Letter from Terry Ford to his family



Letter from Terry Ford to his family


Terry Ford thanked his parents for the cigarettes and letters. He was elated about flying an aircraft with his instructor in bad weather conditions.




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1585520 LAC Ford T.A.
“B” Flight, RAF.
Braunstone Aerodrome,
Nr. Leicester.

Thursday 23-7-42

Dear Mum, Dad & Moira,

Thanks for the letters & cigs. Sorry I have not written before, but I have been so interested in my flying that I did not want to write until after my seven hour test.

Well I have now done 8 hours 10 mins. & the weather has been rotten. Bad for learning but good experience. I was pleasantly surprised that my instructor has put in his report that I am “above average”, but I’m afraid I did [deleted] very [/deleted] [inserted] rather [/inserted] badly in my 7 hour test to-day. Visibility was very poor with clouds at 2000’ & made things rather difficult. However, F/O Alderdice said that if the weather improves, I should go [underlined] SOLO [/underlined]. I only hope it does. The usual trouble: Landings! has been my bogey to-day, but with the blustering wind even the instructors found it difficult to land well.

All being well, I should be home next Tuesday or Friday. It all depends on when I get my 11 hour test. I [underlined] MUST [/underlined] do well in that because this flying has really got me, & I don’t want to be an Observer.

We had some very good fun on Tuesday. I [deleted indecipherable word] climbed up above the clouds in

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the sunlight. [deleted indecipherable word] Then F/O Alderdice took over & did some stunting. We did a slow roll in which we went upside down, so that our heads were in the clouds. It was grand.

We have had a good time in Leicester lately, & the money has gone a bit, but still it has been very enjoyable.

I was very surprised when the instructor said I was [deleted] about [/deleted] above average, because there has[sic] been times when he was almost in tears. Still they say that instructors don’t bind[?] unless the pupil is worth binding at, so I don’t mind.

I should like to come to [indecipherable word] if I am home when you are there, but as I say I am not sure when I shall be home.

I have written to Charlie. I don’t know where he is yet, but I shall no doubt know when I get home.

Thanks for the cigs, mum, they are very acceptable. Don’t bother about food, I can always get some. You certainly seem to have had a marvellous time at Oxford & it [deleted] should [/deleted] [inserted] must [/inserted] have been a nice holiday.

I had a letter from Jack[?] to-day. He has not got his commission & is very disappointed about that ferry job. In fact he is rather browned off I think. He is most keen that I should not fail.

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You needn’t worry about hedge hopping Moira, we never come lower than fifty feet, & I haven’t felt in the least nervous yet. The queerest experience was when I did a spin into a cloud – I couldn’t tell whether I was going up, down or round in circles.

Well that is about all for now. I seem to be rather shooting[?] a [indecipherable word] about flying, but I really am enjoying it.
I will let you know when I am definately[sic] coming home.

Love Terry

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