Fifth of His Crew to be Decorated



Fifth of His Crew to be Decorated


A newspaper cutting announcing that Charles has been awarded a DFM. He completed 35 operations and on the last one his aircraft crashed.






One newspaper cutting


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[Photograph of FLT. SERGT. C. F. TURNER]

Fifth Of His Crew To Be Decorated

THE D.F.M has been awarded to Flight Sergeant Charles Frederick Turner (23), R.A.F.V.R., youngest son of Mrs, F. A, Turner, of 47, Crosby Street, Derby, for “gallantry and devotion to duty in the execution of air operations against the enemy.”
Now home on sick leave following an air accident in April this year, Flt. Sgt. Turner took part in 35 operations over Germany as an air-gunner, and is the fifth member of his Lancaster to be decorated.
He received severe injuries when he was thrown from his aircraft as it was about to touch down at an aerodrome after completing his 35th operation. The Lancaster had arrived back on three engines, and during the run-in to land another one exploded.
Although due to be demobilised in the near future, Flt. Sergt. Turner is anxious to stay in the R.A.F.
He received his training in South Africa, where he stayed for two years, and returned to this country in 1943. His two brothers, George, a sapper in the Royal Engineers, and Wilfred, a lance-corporal in the R.A.S.C., are both serving in Germany.



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