Boston crash after hit by flak



Boston crash after hit by flak
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On the first page an air to air view through the rear mirror of a third aircraft of two Bostons at very low level. The Boston on the right is trailing smoke and heading towards the ground. In the background a tilted horizon with bomb explosions. In the foreground a field with hayricks. Caption 'Mirror photograph of one of 88 Sqdn a/c which was hit by flack, when making a low-level attack on a steel works in Holland. Proof of the tragedies of war'.

On the second page the Boston which was trailing smoke has hit the ground and exploded to the left of the other Boston and just below the field with hayricks. On the left a road runs vertically up. Bomb explosions can be seen on the horizon. Caption 'They gave their lives that we might be free'.


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Two b/w photographs mounted on two separate album pages




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