Flying Training School Bobbington (Halfpenny Green) November 1941



Flying Training School Bobbington (Halfpenny Green) November 1941
49 airmen


49 airmen arranged in four rows. On the reverse are the signatures of those present. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor. RAF Bobbington was also known as RAF Halfpenny Green.



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J W J Rowland. A Phillips. F Shuedle L Dantrie (AIR REC).

[signature] [signature] F. Ross W L Bowditch. (MORSE).

A Ellis. H Johnson. A L Gardner. W. B Rose (LEFT COURSE) T.A Lujden

F. Thorpe. K.L. Bench D. Conway

A.B. Ward J. C. Ryder. (LEFT COURSE) G.M. Hughes J R Heyes

F Trusler T. M. Burgess. R. G. Fewtrell John Evans. W H Olerrick

F J. Lesher L W West. C.D Ciass. C. Clarke. A Suringh Wong Bell

J. Nichol F Riley G. R. Rainey (LEFT COURSE)

Thos W Kenyon. AH Oliver G K. Taylor F Harston.

C. Miller A Phillips Edmond J Lane.

W D Lloyd J.H. Cox. W.H. Adams. G. C, Rowe.

J M Blakeburn (LEFT COURSE) F. Peace D Finlayson

J. B. Halbert [indecipherable letters] Adams Ron Rees. Stan C Jennings

A Butufel L Halsollet (NAV.)

Flying Training School Bobbington Nr. Stourbridge [circled] 1941 [/circled]


“Flying Training School Bobbington (Halfpenny Green) November 1941,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 18, 2024,

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