Tempest and Typhoon



Tempest and Typhoon


Photo 1 is a port side ground view of a Tempest.
Photo 2 is a starboard side flying view of a Typhoon.




Two b/w photographs on an album page


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Hawker Tempest.
Prototypes were ordered with Rolls Royce Sabre & Griffin inline engines as well as the Bristol Centaurus radial. The first to fly in February 1943, was the Tempest woth [sic] the Sabre IV engine. The aircraft operated very successfully against the German flying bombs (V1), being credited with the destruction of 638 out of the 1771 destroyed by the R.A.F. between June & September 1944. A first class combat machine the Tempest caught & destroyed 20 Messerschmitt 262 jet aircraft. Total production 805.

Hawker Typhoon.
The Typhoon prototype first flew in Feb. 1940, entering service in September 1941. Because of its poor rate of climb, the Typhoon was a disappointing fighter, but, it proved to be a formidable fighter-bomber. During 1944 & 1945 the type equipped 26 squadrons, & was a decisive tank killer in the final defeat of the Germans. Total poroduction [sic] 3270 aircraft.




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