AS Coller Scrapbook Page 6



AS Coller Scrapbook Page 6


Five items from a scrapbook.
Item 1 - photograph of two men at a fairground, one with an air rifle. It is captioned' Jo Fraser & Me Blackpool, early 1945'.
Item 2 - an invitation to the Stage Door Canteen, 30th September 1945. It is captioned 'I could not attend this invitation as I was on call'.
Item 3 - the menu for Christmas dinner at the Airmen's Mess, RAF Barnham, 1943.
Item 4 - AS Coller's membership card for the British Welcome Club, dated 8 December 1944.
Item 5 - leaflet printed in several languages including English - 'The Allies have conquered Germany. The war in Europe is over. Japan stands alone'.


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