Letter to Spike Alexandratos from Mrs Cahir



Letter to Spike Alexandratos from Mrs Cahir


Letter from M Cahir to ‘Spike’ Alexandratos updating him on the news.



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AUST P.O.W. 3338
505 Bell st.
Preston N.1.8. Vic. Aust
Nov 23 1944
Dear Spike, Your letter received the other day & I was more than pleased to know you thought of us. The same day I had a card from Jim, expressing his surprise that you also were in Germany. He had just received my letter, telling of your safe descent. He had as a matter of fact, written to you in England from his Stalag IV B and he mentioned that he thought you would have had luck to keep out. But thank God, you are both alive & coming home some day. That is more than many mothers can hope for. When you are free again, go to my sister’s will you (Mrs. Taylor, 122 Kidmore End Rd, Reading Berks) or at least write to her, & you’ll make contact with Jim. She’ll be glad to do everything for you boys. Brigadier Gorman, - Head of Repatriated P.O.W. Contingent – is a personal friend of ours – and Jim has instructions to seek him out. He may be able to help you too. We are looking forward to a speedy end to all the unnecessary carnage of civilians & others & a return to ordinary civilisation. No nation in the world wants to keep on but no one will yield. My brother -in – law may call on your mother when he goes to Shepperton next week. I asked him to but he has so many things to do on his tours that he forgets what I ask.
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I suppose that like Jim, you keep your mind working & open by lectures, amusements & study. Jim has decided that he wants to be a wool buyer on his return from the war, as he is studying accordingly – tho’ I don’t think he can practical experience behind barbed wire!! Pat is still in Australia, tho’ may thousands of miles away. He was home last Easter when he & I went for a week to Daylesford. I sent him your letter to read. Vince, who captained his team this year, is going into the navy after Xmas, so Spike, you can see how lonely I’m going to be when My third boy goes. But what a reunion we’re going to have shortly. You are probably in the depths of winter – and don’t I know how cold it can be!! I used, as a child, to cry with my poor toes & fingers. They used to be so cold – and the snow melting getting into our boots. And we over here, look as if we’re going to a long, hot summer. Even as early as this, we have already got bushfires. We’ve practically had no rain & the country is dry & ready for fires. I’ve a fairly decent show of everything in our garden, but it takes a lot of looking after. Well, Spike, I expect you to stay for as long as you like when you & Jim come home & won’t we have a lot to talk about.
Yours lovingly
M Cahir


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