aeroporto das Lages in the Azores.



Three b/w photographs, one b/w postcard, one sketch map and one printed slip on album page


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