Bombing notes - Schweinfurt



Bombing notes - Schweinfurt


Covers marking method, route markers, Pathfinders and bombing instructions. Shows five waves with aircraft allocated to each. Details Window and effort level. Annotated 'Schweinfurt' at the bottom left.

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[underlined] METHOD [/underlined]

A – 2305
B – 0105

Newhaven in A. [underlined] Paramatta in B. [/underlined] Wanganui in both if too cloudy i.e. Flares green / red stars.

[underlined] Route Markers [/underlined] – Flares red steady outward P = 4900 x 0650 (A&B). P.F.F. sticks of Flares green T.I. at Zero - 6 minutes. Aiming Pt. marked by large salvoes of Red T.I. Kept marked throughout (Force A only). P.F.F. open with with [sic] green T.I. in target area at Zero – 2 minutes aiming point then marked with T.I red (B).

In both attacks aim at centre of all T.I red [underlined] or [/underlined] at centre of Flares green / red on exact heading of 0507. Bombsight true Ht. A/S Zero wind. Main Force must [underlined] not [/underlined] drop [indecipherable word] before Zero.

Route markers : [circled A] Red TI off track at Posn Q – 5046N 0605E. [circled B] Red Flare steady on track Posn “R” – 4846N0705E

Wave No.1
K, C, Z,

< 2 >
A, Q, T

P, - U, X, R, D

H, L, M, F.

J & 0

1 NICKLE [sic]
[underlined] WINDOW [/underlined]
A 27
B 29
J & O Extra 13 Every 10 secs on Bombing run

[deleted] Schenfurt [/deleted]
Schwenfurt [sic]


“Bombing notes - Schweinfurt,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed November 27, 2022,

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