Letter from Dave Davies to Betty Davies



Letter from Dave Davies to Betty Davies


Dave confirms to have received various letters from Betty. He announces the possibility to take leave and that he misses his wife. Dave writes about bad weather and work at another aerodrome. He hopes to see Betty soon.




One page handwritten letter


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Mrs D.H. Davies.
50. Portland Street.
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1653015 F/SGT Davies D.
SGTS' Mess.
R.A.F. Elsham Wolds.
[indecipherable word] Barnetby.
lincs. [sic]

My Dearest Darling Wife.
Well here I come at last darling.
I have received quite a lot of letters from you since I wrote last. and also the “Cambrian News”. I think I better start with some good news. I’m still getting my leave soon darling, as a matter of fact I might get it on the 25th of this month, that is next week, but they hav’nt [sic] quite decided yet. So dont [sic] be surprised to see me home in a few days after you receive this. I hope they decide to give it to us on the 25. I feel I could’nt [sic] wait another week before seeing you darling. I’m dying to see you honestly! I miss [missing] terribly darling. I do’nt [sic] know what I [missing] do if they did’nt [sic] keep us so busy all [missing] time. That helps a bit, but not very much. [missing] would take a lot before I could forget you [missing] very long darling.
We have been away for a few days down in the south at another aerodrome. We were diverted there one night because the weather was too bad for us to land at our place
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Well it was‘nt [sic] as much the weather. It was due to fog, and our place is bad for that, since we‘re situated in the moors. I’m feeling quite well these days darling, but I dont [sic] get much time to enjoy myself. We're still very busy here, we hav’nt [sic] quite settled down yet. I might be lucky enough to hear you
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sing at home darling I’ll let you know about [missing] as soon as I can darling. Please excuse the paper [missing] hav’nt [sic] been down to the [indecipherable word] yet since we came [indecipherable word] [missing] I’ll write you a longer letter tomorrow. How is mam and daden [sic] darling? Tell them I’m hoping to see them soon. I’m always thinking of you darling and looking forward to holding you in my arms again. I [underlined] do [/underlined] love you my darling. Yours forever. Your darling husband.
How is Torchy behaving himself? xxxxxxxxxxx



Dave Davies, “Letter from Dave Davies to Betty Davies,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 9, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/19815.

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