Turner, Charlie


Turner, Charlie
C F Turner


26 items. The collection concerns Warrant Officer Charles Turner DFM (1042292 Royal Air Force) and contains his log book, correspondence, newspaper cuttings and photographs. He flew operations as a rear gunner with 186 Squadron.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Barbara Turner and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Turner, CF

Collection Items

Veterans on parade in front of Derby Assembly Rooms
A group of veterans lined up in front of a town major and air force officers. Behind, Derby Assembly Rooms. Tram cables can be seen.

Seven airmen at a rear gun turret
A group of seven airmen in two rows beside the rear gun turret of their aircraft.

14 trainee airmen
A formal group of 14 trainee airmen in khaki with a trainee flash in their sidecaps.

Charles Turner 's crashed Lancaster
A Lancaster with its fuselage broken into sections in a field. In one photograph a man is sitting in the pilot's seat. The first image is annotated 'Fortune was kind! To me. The day after'.

Five airmen and their Lancaster
Five airmen arranged at the front of their Lancaster 'D'. The nose art features a cartoon figure holding a bomb. The text is partly indecipherable but the second word is 'Special'.
On the reverse is
'L to R
Jerrie ----
Bob ---- Killed on Ops…

Charles Turner RAFVR
A half-length portrait of Charles Turner whilst a member of the RAF Volunteer Reserve.

Charles Turner
A half-length portrait of Charles Turner in greatcoat and cap.

Sergeant Charles Turner
A half-length portrait of Charles in uniform with air gunners brevet.

Award of Distinguished Flying Medal to Charles Turner
A citation referring to the circumstances of the award of a Distinguished Flying Medal to Charles.

Battle Order 5th March 1945
A battle order for 186 Squadron for an operation to Gelsenkirchen. It details each aircraft and all seven crew members for each aircraft.

Charles Turner's Certificate of Service
A Certificate detailing Charles' trades and ranks in the RAF with dates, issued by the Record Office.

Charles Turner's Certificate of Discharge
RAF Form 3813 issued to Charles Turner on his discharge from the RAF.

Letter to Charles Turner from RAF Record Office
The letter accompanies Charles Distinguished Flying Medal and a letter from the King.

Letter to Charles Turner from RAF Record Office
The letter asks Charles where he would like his Distinguished Flying Medal to be sent.

Letter to Charles Turner from the King
The letter advises Charles of his award of a Distinguished Flying Medal.

Letter to Charles Turner Mother from his Commanding Officer
The letter advises Mrs Turner that her son is seriously ill after a flying accident.

Letter to Charles Turner from RAF Record Office
Charles Turner's discharge letter form the RAF.

Letter to Charles Turner from Officer Commanding RAF Wratting Common
The letter advises Charles that he has been awarded a Distinguished Flying Medal.

Charles Turner's Airman' Service Book
Form 64 issued to Charles Turner in September 1944. It records his trades in the RAF then his inoculations and medical record summary.

Charles Turner's Service and Release Book
Form 2520A issued to Charles Turner. It covers the period from 15.04.41 to 29.10.46

Fifth of His Crew to be Decorated
A newspaper cutting announcing that Charles has been awarded a DFM. He completed 35 operations and on the last one his aircraft crashed.

Telegram advising Flight Sergeant Charles Turner is in hospital
Charles was involved in an aircraft accident and was admitted to hospital.

Commissioning of Air Crew Personnel
A form filled in for P A Upson, Navigator. It details 26 operations by date, day or night, location and duration.

Charles Turner's flying log book
C F Turner’s air gunner’s log book covering the period from 27 December 1943 to 4 April 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown as rear air gunner. He was stationed at SAAF Port Alfred (43 Air School), RAF Little Horwood and RAF…

Letter from Charles Turner to his mother and family
In the letter he complains that his mother hasn't written to him, he misses mild beer, tripe and black pudding. He describes going out for drinks with a WAAF and meeting South African air force pilots and more girls, then they all went for dinner and…
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