Attwood, S.G. Personal details



Attwood, S.G. Personal details


An extract with personal details about Stan Attwood. It contains a list of his medals and a brief description of his service life.

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[missing name], S.G. Sgt. S 1814420 R.A.F.
Name Rank No. Regiment.
[missing number] 1939-45 Star.
[missing number] Air Crew Europe Star.
3. 1939-45 War Medal
4. Campaign Service Medal Bars: Borneo South Arabia
6. R.A.F. L.S. & G.C.
7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

London Gazette.

Roll or Unit History Notes.
Joined 50 Sqn at Skellingthorpe from [indecipherable number] Conv Unit on 31/12/43.
Enlisted Euston end 1942.

[underlined] Promotions [/underlined] Army/Navy/Air Force List.

Personal Details. [underlined] ATTWOOD, S. G. [/underlined]
Attwood joined the R.A.F. during the Second World War and trained as a Flight Engineer, being posted to Bomber Command. In 1943 and 1944 he took part in many of the 1000 bomber raids as a member of the crew of Lancaster “O for Oboe” of No. 50 Squadron. As Flight Engineer of this aircraft he was employed mainly on night bombing raids, major target Berlin. However, other places also figured as objectives and Munich, (when 100 aircraft failed to return), Essen in the Ruhr Valley, Augsburg, Schweinfurt, Frankfort, Stuttgart and Aachen were among them.
All seven members of the crew survived and on the 15th July 1969 Grenada Television screened a Tuesday Documentary about them entitled “If I don’t come back, Have a Drink with Me.”
Attwood remainedin [sic] the R.A.F. after the war and eventually received the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.


Great Britain. Royal Air Force, “Attwood, S.G. Personal details,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed February 7, 2023,

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