To 'Jasp' and Mary



To 'Jasp' and Mary


Part of a letter to Ted Neale and Mary from a friend in South Africa. The writer apologises for taking so long to reply and writes of his new house.

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1 Dec.
2 2nd Avenue
Cape Province
South Africa
Dear ‘Joseph’ & Mary,
After you have been revived with a glass of water – or something stronger – you may have been able to get this far into the letter for the big’ Hallo!” and Seasons Greetings from an old ‘comrade’ - & the years have slipped by so fast & since we ‘diced ‘ together ‘Joseph’ that the word “old’’ is beginning to take an almost unpleasant note.
No doubt you have given me up as a bad job, for in front of me is a letter of yours dated “15 December”. However, tho’ I write rarely, it’s sometimes with a certain amount of misgiving that I take stock of myself in this Sunny Clime, and think of the evenings, or perhaps week-ends, I may have spent in the good company of those friends I left behind.
One musn’t [sic] become too depressed tho’, so I shake off
[page break]
old man gloom & get down to things – for I have a lot of work on hand and ahead of me.
Your letter of so long ago opens up with a reference to my change of address a frequent occurrence. This address will be permanent tho’ for some time as I am buying this place. It is not a new house, but I got it at a very reasonable price & on excellent terms & it has great possibilities – I am very busy planning for the coming year – last year being spent in decorating & getting the garden straight.
Next year I hope to complete a garage & turning a stoep into a kitchen – the kitchen will become the dining room.. I intend to build both garage & stoep up myself so I have quite a lot of my spare time booked. What is news of the ’crew’. Is Mae still with the ‘mob’ – his kiddies



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