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Recently Added Items

How we took the good news from Grosse Tychow to Fallingbostel


A diary of the forced march undertaken by prisoners of war 6 February 1945 to 26 April 1945

Mere Gen March 1944


a 29 page duplicated magazine produced by the personnel of Branston Mere Y station. All the items are original, mainly 'in' jokes consisting of…

Mere Gen 1st Birthday edition


A duplicated magazine, produced by the personnel of Branston Mere Y station. It includes 'in' jokes, stories, poems, cartoons and a
a crossword…

Mere Gen Christmas 1943


A duplicated magazine produced by the personnel at Branston Mere Y station. It contains 'in' jokes, stories, a quiz, poems and cartoons.

Mere Gen 1942


A duplicated magazine, produced by the personnel at Branston Mere. It includes 'in' jokes, poems, cartoons, and a ghost story.

Operators at Branston Mere Y station


Six RAF personnel, four of them corporals, head and shoulders or upper torso, in two rows all with wireless flash.

Additional information about…