Goodwill visit to United States



Goodwill visit to United States


Left top - photograph of B-29, Lancaster and Avro York lined up parked on airfield. Spectators are walking in front.
Middle left - air-to-air view showing formation of Lancasters over open countryside.
Third row left - photograph of group of men in front of wooden hut. One man on the left wearing shorts, many others wearing uniform.
Bottom left - a side view of a Lancaster on ground with engines running.
Right a newspaper cutting with photograph of a Wing Commander A.J.L. Craig, offficer commanding 35 Squadron in flying suit shaking hands with Brig Gen Thomas M Lowe, Lowry Field commanding officer. Between is Group Captain R.C.M. Collard. Notes that Denver was the 'target' of formation of 15 British Lancasters who made simulated bombing run over the city before landing at Lowry Field.


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Four b/w photographs and a newspaper cutting mounted on an album page




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“Goodwill visit to United States,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed January 23, 2020,

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