Famed RAF Squadron to visit Lowry



Famed RAF Squadron to visit Lowry


Top - newspaper cutting with two photographs - left air-to-air view showing three Lancasters and on the right an air-to air view of three Lancasters in echelon starboard. Text states that this page has several pictures of Lancasters from famed 35 Squadron which participated in 13,000 hours of night flying as well as 1,000 hours of daylight bombing during the war. Goodwill tour to last five weeks.
Bottom newspaper cutting with two photographs, on left - Lancaster parked with several men around it. Right - Lancaster on ground viewed from port front quarter. In the background further Lancasters lined up. Text notes that some of planes pictured were used by members of 35 (Pathfinder) Squadron in offensive against Germany. The crew were awarded 295 DFCs, 173 DFMs and 19 Service Orders. 35 Squadron was scheduled to join AAF in a mass air offensive against Japan.



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Two newspaper cuttings mounted on an album page


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