Letter from Dave Davies to Betty Hughes



Letter from Dave Davies to Betty Hughes


Advises he is still at the same place and considers where he may visit, if he is granted leave. He talks about the weather conditions and concludes with words of affection; hoping to see his fiancée, Betty, again soon.




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Miss Betty Hughes
50 Portland Street.
Cardiganshire Wales.

1653015 SGT Davies D
M.P.O 304
R.CA F. [sic]
Ottowa. [sic]
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1653015 [missing]
M.P.O 304
Ottowa [sic]

My Dearest Darling.
Well darling I'm still in the same old place, and no news whatever of postings. I think they might send us on leave the end of this week. - a week's leave I think. So you can see I
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Sha’nt [sic] be posted for quite some time yet. We’ve had organised classes for the last few days, which makes it a lot worse darling, but we get them in the morning or afternoon only, and the rest of the day we’re free to do what we like. The weather has been a lot milder in the last few days, but we've had some more snow again. The thaw has started too, and everything is in a horrible mess [missing] the roads. I hav’nt [sic] met any more [missing] but I expect I shall in the next [missing] Don should be here in a fortnight. [missing] rather unlucky. he started S.E.T.S. a [missing] and the course has been extended since we finished it. I hav’nt [sic] decided yet where to go on my leave. I think Montreal is the easiest place to get to. It's only a day’s journey, and it’s the nearest big town from here. We might try to get down to the States for a few days, the only thing is, there’s such a loT [sic] of trouble to exchange money and all that, and it's a bit expensive too. It is'nt [sic] so much the distance. Well darling I have no idea when I'll be able to see you. I hope it w’ont [sic] be too long. I’m looking so much to see you, I miss you now more than ever, since we hav’nt [sic] much [deleted] else [/deleted] to do here. The amount of work we did in S.F.T.S. made us forget about home a little. but not completely by all means darling. You do’nt [sic] happen to know when Charlie finished his course darling? I was just thinking he might be still
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here. I wish I could meet him.
I'm afraid that's all for now darling. I'll write again soon. I hav’nt [sic] heard from you for quite a while, but I expect I’ll have one soon. I love you as much as ever darling. Keep smiling it might not be long after all.
I'm always thinking of you darling.
Your darling husband (to be)



Dave Davies, “Letter from Dave Davies to Betty Hughes,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 3, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/19813.

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