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This page is an index of the various tags we use to connect pages about similar subjects.  They are organised by subject matter e.g. forces, aircraft.  The first line of any entry is the term that we use to describe the subject which is also a hyperlink to every item in the IBCC Digital Archive described with that tag.  The second line (in italics) contains any alternate terms, abbreviations or colloquialisms which relate to the same subject.  We have provided definitions for some less commonly used or ambiguous terms.

Some entries have a parent/child structure in which the main entry is a broad category e.g. Lancaster, which is followed by entries which cover sub-categories e.g. Lancaster Mk 1, Lancaster Mk 2.  This allows for users to either narrow or expand the focus of their searches.

Not all entries will return hits – yet.  Some entries will have many items associated with them, others only a few.  The Archive is continually being added to, so it is worth returning regularly.

If you are having trouble finding the entry you are looking for on this page, most web browsers offer the ability to search within the page for any specific term.  For Windows devices use the shortcut ‘Ctrl+F’ to bring up the search function, and then type in the word/s you are searching for to highlight them in the page, you can then move between occurrences of the word until you find what you are looking for. In Safari you can search with a page by clicking (or tapping on touchscreen devices) in the URL/address bar at the top of the window, and then typing in the word/s that you wish to find.


a) Forces
b) Aircraft
c) Royal Air Force groups
d) Royal Air Force squadrons
e) Royal Air Force stations
f) Station facilities
g) Roles and trades
h) Decorations
i) Aerial warfare and related concepts
j) People
k) Events
l) Life experiences in wartime

a) Forces

Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana
Used for: National Republican Air Force, ANR

British Army
Used for: BA

Dainippon Teikoku Rikugun Kōkūbutai
Used for: Imperial Japanese Army Air Service, Imperial Japanese Army Air Force, IJAAS, IJAAF

Polskie Siły Powietrzne
Used for: Polish Air Force, PSP

Regia Aeronautica
Used for: Royal Italian Air Force, RA

Royal Air Force
Used for: RAF

Royal Air Force. Balloon Command
Royal Air Force. Bomber Command
Royal Air Force. Coastal Command
Royal Air Force. Fighter Command
Royal Air Force. Training Command
Royal Air Force. Transport Command

Royal Canadian Air Force
Used for: RCAF

Royal Indian Air Force
Used for: RIAF

Royal Navy
Used for: RN

Royal Netherlands Air Force
Used for: RNethAF, RNETHAF

Royal New Zealand Air Force
Used for: RNZAF

Royal Australian Air Force
Used for: RAAF

South African Air Force
Used for: SAAF, SALM

United States Army Air Force
Used for: USAAF

United States Army
Used for: US Army


Wehrmacht. Kriegsmarine
Used for: KM

Wehrmacht. Luftwaffe
Used for: LW

b) Aircraft

Albemarle - losses
Used for: Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle

Anson - losses
Used for: Avro Anson

Ar 232
Used for: Arado Ar 232, Tausendfüßler, Tatzelwurm

B-17 - losses
Used for: Boeing B-17, B17, Flying Fortress

B-24 - losses
Used for: Consolidated B-24 Liberator, B24, Liberator

B-25 - losses
Used for: North American B-25 Mitchell, B25, Mitchell

Used for: Martin B-26 Marauder

Used for: Boeing B-29 Superfortress

Battle - losses
Used for: Fairey Battle

Beaufighter - losses
Used for: Bristol Beaufighter, Bristol Type 156, Beau

Blenheim - losses
Used for: Bristol Blenheim

Used for: Bristol Bolingbroke

Boston - losses
Used for: Douglas A-20 Havoc, DB-7

C-47 - losses
Used for: Skytrain, DC3, DC-3 Dakota, Douglas DC-3

Used for: Catalina flying boat, Consolidated PBY Catalina, Canso

Used for: Consolidated Commodore

Used for: Fairchild PT-26

Defiant  - losses
Used for: Boulton Paul Defiant

Do 16
Used for: Dornier 16 , Wal, Dornier Do J

Do 18
Used for: Dornier 18, Dornier Do 18

Do 24
Used for: Dornier 24, Dornier Do 24

Do 215
Used for: Dornier 215, Dornier Do 215

Do 217
Used for: Dornier 217, Dornier Do 217

Dominie  - losses
Used for: de Havilland DH.89 Dragon Rapide, de Havilland Dominie

Fw 190
Used for: Focke-Wulf 190, Fw 190 Würger

He 111
Used for: Heinkel 111

Used for: General Aircraft Limited GAL. 49

Halifax  - losses
Used for: Handley Page Halifax

Halifax Mk 1
Used for: Halifax Mk. 1, Halifax Mk 1, Halifax Mk I, Halifax Mark 1

Halifax Mk 2
Used for: Halifax Mk. 2, Halifax Mk 2, Halifax Mk II, Halifax Mark 2

Halifax Mk 3
Used for: Halifax Mk. 3, Halifax Mk 3, Halifax Mk III, Halifax Mark 3

Hampden   - losses
Used for: Handley Page Hampden

Used for: Handley Page H.P.54 Harrow

Used for: North American T-6 Texan

Hornet Moth
Used for: de Havilland DH.87 Hornet Moth

Used for: Airspeed AS.51 Horsa

Hudson - losses
Used for: Lockheed Hudson

Hurricane - losses
Used for: Hawker Hurricane

Ju 52
Used for: Tante Ju, Iron Annie

Ju 86
Used for: Junkers 86, Junkers Ju 86

Ju 87
Used for: Junkers 87, Stuka, dive-bomber

Ju 88
Used for: Junkers Ju 88, Junkers 88

Ju 352
Used for: Junkers Ju 352 Herkules

Lancaster - losses
Used for: Avro Lancaster, Lanc

Lancaster Mk 1
Used for: Lancaster Mk. 1, Lancaster Mk 1, Lancaster Mk I, Lancaster Mark 1

Lancaster Mk 2
Used for: Lancaster Mk. 2, Lancaster Mk 2, Lancaster Mk II, Lancaster Mark 2

Lancaster Mk 3
Used for: Lancaster Mk. 3, Lancaster Mk 3, Lancaster Mk III, Lancaster Mark 3

Used for: Avro 691 Lancastrian

Used for: Avro Type 694, Avro Lincoln

Lysander - losses
Used for: Westland Lysander

Magister - losses
Used for: Miles M.14 Magister

Martinet - losses
Used for: Miles M.25 Martinet

Me 110
Used for: Messerschmitt Bf 110

Me 109
Used for: Messerschmitt Bf 109

Me 163
Used for: Messerschmitt 163, Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet

Me 262
Used for: Messerschmitt 262, Messerschmitt Me 262, Me 262 Schwalbe, Me 262 Schwalbe/ Sturmvogel

Me 410
Used for: Messerschmitt Me 410 Hornisse

Used for: Gloster Meteor

Manchester  - losses
Used for: Avro Manchester

Mosquito  - losses
Used for: Mossie, The Wooden Wonder

Oxford  - losses
Used for: Airspeed Oxford, Airspeed AS.10

Used for: P38, P-38 Lightning, Lockheed P-38 Lightning, P-38

Used for: P40, P-40 Kittyhawk, Curtiss P-40

Used for: Republic P-47 Thunderbolt

Used for: P51, P-51 Mustang, North American Aviation P-51 Mustang

Used for: Percival Proctor

Used for: Avro Shackleton

Used for: Stearman Model 75

Spitfire - losses
Used for: Supermarine Spitfire, Spit 

Used for: Supermarine Stranraer

Stirling - losses
Used for: Short Stirling

Used for: Short S.25 Sunderland

Used for: Fairey Swordfish, Stringbag

Tiger Moth  - losses
Used for: de Havilland Tiger Moth, de Havilland DH.82

Typhoon - losses
Used for: Hawker Typhoon, Tiffy

Ventura  - losses
Used for: Lockheed Ventura

Used for: Supermarine Walrus

Wellington - losses
Used for: Vickers Wellington

Whitley - losses
Used for: Armstrong Whitworth Whitley

Used for: North American NA-64, NA-64

Used for: Avro York

c) Royal Air Force groups

1 Group

2 Group

3 Group

4 Group

5 Group

6 Group

7 Group

8 Group
See also: Pathfinders

100 Group

Second Tactical Air Force
Used for: 2 TAF

Tiger Force
Used for: Very Long Range Bomber Force, VLRBF

d) Royal Air Force squadrons

7 Squadron - losses
8 Squadron
9 Squadron - losses
10 Squadron - losses
12 Squadron - losses
15 Squadron - losses
18 Squadron - losses
21 Squadron - losses
25 Squadron
27 Squadron
31 Squadron
32 Squadron
35 Squadron - losses
35 Squadron - losses
37 Squadron - losses
38 Squadron - losses
40 Squadron - losses
42 Squadron
44 Squadron - losses
49 Squadron - losses
50 Squadron - losses
51 Squadron - losses
52 Squadron - losses
57 Squadron - losses
58 Squadron - losses
61 Squadron - losses
63 Squadron - losses
66 Squadron
70 Squadron
75 Squadron - losses
76 Squadron - losses
77 Squadron - losses
78 Squadron - losses
82 Squadron - losses
83 Squadron - losses
88 Squadron - losses
90 Squadron - losses
91 Squadron
97 Squadron - losses
98 Squadron - losses
99 Squadron - losses
100 Squadron - losses
101 Squadron - losses
102 Squadron - losses
103 Squadron - losses
104 Squadron - losses
105 Squadron - losses
106 Squadron - losses
107 Squadron - losses
108 Squadron - losses
109 Squadron - losses
110 Squadron - losses
114 Squadron - losses
115 Squadron - losses
128 Squadron - losses
138 Squadron - losses
139 Squadron - losses
141 Squadron - losses
142 Squadron - losses
144 Squadron - losses
148 Squadron - losses
149 Squadron - losses
150 Squadron - losses
153 Squadron - losses
156 Squadron - losses
158 Squadron - losses
161 Squadron - losses
162 Squadron - losses
163 Squadron - losses
166 Squadron - losses
167 Squadron
169 Squadron - losses
170 Squadron - losses
178 Squadron
180 Squadron - losses
185 Squadron - losses
186 Squadron - losses
189 Squadron - losses
192 Squadron - losses
193 Squadron
195 Squadron - losses
196 Squadron - losses
199 Squadron - losses
207 Squadron - losses
208 Squadron
214 Squadron - losses
215 Squadron
216 Squadron
218 Squadron - losses
222 Squadron
223 Squadron - losses
226 Squadron - losses
227 Squadron - losses
266 Squadron
296 Squadron
297 Squadron
300 Squadron - losses
301 Squadron - losses
304 Squadron - losses
305 Squadron - losses
311 Squadron - losses
320 Squadron
342 Squadron - losses
346 Squadron - losses
347 Squadron - losses
405 Squadron - losses
408 Squadron - losses
415 Squadron - losses
419 Squadron - losses
420 Squadron - losses
424 Squadron - losses
425 Squadron - losses
426 Squadron - losses
427 Squadron - losses
428 Squadron - losses
429 Squadron - losses
431 Squadron - losses
432 Squadron - losses
433 Squadron - losses
434 Squadron - losses
455 Squadron - losses
458 Squadron - losses
460 Squadron - losses
462 Squadron - losses
463 Squadron - losses
464 Squadron - losses
466 Squadron - losses
467 Squadron - losses
487 Squadron - losses
514 Squadron - losses
515 Squadron - losses
517 Squadron
540 Squadron
541 Squadron
550 Squadron - losses
576 Squadron - losses
578 Squadron - losses
582 Squadron - losses
608 Squadron - losses
614 Squadron
617 Squadron - losses
619 Squadron - losses
620 Squadron - losses
621 Squadron
622 Squadron - losses
623 Squadron - losses
624 Squadron
625 Squadron - losses
626 Squadron - losses
627 Squadron - losses
630 Squadron - losses
635 Squadron - losses
640 Squadron - losses
692 Squadron - losses

e) Royal Air Force stations

RAF Abingdon - losses
RAF Acaster Malbis - losses
RAF Alconbury - losses
RAF Ansty
RAF Attlebridge - losses
RAF Balderton - losses
RAF Banff
RAF Bardney - losses
RAF Barrow in Furness 
RAF Bawtry
RAF Bentley Priory 
RAF Bicesterlosses
RAF Biggin Hill
RAF Binbrook - losses
RAF Bishops Court
RAF Bitteswelllosses
RAF Blyton - losses
RAF Bobbington 
RAF Boscombe Down - losses
RAF Bottesford - losses
RAF Bournlosses
RAF Bowden 
RAF Bracklalosses
RAF Bramcotelosses
RAF Brawdy
RAF Breighton - losses
RAF Bridgnorth 
RAF Bridlington 
RAF Brize Norton
RAF Bruntingthorpelosses
RAF Burn - losses
RAF Cardington 
RAF Cark
RAF Carnaby 
RAF Castle Bromwich
RAF Castle Kennedylosses
RAF Catfoss - losses
RAF Cattericklosses
RAF Chedburgh - losses
RAF Chivenorlosses
RAF Church Broughtonlosses
RAF Clyffe Pypard 
RAF Coltishalllosses
RAF Compton Bassett 
RAF Coningsbylosses
RAF Cosford 
RAF Cottesmore - losses
RAF Cranage
RAF Cranfield - losses
RAF Cranwell - losses
RAF Credenhill 
RAF Croftlosses
RAF Dallachy 
RAF Daltonlosses
RAF Digby
RAF Dishforthlosses
RAF Downham Market - losses
RAF Drem
RAF Driffieldlosses
RAF Dumfries 
RAF Dunholme Lodge - losses
RAF Dunsfold
RAF Duxford - losses
RAF Dyce
RAF Earls Colne
RAF East Kirkby - losses
RAF East Moor - losses
RAF Eastchurch - losses
RAF Elsham Wolds - losses
RAF Elvington - losses
RAF Estevan
RAF Evanton
RAF Fairford
RAF Faldingworth - losses
RAF Farnborough -
RAF Feltwell - losses
RAF Filey
RAF Finningley - losses
RAF Fiskerton - losses
RAF Ford - losses
RAF Foulsham - losses
RAF Fulbeck - losses
RAF Full Sutton - losses
RAF Gamston - losses
RAF Gaydon - losses
RAF Glatton - losses
RAF Gosfield
RAF Gosport
RAF Goxhill
RAF Gransden Lodge - losses
RAF Graveley - losses
RAF Great Massingham - losses
RAF Grimsby - losses
RAF Halfpenny Green - losses
RAF Halton
RAF Hampstead Norris - losses
RAF Hartford Bridge - losses
RAF Harwell - losses
RAF Hatfield
RAF Hawarden
RAF Hednesford
RAF Hemswell - losses
RAF Hendon
RAF Hixon - losses
RAF Holme-on-Spalding Moor - losses
RAF Honeybourne - losses
RAF Honington - losses
RAF Hornchurch
RAF Horsham St Faith - losses
RAF hospital Matlock
RAF hospital Rauceby
RAF hospital Torquay
RAF Hunmanby Moor
RAF Hurn - losses
RAF Ingham - losses
RAF Inver
RAF Inverness
RAF Kelstern - losses
RAF Kemble
RAF Kenley
RAF Kimbolton
RAF Kinloss - losses
RAF Kirmington - losses
RAF Lakenheath - losses
RAF Langar - losses
RAF Leconfield - losses
RAF Leeming - losses
RAF Lichfield - losses
RAF Lindholme - losses
RAF Linton on Ouse - losses
RAF Lissett - losses
RAF Little Rissington
RAF Little Staughton - losses
RAF Llandwrog
RAF Lossiemouth - losses
RAF Ludford Magna - losses
RAF Madley
RAF Manby
RAF Manston - losses
RAF Marham - losses
RAF Market Harborough - losses
RAF Marston Moor - losses
RAF Massingham - losses
RAF Mauripur
RAF Medmenham
RAF Melbourne - losses
RAF Melksham
RAF Mepal - losses
RAF Metheringham - losses
RAF Methwold - losses
RAF Middleton St George - losses
RAF Mildenhall - losses
RAF Millom
RAF Mona
RAF Morecambe
RAF Moreton in the Marsh - losses
RAF Morpeth
RAF Morton Hall
RAF Netheravon - losses
RAF Newmarket - losses
RAF Newton - losses
RAF North Coates -
RAF North Killingholme - losses
RAF North Luffenham - losses
RAF North Weald
RAF Nuthampstead
RAF Nutts Corner
RAF Oakington - losses
RAF Oakley - losses
RAF Ossington - losses
RAF Oulton - losses
RAF Ouston
RAF Padgate
RAF Paignton
RAF Pembrey - losses
RAF Peplow - losses
RAF Pershore - losses
RAF Pocklington - losses
RAF Port Ellen
RAF Rauceby
RAF Riccall - losses
RAF Ridgewell - losses
RAF Ringway - losses
RAF Rufforth - losses
RAF Ruislip
RAF Saltby - losses
RAF Sandtoft - losses
RAF Scampton - losses
RAF Seighford - losses
RAF Shawbury
RAF Shenington
RAF Shepherds Grove - losses
RAF Silloth
RAF Silverstone - losses
RAF Skegness
RAF Skellingthorpe - losses
RAF Skipton on Swale - losses
RAF Sleap - losses
RAF Snaith - losses
RAF Spanhoe
RAF Spilsby - losses
RAF St Athan
RAF St Eval
RAF St Mawgan
RAF Stockport
RAF Stormy Down
RAF Stradishall - losses
RAF Strubby - losses
RAF Sturgate - losses
RAF Sumburgh
RAF Sutton Bridge - losses
RAF Swannington - losses
RAF Swanton Morley - losses
RAF Swinderby - losses
RAF Syerston - losses
RAF Talbenny
RAF Tempsford - losses
RAF Ternhill - losses
RAF Tholthorpe - losses
RAF Thornaby - losses
RAF Tilstock - losses
RAF Tiree
RAF Topcliffe - losses
RAF Torquay
RAF Towyn
RAF Tuddenham - losses
RAF Turweston - losses
RAF Twinwood Farm
RAF Upavon
RAF Upper Heyford - losses
RAF Upwood - losses
RAF Uxbridge
RAF Waddington - losses
RAF Waltham
RAF Warboys - losses
RAF Waterbeach - losses
RAF Watton - losses
RAF West Freugh
RAF West Raynham - losses
RAF Westcott - losses
RAF Weston Zoyland -
RAF Whitchurch - losses
RAF Wickenby - losses
RAF Wigsley - losses
RAF Wigtown
RAF Wilmslow
RAF Winthorpe - losses
RAF Witchford - losses
RAF Wittering
RAF Wombleton - losses
RAF Woodbridge
RAF Woodhall Spa - losses
RAF Woolfox Lodge - losses
RAF Worksop - losses
RAF Wratting Common - losses
RAF Wymeswold - losses
RAF Wyton - losses
RAF Yatesbury

f) Station facilities

bomb dump
Used for: munitions storage

control tower
Used for: watch tower, watch office

decoy site
Used for: concealed site, dummy sites

Used for: hard standing

Used for: Fog Investigation and Dispersal Operation, Fog Intense Dispersal Operation, Fog, Intense Dispersal Of

guard room



Nissen hut

operations room

perimeter track
Used for: peri track

service vehicle

Used for: tug

petrol bowser
Used for: bowser, gas bowser

bomb trolley
Used for: trolley

control caravan
Used for: control van, control trailer

station headquarters
Used for: SH

Used for: landing strip, RWY

technical building

Used for: taxiway, taxy way

g) Roles and trades

Personnel who operate an aircraft while in flight.
Used for: bomber boys, lads, the few

Used for: P, skipper, skip

Used for: Nav, N

bomb aimer
Used for: B, BA, bombardier, air bomber

flight engineer
Used for: FHGng, FE

wireless operator
Used for: Radio operator, W/OP, WOP

wireless operator / air gunner
Used for: WOP/AG, W/AG

air gunner
Used for: mid-upper gunner, rear gunner, mid-under gunner, A/G, R/G, MU/G.

Used for: O, Obs, flying arsehole, feathered arsehole

ground personnel
Supporting personnel on the ground as opposed to aircrew, who operate an aircraft while in flight.

Women’s Auxiliary Air Force
Used for: WAAF

medical officer
Used for: MO

meteorological officer
Used for: Met Officer

ground crew
Supporting personnel who ensure the airworthiness of an aircraft

fitter airframe
fitter engine
flight mechanic
mechanics airframe
mechanics engine

h) Decorations

Conspicuous Gallantry Medal
Used for: CGM

Dickin Medal

Distinguished Flying Cross
Used for: DFC

Distinguished Flying Medal
Used for: DFM

Distinguished Service Cross
Used for: DSC

Distinguished Service Medal
Used for: DSM

Distinguished Service Order
Used for: DSO

George Cross
Used for: GC

Military Medal
Used for: MM

Victoria Cross
Used for: VC

i) Aerial warfare and related concepts

anti-aircraft fire
Used for: Flak, ak-ak, aa, A.A., archie, flaming onions
To fire weapons or artillery at an enemy.

Air Transport Auxiliary
Used for: ATA
A British wartime service tasked with the delivery of aircraft from factories to operational units: aircrew were civilians exempt from wartime service due to health, age and gender.

bale out
Used for: bail out
To jump out of an aircraft with a parachute.

bomb struck
Aircraft dropping a bomb on another over a target.

The sustained aerial attack carried out by bombs dropped by aircraft.

bouncing bomb
Used for: Highball bouncing bomb, Upkeep bouncing bomb
An explosive device designed to bounce to a target across water, then exploding in a fashion similar to a naval depth charge. See also: Eder Möhne and Sorpe operation (16–17 May 1943), 617 Squadron, Gibson, Guy Penrose (1918-1944), Wallis, Barnes Neville (1887-1979)

Grand Slam
Used for: 22000lb bomb, earthquake bomb
A bomb deployed against massive and hardened structures.

incendiary device
Used for: firebomb
A bomb designed to start a fire.

Used for: 12000lb bomb, earthquake bomb
A bomb deployed against massive and hardened structures.

bombing up
To load an aircraft with bombs and/or incendiary devices.

bomb disposal
Used for: defusing
A process whereby an explosive device is rendered safe.

A meeting intended to secure a coordinated or unified effort before a bombing operation, especially an oral dissemination of information about weather, defences, and nature of the target. See also: debriefing.

Cook’s tour
Used for: Thompson's tour.
A post-war, day-time sightseeing flight for ground personnel and/or civilians to view bombed targets.

An accident in which aircraft uncontrollably hits the ground or a body of water.

forced landing
Used for: prang, write-off, crash landing
Abruptly bringing an aircraft to the ground or the surface of water in an emergency.

The aircrew knowingly make a controlled emergency landing on water.

To question aircrew about a completed operation. See also: briefing.

crewing up
To join a crew, especially upon completion of basic training.

Used for: demob, back to civvy street
The process of being discharged and returning to civilian life.

Escaping from a prisoner of war camp.

Evading capture, usually after being shot down and baling out. 

To resupply an aircraft with fuel.

Hyperbolic navigation system used operationally by Bomber Command.

Goldfish Club
Association of aircrew who were rescued from the sea.

Guinea Pig Club
Social club and mutual support network for British and allied aircrew injured by burns and operated on by Archibald McIndoe at East Grinstead.

Used for: BN, Blind Navigation
Airborne ground scanning radar system used operationally by Bomber Command.

Home Guard
Used for: HG; parashots; Local Defence Volunteers; LDV
Armed citizen militia supporting the British Army. Its main role was to act as a secondary defence force, in case of invasion by the forces of Nazi Germany and their allies.

killed in action
Used for: killed in air operations, KAO, KIA
The death of a combatant at the hands of hostile forces.

The extrajudicial killing by a group, often used to denote public executions by a mob in order to punish aircrew who baled out on enemy territory.

master bomber
An experienced aircrew tasked to coordinate the combined effort of aircraft over the target. 

mid-air collision
An accident in which two or more aircraft come into contact during flight.

mine laying
Used for: gardening
To deploy sea mines carried out by aircraft.

Aerial blind bombing system based on radio transponder technology.

Used for: Nickel, Nickels
Information used to promote a political cause, or a specific point of view, especially when involving dropping of printed material on enemy territory.

Morse-keyed wireless telegraphy
Sending and receiving messages via a Morse key and a radio telegraphy link.

Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes
Used for: NAAFI
A company running recreational establishments needed by the British Armed Forces, and to sell goods to servicemen and their families.

Squadrons tasked to locate and accurately drop target indicators, to increase the accuracy of the main bomber force.

Photographic Reconnaissance Unit
Used for: PRU
A unity tasked of reconnaissance for a military or strategic purpose that is conducted by using reconnaissance aircraft.

Prisoner of war
Used for: POW, PoW
Someone held in custody by a belligerent power during or immediately after an armed conflict.

Dulag Luft
Used for: Oberursel camp, Wetzlar camp

Stalag Luft 1
Usef for: Stalag Luft 1, Stalag Luft i, Stalag Luft I, Barth camp

Stalag Luft 2
Used for: Stalag Luft 2, Stalag Luft ii, Stalag Luft II, Litzmannstadt camp

Stalag Luft 3
Used for: Stalag Luft 3, Stalag Luft iii, Stalag Luft III, Belaria camp, Belaria, Belaria compound, Żagań camp, Zegan camp, Sagan camp

Stalag Luft 3A
Used for: Stalag Luft 3-A, Stalag Luft iii-A, Stalag Luft III-A, Luckenwalde camp

Stalag Luft 4
Used for: Stalag Luft 4, Stalag Luft iv, Stalag Luft IV, Tychowo camp, Groß Tychow camp

Stalag Luft 5
Used for: Stalag Luft 5, Stalag Luft v, Stalag Luft V, Stalag Luft 5, Tychowo camp, Groß Tychow camp

Stalag Luft 6
Used for: Stalag Luft 6, Stalag Luft vi, Stalag Luft VI, Heydekrug camp

Stalag Luft 7
Usef for: Stalag Luft 7, Stalag Luft vii, Stalag Luft VII, Tychowo camp, Groß Tychow camp

Stalag Luft 8B
Usef for: Stalag Luft VIII-B, Stalag Luft vii-b, Stalag-344, Lamsdorf camp

the long march
Used for: the death march
A series of forced marches between January and April 1945 when Allied prisoners of war held in German military prison camps were forced to march westward away from the advancing Russian forces.

To award servicemen and higher rank because of service length or deeds in combat; includes commissioning.

Used for: Radio Detecting and Ranging
A detection system that uses radio waves to determine the range, angle, or velocity of objects

Royal Observer Corps
Used for: ROC
A British civil defence organisation intended for the visual detection, identification, tracking and reporting of aircraft over Great Britain.

shot down
To cause to fall by enemy action, e.g. night fighters or antiaircraft fire.

Special Operations Executive
Used for: SEO
A British organisation tasked to conduct espionage, sabotage and reconnaissance in occupied Europe against the Axis powers, and to aid local resistance movements.

A process intended to establish and improve the capabilities of military personnel to fulfil their respective roles.

Heavy Conversion Unit
Used for: HCU
A training unit that prepared aircrew for operations on heavy bombers.

Lancaster Finishing School
Used for: LFS
A training establishment tasked to provide additional Lancaster experience to aircrews who had finished their training at a Heavy Conversion Union prior to posting to an operational squadron.

Operational Training Unit
Used for: OTU
A training establishment that prepared aircrew for operations on a particular type or types of aircraft or roles.

physical training
Used for: PT
Activities intended to achieve the ability to perform service activities. See also sport.

target indicator
Used for: marker, TI, Christmas trees
Flares providing a visual aiming point for the following bombers to aim at. See also: Pathfinders.


Used for: V1, V-1 bomb, buzz bomb, flying bomb, FZG-76, V-1 rocket, Vergeltungswaffe 1, doodlebug, Kirschkern, Maikäfer

Used for: V2, V-2, V-2 rocket, Aggregat-4, Vergeltungswaffe 2

Used for: V3, London cannon, Vergeltungswaffe 3, Hochdruckpumpe, HDP, Fleißiges Lieschen, Busy Lizzie

Used for: chaff
Radar countermeasure consisting of thin pieces of aluminium swamping the screen with multiple returns. See also: radar

j) People

The list below includes only key people returning a substantial number of hits. If you are looking for someone not on the list, please use the IBCC Losses Database or search the whole archive.

Alexander, Harold (1891-1969)

Auchinleck, Claude (1884-1981)

Bennett, Donald Clifford Tyndall (1910-1986)

Chadwick, Roy (1893-1947)

Chamberlain, Neville (1869-1940)

Cheshire, Geoffrey Leonard (1917-1992)

Churchill, Winston (1874-1965)

Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain (1926 -)

George VI, King of Great Britain (1936-1952)

Gibson, Guy Penrose (1918-1944)

Goering, Hermann (1893–1946)

Harris, Arthur Travers (1892-1984)
Used for: Bomber Harris, Butcher Harris

Hitler, Adolf (1889-1945)
Used for: Führer

McIndoe, Archibald (1900-1960)

Mussolini, Benito (1883-1945)
Used for: Duce

Portal, Charles (1893-1971)

Roosevelt, Franklin Delano (1882-1945)
Used for: FDR

Stalin, Joseph (1878-1953)

Truman, Harry (1884-1972)

Wallis, Barnes Neville (1887-1979)

k) Events

The list below includes only major events returning a substantial number of hits. If you are looking for an operation not on the list, please search either by date or place.

bombing of Augsburg (17 April 1942)

bombing of Cologne (30/31 May 1942)
Used for: Operation Millennium

Eder, Möhne and Sorpe operation (16/17 May 1943)
Used for: Operation Chastise, Dam Busters raid, Dam Busters op, Dam Busters operation

bombing of Rome (19 July 1943)

bombing of Hamburg (24-31 July 1943)
Used for: Operation Gomorrah

bombing of Kassel (22/23 October 1943)

Bombing of Mailly-le-Camp (3/4 May 1944)

Normandy campaign (6 June – 21 August 1944)
Used for: Normandy landings, operation Neptune, D-Day, DDay, Overlord

bombing of the Saumur tunnel (8/9 June 1944)

bombing of the Le Havre submarine pens (14/15 June 1944)

bombing of the Boulogne E-boats (15/16 June 1944)

bombing of the Watten V-2 site (19 June 1944)

bombing of the Wizernes V-2 site (20, 22, 24 June 1944)

bombing of the Siracourt V-2 site (25 June 1944)

bombing of the Creil V-1 storage areas (4/5 July 1944)

bombing of the Mimoyecques V-3 site (6 July 1944)

Bombing of Trossy St Maximin (3 August 1944)

bombing of Trieste (10 June 1944)

bombing of Milan (20 October 1944)
Used for: Strage di Gorla, Bombardamento di Gorla e Precotto, Piccoli Martiri di Gorla

bombing of Dresden (13 - 15 February 1945)
Used for: Operation Thunderclap

bombing of Helgoland (18 April 1945)

Operation Manna (29 Apr – 8 May 1945)
Used for: food drop, humanitarian food drops

bombing of Hiroshima (6 August 1945)

bombing of Nagasaki (9 August 1945)

Operation Dodge (1945)
Used for: servicemen repatriation

Operation Exodus (1945)
Used for: prisoners of war repatriation

l) Life experiences in wartime

An animal kept primarily for company and entertainment, rather than a working animal or livestock; includes mascot.

Hostility to, prejudice, or discrimination against Jews. See also Holocaust, and ethnic and religious minority.  

arts and crafts
The skills of making objects, such as decorations, furniture, and pottery by hand, with special reference to the pastimes of prisoners of war.

civil defence
Used for: civil protection, emergency preparedness, air-raid preparedness, civil protection
Organisation and training of civilians to be prepared for attacks in wartime, including the immediate response to aerial bombing. See also home front.

Unione Nazionale Protezione Antiaerea

Air Raid Precautions


Sicherheits- und Hilfsdienst

coping mechanism
Any action that enhances psychological comfort, especially in response to war-related stress.

displaced person
A person who is forced to leave their home country because of war or persecution, a refugee.
See also evacuation.

ethnic or religious minorities
A category of people who experience relative disadvantage as compared to members of a dominant social group, typically on the grounds of characteristics or practices. See also Anti-Semitism and Holocaust.

Event, performance, or activity primarily designed to entertain others. Used in reference to storytelling, music, drama, social dance, playing cards or any sort of board games, panto, film, comedy, fireworks etc. See also sport.

Protecting civilian from the risks associated with aerial bombing of cities by moving them to areas thought to be less at risk. See also displaced person.

Confidence or trust in a particular system of religious belief. Used in reference to religious objects such as Bible, holy card, rosary, prayer, crucifix etc.

To be afraid of someone or something likely to be dangerous, painful, or harmful, especially in war-related situations.

final resting place
The place where someone is buried, also used for the search for the whereabouts of mortal remains. Used in reference to headstone, war cemetery, and for correspondence with the Imperial War Graves Commission, then Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

An imaginary mischievous creature that causes faults in aircraft or other machinery, frequently used as generic synonym for difficult-to-track-down, recurring malfunction.

The response to loss, particularly to the loss of someone or something that has died, to which a bond or affection was formed. See also heirloom.

Extinguish fires, especially when caused by enemy action.

forced labour
Any work or service which people are forced to do against their will, especially under threat of punishment. Used for Germany and Germany-occupied territory, especially within the context of the Todt Organisation. See also Holocaust for references to extermination camps.

An object purposely treasured for its value as keepsake, often passed by older members of a family to younger members over many years, especially when something has been intentionally re-purposed, transformed and manipulated. Used in reference to a case or mounted on stand, a lock of hair, a cigarette box etc.  See also memorial, grief

in the event of my death letter
A written statement intended to be read in the case of the author's demise.

Used for: Shoah, genocide, mass murder, extermination
The systematic state-sponsored persecution and murder of six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. See also ethnic or religious minorities, anti-Semitism.

home front
The specific activities of civilians living in a country in a state of war. Used in reference to mobilisation of women, rationing, shortage of petrol and textiles, references to coupons, bartering, picking of wild fruit, home-reared animals, hardship, make-do and mend, spent ordinance picked up for scrap value, transport disruption etc. See also civil defence.

lack of moral fibre
Used for: LMF
A punitive designation used by the Royal Air Force during the Second World War to stigmatise aircrew who refused or were unable to fly operations.

love and romance
The emotional feeling of love for, or a strong attraction towards another person, and the action expressing these emotions. Used in reference to wedding photographs, images people displaying affections, love letters etc., portrait signed ‘with love’ etc.

Any kind of unmovable artefact which serves as a focus for a memory, an event or mark a spot. See also heirloom and grief.

military ethos
Feeling and duties toward other member of armed forces and the military in general. Used in reference to comradeship, honour, respect of peers, leadership, respect or disdain towards the enemy. For reasons for joining, see also recruitment.

military discipline
Used for: DNCO, Duty Not Carried Out; DNCO, Did Not Complete Operation, discharge, military punishment, jankers, court martial, glass house, imprisonment, demotion, draft dodger
The incomplete or incorrect performance of duty, especially in wartime.

military living conditions
References to accommodation, billeting, especially when in the context of lack of comfort. Used in reference to living quarters, people brushing footwear, polishing buttons, ironing or mending clothing, plus any reference to off duty time which cannot be captured under sport, entertainment, and arts and crafts.

military service conditions
Any form of subjective experience, feeling and sensation experienced in combat or training: tiredness, cold, noise, lack of sleep, stress, nausea, fatigue, elation during the first flight, etc.

perception of bombing war
Judgement about the bombing war, legitimacy of targets, moral dilemmas etc.

Used for: Pippetto, il notturno
A semi-legendary aircraft which flew over norther Italy at night, frequently remembered as a hostile and threatening presence. Tradition had that Pippo can spot even a minor light and drop bombs accurately at it.

Used for: the Underground, Maquis
Fight occupying forces by non-cooperation, disinformation and propaganda, hiding or spiriting away aircrew, or engaging with regular forces.

Competition among branches of military service or individuals.

The activity of selecting people for military training and employment.

Systematic gathering together of people by a hostile force for the purpose of interrogation, searching or detention.

Actions related to clean drinking water and adequate treatment and disposal of sewage. Used in reference to to toilet, bath, showers, Elsan toilets etc.

Used for: air-raid shelter, bunker
An enclosed space or structure designed to protect people from explosive weapons such as bombs or missiles, especially dropped by aircraft.

Any form of competitive physical activity intended to provide enjoyment to participants and/or entertainment for spectators. See also physical training for activities primarily intended to improve service fitness.

Attacking ground targets from low-flying aircraft using aircraft-mounted automatic weapons.

Any item, ritual or behaviour believed to bring luck and afford protection, including the objects related to that belief. Used in reference to four-leaf clover, rabbit's foot, horseshoe, charm bracelet and any kind of lucky charm.