Letter from Terry Ford to his family



Letter from Terry Ford to his family


Terry Ford writes home telling his family about his experiences of Moncton, Canada and the differences there from home.




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[underlined] Airmail. [/underlined]
1585520 LAC Ford. T.A.,
4 Sdn. RAF.
31 P.D., Moncton,
New Brunswick,
Saturday, 17-10-42.

[circled 1]
Dear Mum, Dad, Yvonne & Maria,

This is my first airmail letter, & I should be glad if you would tell me how long it takes, as it costs 30c. & I don’t know that it is worth it. The best is airgraph I think & as I probably shan’t be able to say much about the flying, I shall send them more often.

As I said in the airgraph we shall probably be here 3 weeks or a month getting used to the different currency, customs, driving on wrong side of road, & all the hundred & one differences over here. We shall then go on to a training school somewhere.

Pete, Mac & I went into Moncton last night, & it was amazing, on looking into the shops, to see what we have been doing without. I bought a lighter for a dollar (4/6) & several other small things.

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We then went into Duke’s Grill & had chips, tomato, bacon, 2 eggs, four pieces of b& b & coffee for 1/2 $ (2/3).

I should grow into a strong boy out here as the air is marvellous, & the grub beautifully cooked & plentiful. Everything seems so well organised, & near. We are in 2 storey huts only a few yards from dining room, Drill Hall & orderly room, instead of having to walk miles.

There are quite a lot of French-Canadians in this town & about one shop in three seems to be a barbers.

There is a terrific lot I should like to buy, but I shall leave it for a bit, as I don’t want to have to lug damageable stuff in kit-bags all over the country.

Winter appears to come much later here, as it is still cloudless & sunny & quite warm here, I think its called Indian summer.

One can see a tremendous way here. Looking out of my window

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I can see the trees brown, red, yellow & green stretching for miles into the hills in the background.

Denis is on the same camp, but he must be in a different squadron as I haven’t seen him, or a lot of chaps I know. They seem to have disappeared.

Well I’ll stop writing about Canada now, although I could go on for a long time.

I hope you are all fit & happy at home & don’t forget to look out for that pub. How is Yvonne getting on?

Remember me to every one, won’t you.


[underlined] Terry. [/underlined]

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