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Top - head and shoulders side view of a man wearing suit and tie. Bottom - a man wearing RAF tunic, jodhpurs and peaked cap standing in front of a single engine high wing monoplane.

Two men standing in a road by a car with French shop in the background. The man on the left wears shirt and tie. The man on the right wears RAF tunic with pilots brevet and medal ribbons.

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Certificate de Domicile, identity photograph, one peseta banknote and a photograph of a man wearing beret and overcoat in the doorway of a brick building. Captioned 'My forged ID, poly photo, my kit and "una peseta" note for the tram fare into Sn…


Top left - view over concrete captioned 'Runway, Deurne, concrete, said by Mr Dum[..]in to be the place where we landed'.
Top centre - view down a lane with trees/hedge either side. Captioned 'Lane leading to Mr dr Voegt's house'.
Top right -…

Top shows nose and front turret of a Wellington. Captioned 'The front office, where it all happened'.
Bottom show turret alone surrounded by group of onlookers.


Head and shoulders portrait of a sergeant wearing tunic with air gunner brevet and flying helmet.

Describes events leading up to and including Jack Newton's last operation before crash landing in Belgium. Lists his crew and gives account of their attempts at evasion, meeting with Belgian helpers, moving to various safe houses and Jack Newton's…

Was glad to receive his letter and reminisces about time he spent with her as well as mentioning other people. Asks him and his wife to come and stay if he ever gets to Belgium.

Side view of an open topped car captioned 'KD Magnette £50, 1938'. Captioned in frame '1938 K D Magnette bought 1938 for £50. M of Supply requisitioned tubes and tires. Reason! Not taxed or insured, missing was not an excuse!'.


Envelope containing note, newspaper cutting with letter
'Au Revoir' and a photograph showing three quarter length portrait of a man in RAF uniform tunic and a woman in wedding dress with bouquet.

Three-quarter length portrait of a woman wearing wedding dress and holding bouquet. Note 'to my darling from your loving wife Mary [..]'. On the reverse a newspaper cutting 'Never Doubt by Patience Strong'.

Plain communion book with red cover with notes inside


Air-to-air view of a Wellington flying to the right. Registration W5421 PH-G. Signed bottom left 'Jack Newtonn 12 Squadron RAFVR'. On the reverse 'Aircraft set on fire with very pistol and set of cartridges by self, Porteous, and Copley. Left for…

French language newspaper with war news. Delivered by the Royal Air Force


Le Courier de L'air French language newspaper


1er Mai 1941, Message des ouvriers de Coventry aux ouvries Francais


Cover consist of a number of headline cuttings. Inside contents include diary of functions, details about the society, notices, aims and history of the society, translations of Christmas cards received from helpers in Belgium, Denmark, France,…


Photograph and account of Adree De Jongh going to Buckingham Palace to receive the George Medal. Helped 200 servicemen escape along the "Comet Line". On the reverse a list of her decorations.

Includes photographs of twelve squadron officers, the crashed aircraft, some of the crew, Jack and Mary Newton and Sgt R D Porteous. Recounts the last sortie of the crew to Aachen when they had to jettison their bombs, an engine caught fire and they…

Two airmen, Ralph Ottey (left) and Les Griffiths (right), standing in an arched doorway at 157 Cliff Gardens, Scunthorpe.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

51 aircrew in three rows in front of a Hampden and a hangar with a large dog in the centre of the front row. John Nicholl is fifth from the right in the front row.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

Telegram to Bill's father from the 10 Squadron adjutant informing him that Bill did not return from an overnight operation

Two identity cards, one from Stalag Luft 7

Well worn officers peaked cap.

Two photographs superimposed of two course groups. Top captioned 'Q group Course 71 with 15 airmen in two rows and the bottom captioned 'D Flight with 14 airmen in two rows. C R Phillips is top group bottom row third from the left.
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