Propaganda Leaflet and Bombing Attacks on Germany



Propaganda Leaflet and Bombing Attacks on Germany


Two items from a scrapbook.

Item 1 is a propaganda leaflet, dropped on Homberg on 21 November 44. It is a warning from Dwight D Eisenhower to the German people not to harm in any way those in forced labour battalions or concentration camps. Allies expect to find them alive and unharmed or those responsible will face severe punishment.

Item 2 is a newspaper cutting about Bombing Attacks on Germany. It states that the RAF lost 79,281 airmen and 22000 aircraft during the war. The USAAF lost 79,265 airmen and 18000 aircraft.



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[underlined]ALLIIEERTES OBERKOMMANDO [/underlined]
(Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force)
[underlined]Bekanntmachung [/underlined]

Deutsche! Unter Euch befindet sich eine grosse Anzahl Menschen in Zwangsarbeits- Bataillonen und in Konzentrations-lagern.

Deutsche! Befolgt keine Befehle, von welcher Seite auch immer, zur Schikanierung, Missandlung und Unterdrückun dieser Menschen, welcher Nationalitäl oder Religion sie [missing word] hören mörgen. Die alliierten Armeen, die bereits auf deutschem Boden festen Fuss gefasst haben, erwarten auf ihrem Vormarsch, diese Menschen lebendig and underletzt vorzufinden.

Schwere Strafen warden Jeden treffen, der mittlebar oder unmittlebar, in grossem oder kleinem Mass, sich ihrer Misshandlung schuldif gemacht hat.

Jeder, der gegenwärtig Befehlsgwalt ausübt, soll sich dies zur Warnumg dienen lassen!

Dwight D Eisenhower
General, Oberster Befehshaber der Alliierten Streitkräfte

7. November 1944

LEFT:- Leaflet dropped on Homberg area on 21st November, 1944.



Washing, Oct. 30 – The war department, in a survey of strategic bombing issued to-day, states that the R.A.F. lost 79,281 airmen killed and the U.S.A.A.F. 79,265 in the allied bombing attacks on Germany.
When the allied air offensive on the western front was at its peak 28,000 operational aeroplanes, manned and services by 1,300,00 men, were in use.
The R.A.F. lost 22,000 aircraft and the U.S.A.A.F. 18,000 aircraft in the attacks, the reports states. The survey found that the raid on a German city which most shook Germany was that by the R.A.F. on Hamburg in August, 1943, when, the Germans, estimated, 60,000 to 100,000 persons were killed and about one-third of the houses were destroyed.
The report, which was drawn up by a group of American civilians appointed by the late President Roosevelt, states :-“Experience shows that whatever target the system used, no indispensable industry was permanently put out of commission by a single attack. Persistent re-attack was necessary.”
The investigators, who are soon to make a similar survey on Japan, refer to one major point in tactics –“incendiary bombs, ton for ton, were found to have been four or five times as destructive as high explosive bombs.”- Reuter.
It was state at the Air Ministry yesterday that the figure of 79,281 R.A.F. airmen lost given in the report, is the total killed up to May, 1945, of Bomber Command only in north-west Europe. It therefore excludes 2nd Tactical Air Force, Fighter Command, and Coastal Command. The United States figure of 79,265 presumably covers all arms – bomber, tactical, and fighter screen – but this is not certain.


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