Damage descriptions for post operation photographs



Damage descriptions for post operation photographs


Damage descriptions to go with photographs of Rostock, Genoa, Milan, Munich, Berlin industrial targets and Central Berlin. Also of visit of Southern Rhodesia Premier to 44 Squadron.

Relates to photographs C3518, C3229, C3206, C4375, CH13328, C3835, C4192.



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C. 3518. Fires still burning among about 6½ acres of workshops at the Neptun Shipbuilding Yards, Rostock, the day after R.A.F. Bomber Command’s attack.

C.3229. R.A.F. RAID ON GENOA: The Ansaldo Fitting-out Yards; still further damage by R.A.F. RAIDS.

C.3206. DURING R.A.F. DAYLIGHT ATTACK ON MILAN: Stick of incendiaries between Viale Umbria and Viale Monte Nere.

C.4375. MUNICH: BOMB DAMAGE TO NAZI PARTY MEETING PLACE: The Residenz group of buildings, completely gutted. At the bottom centre of the picture can be seen a smaller clock of buildings which was also used by the Nazi Party. Two thirds of the roof of this small block has also been destroyed.

CH.13328. VISIT OF SOUTHERN RHODESIAN PREMIER TO RHODESIAN BOMBER SQUADRON: The Prime Minister: left to right: Wing Commander F. W. Thompson, DFC., AFC. Officer Commanding Rhodesian Lancaster Squadron; Group Captain Butler, OBE, and Air Commodore S. L. G. Pope, DFC., AFC.

c. 3835. BERLIN INDUSTRIAL DAMAGE: Part of the Charlottenburg and Moabit district of Berlin, where damage among a number of works and industrial concerns is concentrated and severe. Several factories are included in this photograph, and practically all have suffered extensive damage. The goods they produce are indicated in the following key:-
1. Machine tools, range finders, etc.
2. Turbines.
3. Numerous firms producing auto equipment.
4. Welding.
5. Accumulators.
6. Chemical food and printing.

C. 4192. DAMAGE IN CENTRAL BERLIN AREAS. (Recce 8.3.44.) Another devastated area – in the Moabit district – north of the Tiergarten. Again there is overwhelming evidence of a tremendous spread of fire. Left centre is Hansa Platz, and the Spree runs from top right to bottom left. The area shown is approximately 1,288 yards by 900 yards.



“Damage descriptions for post operation photographs,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 21, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/17833.

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