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  • Collection: Todd, Cyril Douglas and Ernest Frederick

A booklet about aircraft recovered by the Royal Netherlands Air Force.

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.

A half length portrait of Sergeant Cyril Todd with his air gunner brevet. On the reverse 'Cyril Todd'.

Ernie and Bessie on their wedding day, flanked by two bridesmaids. On the reverse '1941 Freda Todd, Ernie Todd Bessie his wife'.

Ernie and Jessie on their wedding day, flanked by two older women. On the reverse 'Ernie Todd & wife Jessie. Wedding'. [Note on the previous image Ernie's wife is written as Bessie and on this one, Jessie'.

Freda Todd (bridesmaid), a woman, a bridesmaid and a boy. A bridal party photograph with, on the reverse 'My Aunty wedding. Freda, Mum, Michael'.
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