Map and photographs of Keith Thompson's service on Christmas Island



Map and photographs of Keith Thompson's service on Christmas Island


Two photographs captioned 'Hickam Field, Pearl Harbour is next door'. Photograph of island from the air captioned 'Good bye Honolulu 2 July '56'. Page annotated 19 Jan '57, 5 a/c of 206 flew west to the Azores, Bermuda, across the States to San Francisco (Travis AFB) then Honolulu arriving Christmas Island 28 Jan '57. We flew met recce and anti shipping patrols with S.A.R. stand by duties from Christmas Island. Our crew and aircraft returned before "The Bomb" the aircraft was due a "10,000 mile [sic]" inspection!!! 18 March '57 back home to St Eval.
Newspaper cutting annotated 11/12/58, captioned 'double search off Borneo Plane & Schooner, from our own correspondent Singapore Wednesday'. This story covered the 205 squadron Shackleton that went missing from Borneo.
Photograph of Shackleton airfield background captioned 'Azores fill her up!'
Photograph captioned 'Bermuda married quarters'.
Photograph captioned ' "The Flag" over Bermuda'.
Three photographs one of a sea front two of Shackleton with airfield background and three colour postcards captioned 'Bermuda'.
Planning sheet for the journey westbound from St Eval out to Christmas Island.
Planning sheet for the return journey to St Eval.
Map showing the west-boundabout route.
Two photographs of street scenes captioned Charleston.
Two photographs captioned 'Trailer Park'.
Two photographs from the air showing city with large river, captioned 'New Orleans'.
Photograph from the air from a Shackleton captioned 'Colorado river ht 12,000 ft'.
Photograph from the air, captioned 'Texas Prairie'.
Photograph taken through windscreen of car captioned Franklin Hills El Paso'.
Photograph from the air captioned 'palm springs 11,00ft, "Hills"'.
Photograph from the air captioned 'Snow on "Hills"'.
Photograph from the air showing river delta captioned 'Near Frisco'.
Group of airmen in uniform studying map, urban background, captioned 'Where is it?'.
Colour postcard of coastline captioned Seal Rocks',
Photograph captioned 'Crossing the Golden Gate.
Cartoon of Flight Sergeant suitcase in hand standing at the bottom of the stairs saying to exasperated wife " I repeat a slice of bread and butter and a cup of tea'. Annotated 'Drawn by "Hewey" en route Xmas Island to St Eval 1957'.
Blank Form 2707B Signallers Log.
Newspaper clipping from San Francisco advertising car hire.
Flyer advertising 'Top of the Mark' the cocktail bar at the top of the Mark Hopkins hotel in San Francisco.



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23 b/w photographs, 4 colour postcards, navigation planning chart, cartoon advertising flyer on two album pages.


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“Map and photographs of Keith Thompson's service on Christmas Island,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 8, 2022,

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