No 32 Course, No 51 OTU Cranfield



No 32 Course, No 51 OTU Cranfield


A group photo of five rows of airmen. Underneath each individual is identified. Ken Munro is identified in the fourth row from the back, 9th from left.





One b/w photograph


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No. 32 Course, No. 51 O.T.U. Cranfield.


[italics] Back Row (left to right). [/italics] W/O Parr, E.G. F/Sgt. Radley, B. F/Sgt. Burr, T.M.V. F/Sgt. Taylor, D. Sgt. Findlow, W.C.P. Sgt. Charnock, F.R. Sgt. Wood, J.G. Sgt. Richmond, J. W/O Watts, W.H. W/O Kotiba, F. W/O Kepak, V. Sgt. Evans, J.E.

[italics] 2nd Row from Back (left to right). [/italics] Sgt. Letten, R.J. Sgt. Thurgood, C.M. Sgt. Rogers, A.F. P/O F.S. Hook. Sgt. Pynn, A.C. Sgt. Croxford, D.H. F/Sgt. Wilson, T.J.C. Sgt. Snell, R. F/Sgt. Falconer, P.O. Sgt. Spicer, L.J.S. Sgt. Doubek, K. Sgt. Walker, C.

[italics] 3rd Row from Back (left to right). [/italics] F/O J.L. Joynson. Sgt. West, R.G. Sgt. Radford, F.J. Sgt. Halen, J.S. F/Sgt. Furness, J.P. P/O J.A. Webster. Sgt. Leslie, J. Sgt. Armour, W.G. Sgt. Kershaw, G. Sgt. Earl, F.P. Sgt. Walker, E.A. Sgt. Taylor, A.P. F/O J. Taudy. F/O G.C. Findlay.

[italics] 4th Row from Back (left to right). [/italics] F/O L.G. Martin. F/O G.C.P. Rees. F/O D. Hannaford. F/Lt. W.J. Whittaker. P/O V.J. Watts. F/O V.J. Tyler. F/lt. C.O. McLennan. F/O J.C. Fletcher. P/O K.W. Munro. F/O F. Bocock. F/O P.W. Fry. F/Lt. G.D. Bates. P/O J.A.H. Edwards. F/O T.C.E.H. Buckley.

[italics] Front Row (left to right). [/italics] P/O W.H. Forbes. F/O J.D. Spetch. F/O J.P.P. Cole. F/O D.W. Field. F/O T.K. Prince. P/O J.K. Rogers. F/Lt. A.E. Marshall. F/Lt. P.D. Thomson. F/Lt. R.J. Broughton. F/O R.W. Fraser. F/O C.F.G. Parsons. F/Lt. P.W.M. Kelshall.


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