Goodwill tour of United States



Goodwill tour of United States


Top- newspaper cutting and photograph. Shows two Royal Air Force officers and two United States army air force officers in line under a sign that says 'Welcome R.A.F.' Captioned 'Greetings. Group Captain R.C.M. Collard. officer in charge of RAF tour, stands by (left) Wing Commander A.J.L. Craig is welcomed to Mitchel Field by Lt Gen George E. Stratemeyer. At the right is Col L.R. Parker, see below'.

Middle left - photograph of B-17 facing left.

Middle right air-to-air view of four Lancasters in formation over a city.

Third row left - air-to-ground view of Los Angeles, the tall building is the LA City Hall.

Third row right - Lancaster in light paint scheme parked on ground at air show surrounded by spectators.

Bottom left - Avro York at airshow surrounded by spectators.

Bottom right - air-to-ground view of a city with square grid roads and tall buildings.



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One newspaper cutting and six b/w photographs


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