Letter to Leonard Cheshire from G Gardiner



Letter to Leonard Cheshire from G Gardiner


From Royal Aircraft Establishment Farnborough provides information from experts at Royal Aircraft Establishment Farnborough concerning trimming Mosquito VI to avoid sideslip. After technical explanation goes on to discuss fitting new artificial horizon.




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16th June, 1944.

Wing Commander Cheshire, D.S.O., D.F.C.,
Royal Air Force Station
Woodhall Spa

Dear Cheshire,

When I visited you, you raised the question of trimming the Mosquito VI to avoid sideslip. I referred your query to the Aero Department here whose remarks are as follows:-

“ We have not done any flight measurements of the sideslip on the Mosquito, but it would be contrary to our experience on other aircraft on which sideslip has been measured if it were really necessary to fly the Mosquito with one engine at 2 p.s.i. more than the other in order to avoid skid in straight flight. It should be possible to fly with equal power on both sides and with no skid provided the ridder s correctly trimmed. The rudder trimmer setting needed for this,

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however, will probably vary with airspeed.

Possibly W/Cdr. Cheshire means that by flying with asymmetric power this change of rudder trim with speed is avoided. This is quite possible, but the aircraft would be skidding (wings level) especially at low speeds. We have not, however, done any flight tests, to check this point.”

I mentioned to you during my visit that we might be able to let you have a completely free Artificial Horizon. We have in fact got a serviceable Italian instrument of this type which includes a scale showing angle of dive.

We could let you have this instrument but you might have some difficultly in fitting it as it [inserted] may be [/inserted] too big to substitute for the standard Artificial Horizon. You could, however, fit it on a separate panel and it might help you on occasions when the standard instruments goes mad.

If you would like to have this instrument you could get someone to collect it or I would sent it to you, if you wish.

Yours sincerely

G Gardiner



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