Letter from Terry Ford to his family



Letter from Terry Ford to his family


Terry Ford writes that it is the last week of the course and he has passed everything. He is looking forward to the Christmas off, possibly, for 3 or 4 weeks.




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1585520 LAC Ford T.A.
A2 Flight
35 E.F.T.S,


[inserted] The ground is continually covered in snow of course & it glistens in the sun just like thousands of pieces of tinsel. [/inserted]

Dear Mum, Dad, Yvonne & Moira,

I have received several airgraphs from you lately & also one from Jack & Mrs Coram & also a postcard from you. I can’t understand why you haven’t received any letters yet. Have you received the parcel I sent you 2 months ago?

I’ve been corresponding with Denis for some time & have heard several times from him. He seems to be in a very pleasant spot.

This is the last week of our course. I’ve passed [deleted word] everything thank goodness, but I was very disappointed with my showing in the last flying test in fact I was very off form that day & am surprised I passed, although I don’t suppose I could have been too bad. However if they decide they don’t want so many pilots I should think I shall be one to go, although my instructor says my flying generally is above average (line[?]-shooting!!) Anyway flying is very pleasant this week, with nothing to worry about & I’m enjoying it very much. Doing several cross-countries, & have done my night solo O.K.

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I’m still hoping to go on singles & if I do there is a fifty-fifty chance I shall go to Don’s place.

We have quite a good skating rink here in camp now & have a fine time, as we have a half day off every day. I got a pair of skates for a dollar (really good one, with boots attached, of course) & am getting on quite well with it.

That chap in Neepawa I told you about, who comes from Bristol, has invited me to their Christmas dinner but I shall be on leave then. It is rumoured that we shall be getting 3 or 4 weeks leave which will be grand as they celebrate both Christmas & New Year equally here. The only trouble for us will be lack of cash probably. I don’t know where I am going, but I may go to Banff in the Rockies, or Minneapolis in the States.

I’ve had a Christmas card from John Fisher & I’ve heard from a couple more of my old I.T.W. pals & may be[sic] we shall meet at S.F.T.S.

We really have a marvellous set of instructors [deleted] here [/deleted] to our flight & my instructor P/O Shanley is grand. He played “tig” with us on the ice yesterday. He’s a very young chap, & very helpful.

I hope you have a very enjoyable Christmas & here’s hoping the war will be over by the next new year.

Love to all

P.S. Hope the 2 Fishes are still happy. P.P.S. Temp is about 15[degree symbol] below zero. P.T.O.

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