Letter to Mrs Cahir from Jim Cahir



Letter to Mrs Cahir from Jim Cahir


Airgraph from Flight Sergeant Jim Cahir to his mother and brothers. He writes that he has chilblains, about the weather, and asking if they send a parcel it should be a food parcel and quoting an extract from a German paper criticising the American paper “Yank”.




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[underlined] Kriegsgefangenenpost [/underlined]
[two ink stamps]
An Mrs. M. CAHIR.
Emfangsort: 505 BELL ST
[underlined] Gebührenfreil [/underlined]
Vor- und Zuname: Francis. S. CAHIR F/sgt
Gefangenennummer: 267500
Lager-Bezeichnung: M.-Stammlager IV B [inserted] “C” [/inserted]
[underlined] Deutschland (Allemagne) [/underlined]
[page break]
Jan 18th. 45
Dear Mum Pat & Vincent. How are you? in the best I hope, at the moment I am nursing my first chilblains and not liking it, otherwise I am in the very best of health, so don’t worry over me. The weather has been bad lately nothing but snow & biting winds, if anybody mentions snow to me when I get out of this hole I will go mad. No mail for a couple of weeks now, the first parcel you sent me has not turned up yet, by the way in case there should be need to send any more parcels, send food such as Tea, Chocolate, Soups, Egg Powders, etc plus a pair of socks. Food parcels arrive safely at this end and there is no trouble about them. I have seen hundreds of [indecipherable word] here, any trouble there may be will be at your end. Here is an extract from a German Paper, it may interest Pat! The Extract is [inserted] from [/inserted] a Criticism of the American Paper the “Yank” “Mail Call is a Page on which the G.I’s really let loose in a manner unknown in other Army – except maybe the Australian” The Extract refers to the “Letters to the Editor” Page in the Yank, and a G.I. is an American Private. According to this Country’s Newspapers, Big things are happening and as far as I can see the future looks very bright, let’s hope I am not disappointed. Sorry I can’t write to all the people I should write to at home. How is Kathleen now? I never forget her in my Prayers. Cheerio & Love. Jim.


Jim Cahir, “Letter to Mrs Cahir from Jim Cahir,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 7, 2022, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/20087.

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