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A small band with wind instruments, guitar and piano play to a small seated audience from the shade formed by the end of a hut. More men are sitting on the roof of the hut.

Action shot of a long jumper in mid-air. At the side officials and a man with a rake to smooth the sand. In the background on the sidelines are many spectators.

The winner of a running race breaks the tape. Behind are two fellow runners. They are watched by a large group of spectators, seated and standing by the sidelines and on the roof of a hut.

The winner of the running race breaks the tape, closely followed by four runners up. They are watched by a large group of spectators seated and standing on the sidelines and on the roof of two huts.

High jumper clears the bar, watched by an official.

A group of six runners. On the right are a small group of spectators but on the left the main group of spectators are seated and standing on the sidelines and on the roofs of two huts.

Discus thrower and discus in the air. He is in a marked circle and is watched by an official, notepad in hand. Two officials are watching the landing spot of the discus. On the left is a small group of spectators. In the distance are many spectators…

Four long distance walkers passing a couple of officials, one in airman's uniform. At the side are spectators sitting and standing on the sidelines and on the roof of a hut.

Group of airmen in a mixture of uniform, sports wear and civilian clothes. Two have pilot's brevets on their jackets.

Four men seated at a table. Eleven other men positioned around. On the wall behind is a board with the message 'Honest Winnie' and an unclear list. On the hut wall is written 'Cigarettes or Camp Money Min 10 Cigs'.

The finish line of the relay race with the moustached winner crossing the line. Rows of spectators are seated and standing by the line. On the roof of a hut more are seated and standing.

Ball dropping into the basketball net, watched by three players and four spectators. In the background are the men's huts.

Thirteen men seated on a mound of sand. One man is wearing a sergeant's uniform. One man has a pipe in his mouth. Behind are their huts.

Three men facing the camera. The first has a cap, shirt and braces, the second a sun shade, is topless and has a pipe. The third is looking loosely in the direction of the camera. Other spectators are in the background.

Runner holding a baton breaking the tape at the end of the race. At the side and on the roof of a hut are spectators seated and standing.

Athlete shaking hands with Group Captain. Behind is the table of prizes and other spectators.

High jumper knocks off the bar. He is watched by a small group of men. Behind is a hut.

A group of referees working on the results of a race. Three are partly dressed in airmen's uniforms. Behind are spectators milling about. In the background are spectators on the roof of a hut.

Four men in a relay race, two in the process of handing over the baton. One man behind has already handed over his baton and has completed his part of the race. There are many spectators, seated and standing on the roof of a hut.

Four men in a walking race. Three men standing with their backs to the camera. Large group of spectators in the distance.

Seven men at work making props. Two men are working on a dresser. A Red Cross crate is in the foreground.

Transcription of day by day account of activities from 19 April 1942 to 3 October 1942. Commences with photograph of Squadron in front of Halifax and of pilots on training course (Pattisson top left), Records daily activities, casualties, losses of…

Four children, two sitting on the left and two standing by a toy wheel barrow on the right. In the background a wooden fence with tree on the left. On the left a pram. On the reverse 'No 68, To Sgt J R M Valentine, British P/W No 450, Stalag Luft III…

On the left, Ursula Valentine is sitting with Frances Valentine on her lap. In the centre a Christmas tree on a sideboard. On the right a woman in light blouse and dark shirt looks across at Frances. Further right a man wearing a suit with arm round…

Full length portrait of a man wearing jacket and tie standing in front of foliage. He is holding a pipe. On the reverse 'Christopher Cheshire, taken in Poland, December 1942'.. Reported as taken when he was a prisoner of war in Stalag Luft III.…
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